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If You Are Buying A House? Key Factors To Keep In Mind

December 13, 2019 by theiconthane  

If you are looking to buy your dream house is at the top of your wish list, there should be certain factors that you must keep in mind before buying house Luxury Projects in Thane West. Buying a house is everyone’s dream. It is a long-term commitment and a lifetime of savings that goes into purchasing a home. Thus, the decisions you make in the house buying process can make a big difference between a home that is a blessing to your family for years to come and a home that becomes a financial burden. Altogether, a Pros and cons of buying a property near the Airport home purchase should not become a stressful, and draining experience. Rather, it should be a lot of fun.


Below Factors To Consider Before Making The Big Decision:


1. Credibility Of The Developer: 


The Developer’s financial and project card report is crucial. Most information about the developer can be obtained online on their website which comprises complete information pertinent to their ongoing and past projects. This can go a long way in ascertaining developer’s market reputation and also help understand their product portfolio. Research and ground work can help in Selecting your dream house Apartments for Sale in Dhokali.


2. Project Locality: 


Whether you are planning to invest or buy New Residential Projects in Thane, location of the property plays a very important role. It also becomes a deciding factor whether you should buy that house or not. For instance, the distance between the nearby market and your house is very crucial. Other questions you should address are:


Is there a regular supply of water and electricity?

Is there sufficient public transport?

What is the travel time to work and back?

What about the infrastructure in that area?

What about open spaces if your building is in a township or a complex?

What about the available amenities?

How many hospitals are there in the area?

What about the distance of schools from the property

If you have a vehicle, does it have ample parking space?


Also, do check on the social infrastructure like colleges, malls, multiplexes, restaurants in the vicinity of the project.


3. Security: 


If you are staying with family, then this factor takes precedence. Most house buyers consider this as a very important factor. No one would like to buy a property that is situated in a crime zone. Some properties also offer CCTV security monitoring to prevent any serious incidences.


4. Know Your Rights: 


Today, The Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) aims to bring in transparency and protect the interest of consumers. When searching for houses online or offline, it is important to see if the project is RERA-registered or not. Most developers will highlight their respective RERA numbers on their projects. These numbers will correspond against the state the project is based on. For example, properties in Maharashtra state are prefixed with “MahaRERA” followed by the number. A RERA registered project gives you the security against delayed projects and other fraudulent practices from the developers Risland in Mumbai.