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Iphone iPod to iTunes Music Song Video Transfer Procedure

January 19, 2020 by rosan shaha  


This article provides procedure to transfer music from iPod to computer and how to copy song audio video from iPod to iTunes. This can be used for hd movies, photos and selfie transfer from iPod to iTunes computer.


Here is the procedure for transferring music songs from iPod iPhone to computer and this procedure is also applicable to transfer photo, selfie, hd movies from iPod to iTunes computer. Again you can use this for transferring photo selfie album from iPod to iTunes computer.


You want to copy files, music, video from iPod to computer as your iPod running out of space and you are planning to download new hd movies song from iTunes store or from internet. For that you need to create space on iPod and for that you want to transfer songs, music, audio, photos from iPod to iTunes computer.


In brief if you want to transfer copy music from iPhone to iTunes computer. Then you first connect iPod to computer. Then select file that you want to transfer from iPod to iTunes and then select the folder in iTunes where you want to copy your iPod files.


Now iPod to computer transfer and iPod to iTunes transfer procedure in details


1. Connect your apple iPod touch, iPod shuffle, iPod nano or iPod classic to computer via usb cable. Computer will found new device and recognize apple iPod. If computer not recognize your iPod than my iPod site provide detailed iPod troubleshooting for iPod not detected by computer. Here we only discuss transferring music from iPod to iTunes computer.


2. Now if you just want to copy transfer files from iPod to computer then you do not need to open iTunes.


3. But if you want to transfer music songs from iPod to iTunes then first open iTunes and enable disk mode for iPod. This will use iPod as an external media device like we are using usb pen drive or sd card with computer. For example if you have connected iPod Nano 16gb 7th generation or 8gb 6th generation then in my computer or this pc iPod will be seen as apple iPod Nano 16 GB along with other hard disk drive.


4. Disk mode enable is required for older apple iPod models like iPod mini, iPod classic or iPod shuffle and iPod Nano. But for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch latest model no need for disk mode infect this model do not have disk mode option they automatically act as external usb devices removable storage.


5. Now unhide the entire file within iPod.


For Microsoft windows 8 & windows vista, under my computer double click apple iPod icon then click on tool-folder option view- then select show hidden files and folder-apply ok.


 Windows 10 double click apple iPod icon folder. Then click on view then tiles-click on show/hide tab and uncheck hidden item box. You can also use above windows 8 method for windows 10 to unhide files and folder.


6. Now under iPod open iPod _control folder. Under iPod_control folder there is a music folder. Where your all music collection stored. These are the music files that you want to Transfer music from iPod to computer iTunes. Now depending upon your music collection either you can select all files and folder from this music folder and copy all of them to your computer. You can all short your music selection by date added music or by artist name. One more thing I want to add here is that iPod control folder is also important when you want to unlock your apple iPod when your iPod is locked or iPod disabled due to lost forgotten password and you have entered wrong passcode many times and iPod got disabled. I have given detailed procedure for iPod unlocking at my iPod site. This is just for your information.


Till now it is complete procedure for transferring music from iPod to computer. Now continue for iPod to iTunes music transfer procedure.


7. Now you need to import all music files to iTunes library.


8. Now go to computer folder where you have copied all iPod files. Now if you want to transfer only music to iTunes search for *.mp3 or any other audio files from that folder. If you want to copy photo album than search for *.png or any image file format and similarly for video hd movies search for *mp4 and select all that files.


9. Now open iTunes-click on file tab then click on add folder to library or add file to library. Now locate the music files and folder that you want to transfer to iTunes. And then click on import and ok.


10. This will complete your music transfer from iPod to iTunes and computer. You can organize your music within iTunes by date added or by artist name etc.




This entire procedure for music transfer can be used for video movie transfer also and you can also copy photos and album to your iTunes by this method.