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Organic fertilizer granulator improves production efficiency

January 18, 2020 by zhengtianci  

In our organic fertilizer machine industry, the organic fertilizer pelletizer has become a bright spot in recent years, and it has been highly praised and recognized by people within a few years since it came out. So what is the reason why the organic fertilizer pelletizer has become a bright spot in the organic fertilizer machinery industry in a short time, and quickly occupied the market and been recognized by the majority of users.

The traditional farmer's independent fertilizer production process is basically completed by relying on the natural fermentation power. Most farmers directly carry the fermented crop straw or manure stored in their homes to the fields. This method of using organic fertilizer has been used by people. Many farmers also take it for granted. In fact, the application of organic fertilizer will cause air, water and other living environment Pollution, we need to use organic fertilizer granulator and other organic fertilizer equipment to make organic fertilizer to improve the efficiency and output of organic fertilizer.

A large number of organic raw materials are needed when using the organic fertilizer granulator for granulation. Most of these organic materials are perishable or rotten materials, but most of them still keep the prototype. Therefore, when using the material cell phone, the hammer crusher should be used to crush the materials first, and then put them into the fermentation for fermentation, because these processes are prepared for later granulation

Therefore, it is necessary to grind to the required fineness for granulation. These materials may have a lot of pungent taste in the process of crushing and handling. If measures are taken in advance, the decomposition of organic matter in the fermentation of organic fertilizer raw materials will produce a large amount of pungent gas dominated by ammonia, so the fermentation workshop should be separated from the production workshop as far as possible. After the material is completely decomposed, it can be transported to the compound fertilizer equipment by screw conveyor, and the material will enter the compound fertilizer equipment from the gold bin for extrusion granulation.

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