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Reliable Mechanical Starter Manufacturer- Dalin spring starter

January 16, 2020 by pinkledstone  

What is Dalin spring starter

mechanical starter

A kind of mechanical starter which transform manual cranking energy into dis spring potential energy. The potential energy can be released all in once so as to starter engine.


Complement electric starter defect(battery needs to be maintained frequently). Ensure that engine can be started when the battery lack of power. Unlike air starter and hydraulic starter, Dalin spring starter is a complete system. It doesn't need maintence and other auxiliaries(like battery, power generator, compressed air tank, hydraulic actutor and valves). and it's with natural explosion-proof structure.

How to use it on the engine

(1) Most of engines have two starter bores on flywheel housing with an electric starter and Dalin spring starter either on same side, or on diffrent sides.

(2) For engine with one starter bore, the Dalin starter stands by to replace the electric starter when needed, and is installed in same place as electric starter located.


Adaptation(Adapt to various conditons including where is sensitive to spark chemisttry and moist atmosphere)

Safe(A mechanical starting device which is opereated by humanly possible indirect hand cranking)

Compact structure(independent work system without electricity/gas/liquid system configuaration)

Cranking device(as a tool to slowly crank the engine)

Fast(complete energy storage and release process by convenient human operation)

Manitennace-free(best lubricated antifriction corrision resistant)

Protector(effectively reduce the mal-operation failure ratio and dual starter engine)

Parameter List

Parameter list of spring starter motor

To learn more information about Dalin spring starter, please visit the company introduction page of Dalin spring starter motor