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How can you prevent the woolen clothing from being worn out after washing?

December 13, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Fine and delicate textiles such as silk blouses or fine and high-quality tops can be safely put into the washing machine with wool.

Please separate light and dark colors to avoid unwanted discoloration. As a general rule, you should be careful not to overload the drum with fine materials so as not to subject the sensitive garments to excessive mechanical stress during the wash cycle.

As a rule of thumb for all fine materials made of wool and silk is true: wash drum fills up to a quarter maximum.

How can you prevent the woolen clothing from being worn out after washing?

Important: Under no circumstances should the wet wool be wrung or scrubbed after washing - the wool fibers will thank you.

Another mistake is drying the wet garment and wool accessories. As a result, the delicate knit materials warp and permanently lose shape. Particularly wet coarse knit empties hanging drying quickly.

If you still want to enjoy your favorite warmth after drying, you should always remember to dry it lying down. However, you can also use Laundromat near me service.

Are there any care tips for the different types of wool?

Each type of wool has different properties and therefore requires more or less special care:

Tips to dry wool:

After the wash, it's time for the proper drying of your woolen textiles. To help sweaters and cardigans dry quickly and well, there are a few tips you should follow: gently pull the wet garment into shape and then roll it into a terry towel.

By carefully pressing it you release it so wonderfully from the remaining water and accelerate the drying process. The still wet garment dries best lying on the drying rack.

Never place wet wool on the warm heating or in the blazing sun to avoid permanently damaging the fibers. Nothing warmer in winter like soft sweaters, scarves and wool cardigans. So that your woolly favorite sweater & Co. stay in great shape even after washing in the washing machine and do not become scratchy companions, you only need to consider a few important tips and tricks for washing wool.

How can you prevent wool linting or matting?

Especially sweaters and cardigans with Angora share look stunning but can bring a fashionista with just one condition to despair.

Here is a clever trick quickly remedy by Laundromat near me. Put the linting piece in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer overnight. After that, the wool not only feels much softer, leaving behind the annoying lint on other garments is also a thing of the past.