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Furnish the new house - our best tips for the first furnishing

January 20, 2020 by Glain max  

Often you don't have the opportunity in life. Therefore, you have to use it when it presents itself to you. Set up a new home. It is fundamentally different from moving from one apartment to the next with the same furnishings and staying about the same number of square meters for living. But mostly the point in life comes when you enlarge yourself.

Whether it's a large apartment or house plans, here are the best tips for home design yourself with the right furniture and the right decoration so that living is fun.

In what style do you want to furnish your house?

First, you should agree with those who have a say on which style you generally want to choose. This not only depends on your personal taste but is also fundamentally influenced by the style of the building. 

Of course, a solid concrete structure can also be converted into a princess castle with the right furniture, but whether this contributes to a holistic, harmonious look is questionable.

What colors should the furniture be?

Decide on a basic tone for each room and then buy most of the furniture in the house interior design in this color or in shades of the same color family. You can then add color accents with smaller pieces of furniture or decoration. 

Even with the wall design, you have a lot of scopes to give a room a very personal touch. Whether you like to swing the brush yourself, stick a wallpaper border or choose a saying as a wall tattoo is entirely up to you. By playing with colors, for example, you also have the option of integrating inherited pieces of furniture into modern furniture.

Furnish the new house with used furniture:

You can also combine old pieces with new furniture for bedroom furniture.

Hardly anyone can afford to completely refurbish the new house from top to bottom and you don't want to part with the many pieces of furniture that you already own. 

Maybe you are lucky and you can stay true to your previous style and your old furniture can be perfectly placed between the new pieces without standing out. 

If this is not the case, you do not have to immediately give away, sell or throw away everything. Almost every piece of furniture can be crafted and changed in terms of design so that it can be adapted to the new style in the new house.