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The traction machine brake can ensure that the ca

January 17, 2020 by escalatorrighta  

Elevators are mainly divided into mechanical and electrical aspects.

Mechanical: Driven by the traction machine, the car is driven upward and downward by the friction between the wire rope and the traction wheel; the counterweight used for balancing is opposite to the running direction of the car.

Electrical aspect: It is driven by the microcomputer program in the control cabinet and cooperates with the mechanical system to control the operation and stop of the elevator.

3: elevator safety protection device

Overspeed protection device

When the up and down running speed of the elevator exceeds the specified speed, the speed limiter safety switch will be activated to stop the elevator operation.

Door lock electrical protection device

The hall door and car door are equipped with electrical interlock switches to confirm that the door is completely closed. As long as one door is not closed in place, the elevator cannot run.

Parking protection device (brake)

When the car stops at the station, the traction machine brake can ensure that the car's leveling position remains unchanged.

End station forced deceleration device

The forced deceleration switches at the upper and lower end stations are installed at the speed change point to ensure that the elevator can reliably reduce the running speed when the elevator approaches the end station.

End stop device

When the bed lift suppliers deceleration switch does not work, the limit switch will act, and the elevator will be forced to stop running and cannot go beyond this position, but can change direction to run.