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How to Fix Blocked or Suspended Account in Outlook Email?

December 12, 2019 by printercustomerhelp  

Outlook has a very secure atmosphere and condition for users where if any sort of problem or theft has been attempted than Outlook will find out instantly. So the people who have negative intentions may be aware about the security of the system. Well we are here to provide information for the users about the situation when Outlook blocks or suspends your Outlook Account. Basically if the account has tried to be compromised than Outlook account is usually banned. In the following cases users can apply the following the steps to fix the issues.

·         After user get the account block page, at the end locate for continue and user will be able to verify their account by two methods. One way is to either asking Outlook to send verification code to your alternate mail to check or by sending SMS in your cell number,

·         So whichever way users selects they must be aware about certain things, the alternate emails must be accessible by the user and if the SMS method is used than the number must be working and if the code is not collected your account cannot be recovered.

There steps might be a bit confusing but these are the best way possible to retrieve your suspended account. If user is having problem with the steps than feel free to call Outlook Technical Support Phone Number at 1-855-617-9111.


More Info: https://www.outlook-technical-help.com/outlook-not-responding.html