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Healing Properties and uses of Ruby Gemstone

December 14, 2019 by gemsn gems  

Ruby is a precious gemstone that is commonly used in jewelry as a decorative piece. The other precious gemstones are sapphire, emerald and diamond. There are also artificial gems such as London blue, nanosital, and gray moonstone. Ruby is a gemstone for July. They have a beautiful rich red color. The gemstone is a symbol of wealth.

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Due to its rich red color, the gemstone is seen as a symbol of vitality and strength. It is also a symbol of vitality, fiery passion and enormous potency. Most people wear it to boost their concentration. It is not easy to differentiate the synthetic vs real ruby. Wearing created ruby gives you a feeling of self-confidence. If you are looking for power and achievement, then the ruby stone is all you need. They also represent love.

Healing properties

Physical healing

Dark Ruby is worn not only for its physical beauty but also for its healing properties. There are many healing properties of a ruby. The gemstone brings some kind of fire to the wearer. Their red color is a symbol of flame. You can use the energy the ruby possess to harness your energy.

One of the Ethiopian opal properties and healing properties of wearing the black star ruby is for increased stamina. You can apply it to the areas of the physical realm. It also helps in weight training and improving overall weakness. They also promote healthy blood pressure. Rubies also come in handy to treat wounds. It helps in treating pain that occurs due to fevers. If you have been experiencing nightmares, you can benefit from wearing the ruby gemstone.

Emotional healing

Apart from physical healing, ruby and quartz gemstone is also used in emotional healing. If you have been experiencing self-doubt, ruby will help you to bring that quality back into your life. You can easily connect positively with your emotions. Therefore, you will be able to connect with others easily. When you are seeking for love, the gemstone is what you need. It is closely related to love in many cultures. Even if you are looking for emotional healing when it comes to love, the gemstone will still help. The gemstone increases your emotional stability, mental fortitude, and makes it easy to connect with others positively.


The precious gemstone has infinite uses. It is a powerful tool that is mostly used for jewelry. They have been used for weddings. They are used in expressing feelings of romance and love. Their red color symbolizes love, confidence, fire, and desire. They are used for different forms of healing. Use it for emotional and physical healing. You can use it in restoring the heart chakra. The heart chakra is responsible for forgiveness, loving feelings, transformation, and relationships. Wear it to feel recharged and renewed. The ruby stone also helps you to go through a constructive transformation like a significant life change or surgery.

The ruby gemstone is also used as a birthstone for people born in July. Every month usually has two zodiac signs. For July, they are Leo and cancer. Both signs share the ruby gemstone. However, the signs differ in personality but share the artistic qualities.

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