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How can I set up SBCGlobal email on Mac

January 23, 2020 by selena william  

SBCglobal.net email settings play a major role in helping users to configure and set up their email account on different devices having different email clients. If you have been facing problems with both ingoing and outgoing mails, you will have to set up both the SBCGlobal IMAP settings as well as AT&T. Besides, there are different devices, and each one of them has a different setup procedure. Are you looking for the correct steps to setup SBCGlobal email on your Mac? Well, have a look below to know the detailed instructions to set up SBCGlobal email on Mac. If you do not have enough time to read and understand the blog, you can simply connect with the techies at Sbcglobal customer care numberand they will tell you a more straightforward process of completing the process. 

Set up SBCGlobal email on   Mac:

üVisit your MAC Settings

üHit on ‘Account’ option available under Mail & contact tab

üSelect ‘Add New Account’ option

üProvide your email address with SBCGlobal domain name as well as password for authorization

üTap on ‘Next,’ and you will find a new window appearing on your screen

üYou are required to select your account as POP or POP3.

üThen, type “inbound.SBCglobal.net” in the server hostname

üYou will have to provide relevant login credentials

üNow, enter “outbound.SBCglobal.net” in the server hostname

üAgain, you need to provide your email address with SBCGlobal Domain name as well as password

üFinally, click on ‘Next’ and Save the SBCglobal.net Email Settings on your Mac.

If you have accurately implemented all the instructions provided in the blog above, you will be done with the setup process of SBCGlobal on Mac. In case you require additional help, be free to contact Sbcglobal tech supportwhere our technical team is available to provide expert guidance regarding SBCGlobal set up process on Mac. These professionals are there round-the-clock to help you get rid of any issues that have been bothering you.

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