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The Management Of Pain After Lower Joint Replacement

January 16, 2020 by Smith Jones  

Lower joint replacement usually refers to knee or hip replacement surgery.  Many who wait for such an operation are often a bit anxious about what post operative discomfort that are going to suffer. At least they know the extent of the pain they are now suffering, but are wary of the unknown. Although surgery offers a long term solution you can expect an amount of pain during your rehabilitation. Sometimes where there is hip replacement surgery the quads, being the upper thigh muscles are too tight, in fact some surgeons suggest a lack of exercise prior to the operation to relax them a bit. If after surgery they are deemed to be too tight therefore restricting rehabilitation then massage therapy is a way of relaxing those big muscles. In general post operative pain is controlled by medication at first as the immediate area maybe too tender for a direct tissue massage. However, as soon as the patient is able to withstand this it usually yields great results in the reduction of pain as the area around the joint replacement is greatly relaxed.

Massage to help post operative pain after hip or knee replacement

Many patients swear by a deep tissue massage to bring immediate benefits. However, immediately after the joint replacement something a little more gentle and relaxing may suit some patients better as the immediate area in obviously still tender. One of the benefits of massage therapy after such an operation is to increase blood circulation which in turn aid the healing process.  Relaxing tense muscles is also an important part of the rehabilitation process allowing the new joints to settle in without too much tension. As well as relieving pain  a tissue massage can work on the inevitable tissue scaring after surgery. General therapeutic massage promote general well being and relaxation which also helps with pain management and a feeling of positivity after undergoing surgery. https://www.manchestermassage.co.uk/

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