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Multiple steps to fix hp printer not printing

December 24, 2019 by bhumika  

Reasons Behind HP Printer Not Printing Error and Ways to Fix It

HP printers are amazing when they work properly. However, when they stop working, it can be very annoying. Thankfully, users can easily resolve some common problems, such as the HP printer not printing black or color. HP printers are known for their capacity of being able to run smoothly for several years and a number of prints, however, at times they may malfunction and stop printing.


At times it happens because of misuse of the printer. A number of users fail to use their printer often, and this causes the nozzles of the ink toner cartridges to get dried up. Some people overuse the printer and issues such as paper jams can load to the HP printer not printing issues. In case you are dealing with this issue, do not fret, this article covers all the methods to fix the issue. However, before we get started on the solutions, let’s explore the potential reasons why this issue occurs. 

Why is HP Printer Not Printing?

There can be several reasons why the HP printer will not print. Let’s get started with the basics. You need to check if there is any error or warning light on the LCD of your printer. Ensure that the paper tray is not empty. Also, check if the ink toner is empty or filled. Users should also see if the USB cable is connected properly or the printer is connected to the right wireless network. 

If you have connected the printer over wi-fi, then try connecting it with a USB cable. Simply unplug the printer and disconnect it from the network adapters. Secure a wired connection and turn the printer back on. If you are encountering an HP printer not printing color error, then perhaps your cartridge is getting empty or has dried up. 

At times, due to improper alignment of the printhead, issues with printing can occur. Hence, ensure that the alignment is done properly. 

Solutions to Fix HP Printer is Not Printing Issue

  • Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor 

  • If your device runs the Windows OS, then you can run the HP Printer and Scan Doctor tool to find and fix errors. Follow these steps to run the tool: 

  • To get started, download the HP Print and Scan Doctor. 

  • Double-click on the downloaded file, and click on Run when prompted.

  • Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation. 

  • Double-click on HP Print and Scan Doctor. 

  • When it opens, click on Start. 

  • Select your HP printer. 

  • In case you cannot find your printer listed on the screen, start the app again and click on Retry. 

  • If there are any connection-related errors, then just follow the on-screen prompts. 

  • If you receive the prompt for enabling the HP printer updates, then click on Yes. 

  • When you get the prompt for setting the HP printer as the default printer, click on the Yes button. 

Steps to Fix HP Printer not Printing Color Error

The solutions mentioned below will help you fix the HP printer won’t print color issue. 

Clean or Replace the Printer Cartridge

If your print cartridge has dried up or is empty, then you will have to replace it. Make sure that you are using a genuine HP cartridge. Also, check the expiry date of the toner. 

  1. Take off the upper lid of the printer. 

  2. Gently yet firmly remove the toner cartridge. 

  3. Clean the nozzle of the cartridge with a cloth. 

  4. Now, place the clean cartridge in the slot. 

  5. Run some test prints. 

  6. See if the HP printer not printing color issue is rectified or not. 

  7. In case the issue still persists, then install a new cartridge. 

Cleaning the Printhead

How often do you use your HP printer? If the answer is not very often, then perhaps you need to maintain your printer. Just perform printhead cleaning and your HP printer not printing color error will get resolved. 

  1. Press and hold the Power button of the printer. 

  2. Keep pressing the Resume button again and again. 

  3. Release the buttons.

  4. Allow the printer to clean the printhead. 

Turn on the Color Feature

Perhaps, you are facing the HP printer not printing color issue because you have disabled the color feature. 


  1. Click on the Start button or go to the Dock. 

  2. From the list of options, choose Settings. 

  3. Now, scroll the screen and click on Printers. 

  4. Right-click on your HP printer. 

  5. From the context menu, choose Properties. 

  6. Click on the Printing Preferences option. 

  7. Go to the Paper tab. 

  8. Click on the Color button.

  9. After that, click on the OK button.