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Production technology of high quality humic acid organic fertilizer

January 19, 2020 by zhengtianci  

When the temperature reaches 65-70 degrees, it can be turned over, cooled and fermented with a windrow turner. If the temperature is too high, the beneficial bacteria in the raw materials will be killed. When the content of the beneficial bacteria in the finished product is not up to the standard, it can be fermented to 5-7 days in summer. It can be put out of the tank at 12-15 in winter. It can be placed in the storage plant for fermentation in the stacking plant for 3-5 days, so that the water content is 35% - 40% and granulation can be carried out. At this time, the material can be crushed, which can be carried out by the organic fertilizer crusher with the number of 1-2 sets of power of 30KW × 2. The crushed material is fainted into the batching bin, which is composed of 3-4 bins, of which 2 bin is the main raw material and the other two bins are added The microelements are automatically weighed and sent to the main conveyor to the double shaft mixer for mixing. This organic fertilizer machine can continuously mix. The materials after mixing directly enter the bucket elevator to the ground, and enter at a height of 2 meters. The chain crusher is used for crushing, because there are small lumps during mixing, and the effect is not good during granulation.

Then, the crushed materials are sent into the disc feeder. The disc feeder can feed multiple granulators at the same time, evenly, and then granulate by the rotary drum granulator. At this time, the ball forming rate is more than 90%, including three kinds of particles: large, medium and small. The angle of the granulator must be adjusted to a positioning position, and the angle depends on the size of the particles. The larger the angle, the smaller the particles and the smaller the angle, The larger the particles are, the manufactured particles are sent to the dryer through the main conveyor for drying, and the drying temperature is controlled below 70 degrees. Because the water content of the feed is about 35% - 40%, the high temperature will kill the beneficial bacteria in the raw materials. The retention time of the particles in the dryer is 40-45 minutes, and the rotation speed of the dryer is 4.5-5 revolutions, which can be sent to the outlet, the conveyor to the primary screening machine for sorting.

The large and small particles are sent to the crusher by the return belt for crushing and re granulation, and the medium and finished materials. It is sent to the cooler for cooling by the conveyor. Because the particles have a certain temperature, the particles are sent to the cooler after cooling, and the fine powder is separated by two sieves, and then sent to the coating machine for coating, so as to make the particles look good, and prevent the particles from caking. The coated particles are sent to the silo for packaging, and then the finished fertilizer can be produced by quantitative packaging.

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