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Electronics Manufacturing Prediction For 2020 - Miracle Electronics

January 21, 2020 by Pradeep Kumar  

This is the age of the fourth industrial revolution, which is bringing in the developing environment of technologies and trends like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Internet of Things, and more. All these technologies are highly changing the way we live and work, bringing more and more smart technologies in demand to offer opportunities like never before. And, these opportunities in turn bring opportunities for electronics manufacturers to design even more intelligent operations that can boost speed and efficiency. Here is learning about the key industry trends for such electronics manufacturers to lift and transform electronics manufacturing in 2020 and beyond.


Customer-centric B2C approach

A customer-centric Business-To-Client approach is becoming more and more popular, acknowledging its benefits. The entire supply chain, right from raw materials to the end product and delivery is impacted and benefitted with a B2C approach. One can also use the Internet of Things technology to better understand the end user, and bring greater opportunity to make improvements to future repetition of the products, in order to enhance customer experience.


Customers are demanding more of personalized and custom-made products, no matter what the merchandise. Taking this into consideration, electronics manufacturers are bringing in more active and responsive manufacturing techniques. Micro-manufacturing is taking place with small batches of a product being produced in small facilities. All components of electronic board production are thus being made smaller and smarter to maximize space, and boost energy and time.

Increased IoT usage

As mentioned above, the Internet of Things is bringing a major shift to the landscape of traditional manufacturing; and so is digitization. Smart sensor technologies, cloud computing, connectivity improvements, and so much more is being adopted, and with such increased adoption, industry experts are predicting that the global IoT spend could surpass the dollar 1 billion mark in 2020!

Increasing emphasis on environmental impact

Electronics manufacturers are becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of their processes, and are thus working towards sustainability. They are thus making their factory floors greener with a commitment to optimizing their facilities and production processes, and reducing the emission of waste and greenhouse gases. Every aspect of the product and production process is taken into consideration for environmental impact, right from designing to materials to manufacturing and packaging.

Re-evaluation of the manufacturing value chain

Every point in the purchase journey of any product decides on how customer experience is impacted – positively or negatively. And, with the growth of recognition and importance of brand experience, the manufacturing value chain is predicted to come under close examination, whether it is creating a supply chain visibility, controlling this distribution of time, or sharing of information.

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