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General Characteristics ASTM A106 Pipe

January 21, 2020 by Steel Tubes India  

We can see different sorts of pipes and fittings are being extensively used in industrial applications, according to the requirement and the product specification. Especially talking about ASTM pipes and fittings, industries across the globe are accepting the durability and performance of these items.

When it comes to ASTM A106 pipes, they are usually seamless carbon steel alloy pipes specially intended for high temperature and high-pressure applications. So, it can be utilized in various industrial applications such as process piping, boiling plants, compression stations, refineries, steam lines, and much more than that.

ASTM A106 seamless pressure pipe is usually utilized as a part of oil and gas refineries, boilers, petrochemical plants, power plants, and ships as in this case, the piping must bring fluids and gases that show elevated temperatures and pressure levels.

General Characteristics ASTM A106 pipes:

ASTM A106 pipes are black carbon steel pipe and available in 3 grades A, B, and C of varying strength. This is even the most popular grade of carbon steel. Surface finish standards are outlined in the specification.

ASTM A106 pipes are made by such special seamless procedure that makes it suitable for flanging, twisting, and coiling, and similar forming operations. Because of this reason, we can measure the versatility of these types of pipes. In sizes, less than 2" is internally coated A106 Steel Pipe usually produced as a cold drawn product.

NPS 1-1/2 and under may be either hot finished or cold drawn. NPS 2 and larger shall be hot finished unless otherwise specified. Surface finish standards are designed according to the requirement.

Even though you can procure Grades A and B in various sizes and schedule numbers, however, ASTM A106 pipes allow higher carbon and manganese contents. High-pressure, high-heat service environments put added stress on the pipe so that the A106 pipe can be used in those situations and there is less chance of failure under stress.

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