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Spare Parts (Ⅱ) of Steelmaking Plant

January 20, 2020 by pinkledstone  

1.Water-cooled Furnace Cover

The water-cooled furnace cover is the upper part of the arc furnace body, which can be moved. It is equipped with a discharge entry and a flue exit. It can be manufactured separately.

2.Water-cooled Furnace Wall

The water-cooled furnace wall is located in the middle of the furnace body. It consists of a water-cooled frame and multiple water-cooled plates. Due to transportation reasons, it can be manufactured separately according to the specific size. It is welded and assembled in the installation site.

3.Bottom Ring of The Furnace Cover

Bottom Ring of The Furnce Cover

The bottom ring of the furnace cover is located at the lower end of the furnace body and plays a role in protecting the furnace wall.

Flue Elbow of Water-Cooled Furnace Cover

4.Flue Elbow of Water-Cooled Furnace Cover

The water-cooled furnace cover flue elbow is a transitional connection for exhausting dust from steelmaking.

5.Eccentric Zone Water Cooling Plate

The eccentric zone water cooling plate is used for water cooling in the eccentric zone of the furnace door frame.



The ladle is a container used for the transfer or refining of molten steel.

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