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Things to consider while cleaning a household washing machine:

December 12, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Whether you are employed in medicine, industry or gastronomy, after a hard day's work you just want to relax. If only there were not the traces of the past hours: remnants of the op iodine tincture, paint and oil stains or small wine splashes.

In order to be equipped with clean clothing for the job again the next day, you should free the work clothes as soon as possible from dirt. But what do you have to consider when cleaning in the household washing machine? You will learn this in the following. This information is shared by dry cleaning pickup and delivery service.

Interesting for cleaning:

As versatile as the task areas in your professional life are - just as important is the proper care of your workwear. Therefore, you should first sort out which garments you clean in your washing machine and which you better give in a professional laundry.

This is especially the case with clothing with hazardous material residues such as tar or chemicals. Because such can pollute your machine and contaminate washes with private clothes.

This danger is especially important for washing machines for families with children. Often you can have contaminated jackets, trousers or vests cleaned in the company you work in.

PSA products should also be washed professionally because the experts not only clean the clothes but then impregnate them again - this ensures that the protective function is always in place.

Careful preparation:

Once you have sorted the garments, it is important to check all pockets of pants or jackets for possible contents such as handkerchiefs or money.

For a longer life of the work clothes, you should not forget after that to close the zips again carefully. So you prevent the discontinuation of detergent leftovers because they block the zipper, it is more difficult to open and close and wears faster.

You are dealing with oil-contaminated work trousers? Then do not throw them directly into the washing machine, in order to enjoy the end of the workday as quickly as possible.

Instead, be careful to soak the pants first. This provides less mechanical friction in the washing machine and stains can be more effectively removed from the fibers.

According to dry cleaning pickup and delivery, in order to remove blood, oil and wine stains more easily, it is also a proven home remedy: core or gall soap. If the clothing is sufficiently soaked, depending on the intensity of the dirt, it can easily end up in the washing machine.