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Mobile phone charger misunderstanding

January 13, 2020 by keikeilaiy  

Original phone charger manufacturers tell you the misunderstanding of mobile phone charger use

1. The new battery requires a few full charges-a discharge cycle to activate

In fact, smart phones do not need this, because most of the smart phone batteries on the market are lithium-ion batteries. Its initialization process is completed during the manufacturing process, so it does not need to be activated during use.

2.Reduce the number of charging times to extend battery life

In fact, pay attention to the lithium battery "eat more", frequent shallow charge and discharge will help extend its life! Remember to "eat more", do not pull the phone for a long time, this will speed up the capacity loss rate of the battery.

Overcharging can cause the battery to explode

In the same theory, lithium batteries generally have safety protection circuits and various safety devices to ensure that when the battery automatically cuts off the circuit, excessive charging and discharging and short circuits occur. Unless there is a quality problem, the battery will not charge and explode for a long time.