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Easily remove tattoo using London picosecond laser

January 21, 2020 by Glain max  

The 英国皮秒激光, which is also applied in acne removal and nail treatment, is based on a simple process, virtually painless and without subsequent.

Let us find out more about this latest and effective laser treatment.

英国皮秒 is a specific laser for the treatment of tattoo removal and other skin spots.

It is important to have a laser platform that has the capacity to treat them of any color and depth without changing technology. In addition, it also has others such as the performance of non-ablative facial rejuvenation treatments and acne scars.

Advantages of the Pico Way laser:

Here are the various benefits of 敦皮秒.

It is well known, that every day more, people worry about a speedy recovery after the completion of a session of any treatment. When a patient undergoes a 敦皮秒 facial rejuvenation session, they can enjoy rapid social and labor incorporation, requiring only 2 to 4 hours for the redness produced by the laser to disappear.

The secret lies in the wavelengths at which the laser works as well as the pulse rate. Pico works in PS (one billionth of a second) so its effect is mechanical rather than thermal and the effects can be seen from the first session.

Obviously, like all laser treatments, the effectiveness will vary depending on the area being worked, the depth and size of the lesions and the type of skin that the patient has at the beginning of the sessions.

In the case of facial rejuvenation, it is important to keep in mind that the laser can be used as a complement to other medical-aesthetic treatments such as botulinum toxin or fillers with hyaluronic acid or tensioning threads.

The advantage of the laser is that it is indicated in all patients and that it can be done at any time of the year as long as the patient undertakes to perform adequate photoprotection.

Remove acne with laser:

Another therapeutic indication of the 英国皮秒激光 is its application on acne marks. The skin of a patient who has suffered acne in his adolescence or even in adulthood sometimes requires the removal of scars after suffering from this known disease.

Nail treatment:

And why not mention them, the nails, the forgotten ones of our body. Our hands, like our face, are an active part of our cover letter. There are many diseases that can affect the nails.

All of them produce changes in the nail texture. There are scientific studies that show that laser treatments on the nails at the corresponding wavelengths produce improvement in the nails and renewal in their texture, quickly and virtually painlessly.