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Technology and benefits of organic fertilizer production from sheep manure

January 19, 2020 by zhengtianci  

The advantages of using sheep manure organic fertilizer can be summarized as follows: 1. The fertilizer has a long term of validity, long-lasting fertility, moderate, pollution-free is a high-quality fertilizer for the production of organic, green and pollution-free food. 2. It contains a variety of trace elements, increases the content of soil organic matter, loosens the soil, improves the soil, and forms a high standard farmland. It is an important and necessary fertilizer that can continue to increase the output after the top of the fertilizer is used (the role in the production of the greenhouse is more prominent). 3. Will not cause environmental pollution, and make full use of exchange can play a role in protecting the environment. 4. Reduce the energy consumption caused by the production of chemical fertilizer, and effectively promote plant growth. 5. Turning waste into treasure reduces household garbage. Broad market prospect

The low configuration of organic fertilizer production line only requires crusher, mixer, granulator(rotary drum granulator), screening machine and packaging machine. This is a basic configuration, according to the actual needs and requirements of customers to add organic fertilizer machine. Therefore, the price of the whole chicken manure organic fertilizer production line varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

For the production of organic fertilizer from sheep manure, it is recommended to adopt aerobic fermentation treatment, which can be fermented with fermentation agent, so as to better the crops. The pig manure is mixed with straw, sawdust, mushroom residue in appropriate proportion (80-90% of the manure, 10-20% of the others). 1 ton of material (about 2.5 tons of fresh material) is added with 1 kg of fertilizer fermenting agent, diluted with 1 kg of fertilizer fermenting agent and 5 kg of rice bran (or bran, corn flour and other substitutes), and then evenly distributed into the material pile. Attention shall be paid to the proper use of windrow turner for oxygen supply and upending in the fermentation process, and the temperature shall be controlled at 55-65 ℃. The water content of fermentation materials should be controlled at 60-65%. The first treatment is to use sheep excrement dehydration system. First, the fecal urinal is dehydrated, and then the water content is controlled at about 40%. The usual method is to use the crops such as wine dregs, bacterial dregs, straw and rice bran (including n P K) as the filling materials, then sprinkle the seed agent, mix 1kg bacterial agent with 20kg water to move into the raw materials, and ferment 1t raw materials. 1-2 days to toss once, usually 7 days to half a month to achieve full maturity.

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