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Lightweight Nylon Fabric Has Many Chemical Forms

January 13, 2020 by xixiximin  

The lightweight nylon fabric(WANSHIYITEX) come in many chemical forms, and nylon products on the market have various names and different characteristics. Meanwhile, the characteristics of staple nylon and long fiber nylon are quite different. However, all types of nylon fibres also have some common characteristics: light weight, high strength, very wear-resistant, in addition, elasticity is also quite good, second only to elastic fibres and rubber. Due to these characteristics, lightweight nylon fabric is especially suitable for making socks and frivolous fabrics.

Lightweight nylon fabric is also quite elastic, so it is not easy to wrinkle, even if some wrinkles occur after wearing or using, it is also easy to smooth. As for appearance and hand feel, fabrics made of nylon generally have silky lustre, but they can also be easily imitated into the appearance and hand feel of cotton, wool or other fibre fabrics. Nylon can be made into warm cloth, but it has poor water absorption, so it will be hot and sticky to wear in a warm and humid climate.

Lightweight nylon fabric is generally impermeable to air, so it is very suitable for making windbreaker or raincoat, but it may also make you feel wet and cold in winter and hot and sticky in summer due to moisture accumulation inside. Staple nylon is used to make sweaters and socks. It is warmer than long-fibre nylon fabric because it can retain heat due to plush. Nylon after processing can be made into very delicate, frivolous and lightweight cloth, which is very breathable and can be used as summer clothes.

Now, some new nylon cloth and nylon fiber processing technologies have been developed to deal with some disadvantages of nylon cloth, such as moisture and comfort. In the meantime, there are several kinds of nylon products that can effectively take away moisture, and fabrics made of nylon microfiber are waterproof, breathable and have very good handfeel. Therefore, compared with the old nylon fabric, the comfort of these fabrics has been greatly improved.

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