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What do you need to configure to create a standardized fertilizer processing plant?

January 17, 2020 by zhengtianci  

In order to ensure the quality of fertilizer produced and improve the value of commodities, what needs to be configured to create a standardized organic fertilizer production line?

1. Fertilizer development laboratory

On the basis of conventional fertilizer laboratory, it is necessary to have special instruments and small (or simulation) equipment for fertilizer development and processing. For example, it is necessary to have basic simulation equipment such as reaction kettle, centrifuge, mixer, dryer, condenser and evaporator for the development and processing of compound fertilizer; for the research and development of bio organic fertilizer, it is necessary to have fermentation device, ultra clean workbench and ultra-low temperature Refrigerator, sterilization cabinet, sterile culture room, vacuum packaging facilities, live bacteria detection equipment and other basic conditions. (if there is no condition, relevant departments or institutions can be entrusted to carry out the test)

2. Fertilizer test plant

It has complete infrastructure and fertilizer equipment for fertilizer processing and production, mainly including metering, crushing, mixing, lifting, granulating, drying, cooling, screening, tail gas treatment, product adjustment, packaging, transportation and other equipment. Fluid fertilizer plants need mixers, reactors and other equipment, while organic fertilizer production needs high-temperature fermentation, turning (throwing) and maturing equipment.

3. Biological experiment base

Generally, it is required to have a cultivation room or greenhouse for plants, a standardized field test land and its supporting irrigation and drainage system. As a test field, on the one hand, we can show the quality of our products to our customers, on the other hand, we can monitor the problems that may occur in the use of our fertilizer at any time, and adjust the formula in time.