LeapZipBlog: Jessica Williams's blog: How To Find And Verify Suppliers In China?

How To Find And Verify Suppliers In China?

January 21, 2020 by Jessica Williams  

1. Use Search Engines & Chinese Suppliers’ Directories

Open Google or Bing search engine, type on the company name. Find related distributors and retailers that have had a bad experience in the past with wholesale suppliers from China, often try to leave behind a trace about it on the web.

2. Make a Phone Call

To avoid being tracked by the law enforcement authorities, most of the scammers ensure that theykeep their genuine registration information not available online.

3. Check Business Licenses

Chinese suppliersare unable to render you the most unique company registration number.Get the registration numberand business licenses, well verified prior to, visiting their local administrative government website.Suppliers from China, ensure that the best is offered to you, only if you have the right one.

4. Ask for References

To verify the supplier’s financial credit, you must ask for the bank’s reference letter, since this would be a great deal of help. To check up the supplier’s track record and the whole understanding in producing the top most quality items, it is important that you ask for previous customer’s reference. You must also get in touch with them to ensure the authenticity.

5. Get a Sample

Whether you’re into buying wholesale clothing in China or wish for any other product, you must ask for a sample item – even if it means that have to bear the cost for it. Having a sample in your hand would give you an edge over the fact that you understand the nature of product and what it is worth.


6. Money Matters

Don’t be fooled by false means, ensure you only indulge in correct method of transaction. It is necessary since, nothing can be avoided in terms of transaction. You must ensure that you have enough funds to pay for every smallest amount. Suppliers in China are very stringent when it comes to money matter, so be aware of the fact.

7. Background Check to Ensure Authenticity

Order a report from the third-party authentication services like that of GloBIS, this is where their business credit report service is saved. It will help you get the information that deals with your potential Chinese supplier. It has various details including the legal representatives, along with shareholders, and business scope. Also the financial records from the last three years, are saved here.

Before you finalize supplier in China, be sure to deal and get done with all the background verifications and check.