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Some Modern Detectors Used To Detect Counterfeit Money:

January 22, 2020 by David Cowell  



Forging and counterfeiting of money is a deceiving act and a serious threat to a country’s economy. Detection of counterfeited money is not something which can be neglected. Fortunately, development has made it a bit easier task to identify counterfeit bills and fake money and transmute counterfeit security measures. There are many modern detection techniques including digital image processing which is very effective and mostly used approach to distinguish counterfeit money from genuine bills.


Counterfeit money detectors are a type of machine and are available in market in many different forms. If you are a business man and accepting cash on your workplace then it is good for you to invest in counterfeit detectors. These detectors use several methods to detect counterfeited money such as UV, metal thread detection and visibility of watermarks. A quality detecting machine must use more than one method of detection to spot a counterfeit bill as it will be able to verify the detection process. Some best and modern detectors of counterfeit bills are:


Royal Sovereign detector is a most versatile detector and identifies counterfeit money in four distinctive ways. It detects phony bills from micro-print, watermarks, magnetic and ultraviolet fields. It is easy to transport it as it is light in weight and manageable in size. It also have U.S security chart guide to guide you if you are still confuse after detecting it through all 4 available methods.


AccuBanker LED420 is a detecting device which uses LED technology combining both UV and white lights. It identifies counterfeit bills and credit cards also. This device also checks the size of note which is its additional security measure. The white light is used to check watermarks on the bills. Its LED bulbs are long lasting. Before this, some detectors were available with same sort of technology but they required changing of lamps frequently. This device is also easy to use.


To check more amount of money immediately, we require a detector with potentially high speed. Cassida Instacheck Counterfeit detector is available in the market and work with a very high speed. It is fitted inside with some databases which it uses in detection process. You only need to insert the cash inside and device will give you a pass or fail result promptly. In this device, a battery is also given and can be used when you want to use it somewhere away from your cash store.


Detection pens are also available in the market. Drimark duel test have a pen that have all features of detecting counterfeit pens and have a UV light. This light is used to detect genuine paper and some security strips in U.S currency. They claim that this pen will also identify bleached bills.


Magnifying glasses comes with Notesheild Counterfeit bill detector kit. Magnifying glass is used to spot the security micro printing. These kits also have pen and a light and also a booklet which will guide you in detection of counterfeit bills. This was the description of some commonly used detectors in the market although a lot others are also available.



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