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How to Activate Roku Wireless Speakers?

January 17, 2020 by James Whatt  

Roku Wireless speakers

The Roku wireless speakers can provide a premium sound experience. It also gives you clarity and the sound can be leveled automatically. The speakers are also easy to setup and Bluetooth streaming is also possible. Voice recognition is another feature in the Roku TV wireless speakers and the product is priced at 149.99 Euros. With some enriched and Vibrant sound, you can always enjoy the best out of Roku wireless speakers. The seamless synchronization and working makes your experiences more intriguing. The sound effects in the speakers make you travel to the outside world

Some of the scintillating features

  • The wireless speaker setup is quite simple
  • You can listen to all your favorite music or podcasts using a compatible device
  • The speakers can be easily placed and save you time
  • Touch-to-talk voice control is the main feature of Roku touch tabletop remote

You can even add the Roku Wireless subwoofer to enhance your entertainment.

Follow the steps to connect the wireless speakers to your Roku device:

  • First of all, you are required to turn On the Roku TV
  • On your Roku remote, push the home button for at least 5 seconds
  • Then in the pop-up menu, select the option named as "Speaker"
  • After this, the pairing process occurs and you can connect one speaker at a time

Always remember that the Roku wireless speakers can be only paired with the TV that runs on Roku. By using the voice search, you can launch the music from any apps like Spotify

If you have any queries regarding Roku com link activation code, then you can contact the Roku support team to relieve all your problems