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January 21, 2020 by Glain max  

英国皮秒激光 is a laser that takes advantage of PS technology to eliminate tattoos efficiently, safely and in fewer sessions than with other prior techniques.

At 敦医美, we have the best Picosecond Laser technology. The 敦皮秒激光 that we have is efficiency on its extremely short pulses, more effective against the ink of almost all the colors of the tattoos that we wish to eliminate.

英国皮秒 treatment:

The 敦皮秒 emits a pulse in PS (one PS is a million times shorter than a second).

By producing such a sharp increase in temperature, pigments explode into tiny particles that the body can easily metabolize on its own.

Advantages of 敦皮秒:

Since its inception, lasers have been used in a wide variety of tools that have improved our lives in many ways. One of the ways in which lasers are used is in the medical field, providing a precision that was not available before, even with the most trained doctor.

Although lasers are used in many ways in the medical field, one of the benefits for many people is tattoo removal. Some of the newer PS lasers offer a much better option for people undergoing laser tattoo removal.

In particular, the 敦皮秒激光 laser has many benefits for those who wish to remove a tattoo. Let us find out:

- 敦皮秒 treatment allows effective tattoo removal and using half the energy of another type of laser. So you work with more respect for the skin.
- Tattoo clearance with Picosecond laser treatment is achieved with fewer sessions because each session is more effective. Thus we achieve the goals of treatment much earlier.
- It is even effective with recalcitrant tattoos, which are resistant to the laser used in previous treatments.
- It is especially effective with smaller ink particles, which are more complex to remove with another type of laser.
- It also means an improvement in the efficiency of removing light blue and light green pigments.

The latest generation lasers are a bet for the future in various skin treatments. At the ai-beauty.co, we have not only the best technology but also the continuous training of the professionals who are responsible for its management. For this reason, we try to innovate every day in the field of 敦医美 because we care about the patient and we care about their skin.