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Zero waste for the wardrobe: make clothes durable:

December 14, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Old clothes as disposable goods - We produce more than one million tonnes of clothing every year, which is thrown away. Much of it can still be worn. Some of it would have to be well maintained and repaired, but it doesn't belong in the trash. We buy too much and that also of poor quality.

What you can do: Make sure the garments are of good quality before you buy them. Are there any small cracks anywhere? Are the seams and buttons sewn well? Anyone who already pays attention to good quality when buying will also benefit from it longer. Above all, fair fashion and second hand take precedence.

Fashion awareness also means being aware of your clothes and treating them well. How can you wear your favorite pieces as long as possible? We have 3 valuable tips suggested by Laundry near me for you.

1. Store clothes correctly: prefer hanging or folding?

Fold thick and heavy sweaters better than hanging on the hanger because there they quickly wear out thanks to gravity. When folding, make sure you put the clothes in the closet properly.

This way you avoid creasing and damage caused by carelessness. If you want to hang them for aesthetic or organizational reasons, then you can count on the use of wooden hangers.

It is best to hang up dresses, blouses, and shirts to prevent creasing. With each hot ironing with the iron, you shorten the lifespan of your favorite part.

2. Wash your clothes less:

The warm wet environment, aggressive detergent, and the friction in the washing machine will cause your clothes to fade faster and become deformed.

What helps: wash less - You can clean small spots by hand and let the smell out in the open air overnight. If you wash with the washing machine, it will not fill up completely, separate your laundry neatly, wash with cold water and pack good clothes in laundry bags.

3. Do not wash denim clothing at all:

Some people even swear by it and don't wash their jeans at all. This extends the lifespan considerably. In the washing machine, the jeans easily get out of shape and fade.

How do you keep them clean anyway? Put her in the freezer overnight. Bacteria that survive at 30 and 40 degrees wash will not survive the cold. You can only get stubborn stains and germs with a 60-degree wash. It is best to turn the pants upside down.

We hope these tips suggested by Laundry near me will be helpful to you.