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Singapore Simple Linear Regression; Which Are the Basic Plots you can draw Using R Studio?

February 17, 2020 by Rprogrammingassignmenthelp  

Drawing a comprehensive graph is a central aim, especially if you are doing analysis. R studio is the main component you require when you are dealing with linear regression. It holds exclusive features to display your information graphically. For you to have perfect graphs, you need to know basic commands in R for plotting. For any plot, you need to have knowledge of how to enter different data types. That needs not only knowledge on this package but in-depth comprehension of how to control different functions. You need to master how to use two different datasets with defined variables to draw any plot. Below-mentioned is some basic plots you can draw using R studio for your analysis.  

üStrip charts. This is a basic type of a plot variable you can do with R.  Each data is presented in terms of boxes. To come up with a perfect strip chart, use strip chart command.

üHistograms. In many analyses, a histogram is inescapable. R studio can plot your data using your frequencies to give a specific range. To get the best, you can specify the number of breaks you need by using breaks options.  

üBox plots. This plot enables you to view the median, quantiles of your dataset. 

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