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What Is Diamond’s Brilliance? – Aura Jewels

December 13, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

There is a big issue about the trust of consumers in the diamond industry. People don’t trust diamond manufacturers and retailers because of those who cheat their customers by delivering to them adulterated diamonds and diamond jewellery. This is why diamond retailers who are genuine and only want to provide what’s best to their customers need to find ways to help their customers understand a diamond’s true beauty and character; and that is where a diamond’s brilliance becomes important.



What is diamond’s brilliance?

Diamond’s brilliance is nothing but the stone’s light performance, which is a big factor that affects its appearance, and a way to better assess a diamond. A diamond’s appearance is a direct result of the way it interacts with light. When light enters, it gets bent and refracted, and then exits the diamond, returning to the eyes of the viewer. Every diamond interacts with light in a different way, depending upon its shape, size, structure, inclusions, cuts, and polish. This is the reason why no two diamonds can have the same light performance.

Diamond’s 4C’s and Brilliance – How they affect the price

Generally, when you search the Web on how you can assess a diamond before purchase to make the right buy, you will be given a list of the 4C’s – carat, colour, cut, and clarity . While all of these are really important to decide upon the quality of a diamond, one other aspect is the diamond’s overall appearance – the brilliance. This is because two diamonds can have the same 4C’s, that is, they can have the same carat, colour, cut, and clarity, but they may have a completely different appearance in light; and thus, a difference in price. This is why when you see two diamonds having the same 4C gradings, but different pricing, you may get confused. You now know that the difference between the price is because of the way they play with light.

The exact meaning of a diamond’s brilliance

While we have told you from the beginning of this blog that a diamond’s brilliance is the way the stone plays with light. But now, to make it more specific, the light performance of a diamond depends not only on brilliance, but also on other factors like sparkle, fire, and light symmetry. Thus, when we get down to the precise details, we’ll say that a diamond’s brilliance is the intense white light that radiates from the diamond. Obviously, this is just what we, as laymen, will generally look at, which is why we, in general terms, consider a diamond’s brilliance as the way it plays with light.

How to measure a diamond’s brilliance?

A diamond’s brilliance is measured with a special light performance measurement device that utilizes a special camera imaging technology to scan the diamond and record its luminance and chrominance. Luminance is the perceived brightness in black-and-white; while chrominance represents the colour components. Grading of a diamond’s brilliance focuses on the luminance of the diamond. Multiple images of the diamond are taken from various angles, and the average gray level of the diamond is analyzed. Higher the gray level, higher the brilliance will be. The five levels of brilliance attributed to the light performance of diamonds include minimum, standard, high, very high, and exceptional. The brilliance of a diamond is only one of the four parameters of light performance that forms the basis of a diamond’s overall light performance grade. However, brilliance is a very clear way to describe a diamond’s unique visual appearance and characteristics. Once you have understood this, you will be in a better position to shop for the right diamonds. Nevertheless, if in confusion, you can simply rely on the guidance given by Aura Jewels, the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore, where you’re guaranteed to get only the best quality genuine diamonds always.