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Production Monitoring | Factoryworx

January 24, 2020 by FactoryWorx  

Production Monitoring

  • Automated inventory monitoring: Use of AI removes manual inventory control. AI helps to automatically to keep track of inventory purchase and optimization processes. Also if any inventory tools need repair or a repurchase, AI will send an automatic notification about the needed repurchase.  With AI’s pin pointed and precise results tracking becomes easier as it eliminates the errors that occur in manual tracking.
  • Achieving industrial efficiency: A number of AI enabled machines are improving production monitoring efficiency. AI soft wares and applications are aiding manufacturers to monitor quantities of raw materials, production time, temperatures needed in each step of production, errors, downtime, repair time, automatically. 
  • Meeting customer demands: Due to manual tracking, manufacturers miss out important items to count. AI helps in automated real time monitoring and regulation of the inventory assets.  AI automated machineries help manufacturers in improved supply to customers and plan production as per the customer needs. AI helps customers in letting them know the correct information about any product. The inventory management solution of AI bends the inventory levels as per the customer expectations change. This helps in cost reduction, improving repair control and resulting in an efficient inventory and production monitoring.

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