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Three Social Media Strategies for Successful Retail Branding

December 14, 2019 by The Sheppard  

Omni-channel approach is the best retail marketing strategy and it has been proved time and time again. And within omni-channel approach comes, social media which plays a vital role in retail branding and marketing.


However, pushing your products and services over and over again on social media platforms is not going to bear any fruits for your brand. According to a leading retail branding agency in LA, what makes sense in retail marketing over social media is a creative content strategy. You need to tell people a story that will make them understand what is there in your product or service that no other product can offer. In short, your content should be engaging and interesting enough to attract potential buyers and convince them to make a purchase.



It is a fact that customers opt for following a brand more on social media as they look for new updates and information from the company. Also, they visit sites more that they find fun. Therefore, you need to build a voice for your brand and make it more personable so that your followers will stay up to date with you. Remember one thing; if you can engage your customers over social media successfully then it is more likely that you will build trust and keep them interested in your products and services.


Following are three top social media branding and marketing strategies by an expert retail branding agency in LA that can help you make a strong hold on social media platforms.


Have a look –

  • Use real people


Simply by explaining your followers about the product or service you offer and showing them the packaging, you cannot build trust among them. The best way out is using real people in your marketing strategy. Share stories and images of your products that are being used by real people. With this strategy you can achieve two goals i.e. firstly; you will show the real life view of your product that will make the product more approachable. Secondly, you will have the opportunity to share positive stories and images. People often share the love for their products on social media, so make use of this strategy and win hearts!


  • Show how to use your product


Have you launched your new product? And you left the rest up to your customers? It won’t help either you or your customers! You must help your customers understand the value of your social media accounts. Post small tutorials where you can show them how they can use your new product and how it helps them. When you post videos of GIFs on how to use your product, it helps in boosting up your brand’s position. For instance, if your brand has launched a new series of phone, you can share video tutorials on how to use the phone and what all are the new features of the phone that make it best from the rest. Such tutorials often help customers understand the value of a product even better.