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Berber carpets - A true mystical touch

January 21, 2020 by Glain max  

Beni Ourain tapijt woven since ancient times by Moroccan Berber tribes, it’s simple and timeless design has crossed borders. Today, they are a sought-after decorative element in all types of spaces.

In recent months beni ouarain carpets have become a trend and a real must. These carpets of Moroccan origin owe their name to the Berber people, in whose culture the weaving of the carpets is an ancestral tradition. 

In the tribe, they used Marokkaanse Azilal-tapijten for everything, such as bedding, for the saddle or to dress it themselves. There are several Marokkaanse wollen tapijten models, but the one that has more followers is the Beni Ouarain model, which owes its name to a Moroccan shop.

Marokkaanse Berber-tapijten is characterized by being a light-colored carpet, such as white or cream, with geometric shapes in dark colors, usually black or brown. 

Usually, they have no edge, but some do end up infringes. And, even there are those that in addition to the geometric pattern, have letters of the ancient Berber alphabet in their design.

The origin Beni Ouarain women - a name that defines a group of seventeen Berber tribes dedicated to grazing and also the area they inhabit. The northeast of the mountains of the Moroccan Middle Atlas - have been weaving these carpets for centuries as a form of subsistence and to use them as mattresses and blankets against the freezing temperatures of the region in winter.

Currently, the Beni Ourain Marokkaanse tapijten market has expanded to the point that many stores make carpets with the same pattern and in all sizes. It is no longer necessary to go to Morocco for one of these carpets.

For example, the smaller ones will give the perfect touch to the entrance of any home. The rest of the rooms also accept these carpets. 

In the children's room of the house so that they can play in Marokkaanse tapijten and in the master bedroom or in the living room they become a unique piece. A large Berber rug, which protrudes from the bed or, in the case of the living room, the sofa and the table, brings a cozy touch. A Boucherouite tapijten is always an ideal complement and it fits with all styles.

Also, Marokkaanse Kleed colors allow it to be combined with any case and it is a groundbreaking element, but simple and elegant. Its boom has led to the manufacture of Berber rugs in more colors. So there are carpets of all shapes, of all colors and for all tastes and style.