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How To Handle Cattle Easily And Safely

January 20, 2020 by onemancorrals  

If you’re planning to raise cattle as a career or for some part-time earning, you will need to learn how to herd cattle on horseback. This may sound annoying, but what it really needs is the correct approach, some basic knowledge, and the right livestock tools & equipment. As a leading supplier of innovating cattle corral designs we’d like to offer you some tips that can assist you deal with cattle easily & safely. 


Have the correct frame of mind:


Going into cattle handling with the correct attitude must be your 1st priority. Animals are sensitive to human signals & emotions, so your stress level or sense of calmness will impact the overall experience. You will discover that by approaching the herd in a calm way, handling cattle silently, and with a clear frame of mind, you will acquire a more constructive result. This right frame of mind will also let you & your stock-men to make sure livestock safety as well as yours. 


Understand animals’ instinctive:


Believe it or not, you are going to get inside the head of your cattle if you expect to be thriving at herding. Animals have different behavior patterns & instincts in comparison to humans, so comprehending cattle instinctive behavior can help make your experience much more productive. 


Learn the proper use of a whip:


Cattle will avoid anything loud, so you can shout or use a whip to drive them away from a certain position. The loud “pop” of the whip is adequate to move the cattle in another way, so a whip need never touch an animal when herding.


Make use of rattle paddles & sorting poles:


As you herd your cattle, you may require to sort them for an array of reasons. For instance, you might wish to steers from heifers or cows from calves. Moving cattle from one place to the other is also helpful when sorting. Sorting cattle can be a headache, but it’s also a skill that you can build up with the use of tools like rattle paddles & sorting poles. 


A rattle paddle is a medium-length stick, accessible in lengths of 42″ and 48″, with a 12″ paddle on the end. The bold color, along with the sound of the BB pellets in the paddle, help in effectively guiding & controlling the animal. A sorting pole is a long pole with a hand grip on one end that is employed for the same purpose.


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