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i13.co.in – The best tool to create house plan online

February 18, 2020 by Glain max  

Nowadays every client can become an “architect” in kitchen design or in home renovation. Numerous house planning tools help here, some of which are even freely accessible on the Internet free of charge. Of course, your own know-how and the possibilities of such House Construction planning programs are very limited, but you are no longer solely dependent on the services of professional architects and can plan and visualize your own house step by step.

A large selection of house planning tools:

On the Internet, you can quickly find a variety of more or less professional house planning tools. In general, they can be divided into two groups: online house planning tools, which can only be operated via an Internet browser, and offline house planning programs, which must be installed on the hard drive of a computer.

At i13.co.in, we help you to 
create house plan online.

Online home planning tools:

The internet-based 
simple house design tools are usually sufficient for the simple design of individual house plans for private use. With these house planning programs it is certainly not possible to create professional house visualizations, the online house planning tools are definitely perfect for the first feeling for the visualization of the house and the spatial conditions inside and outside. 

Most of them are very intuitive to use and give the user a sufficient basis of control options. In addition to the precise 
architectural design plans, online planning tools can usually also be used to visualize simple 3D house projects.

In terms of price, online house planning tools are usually very attractive. The basic version of the internet-based house planning software is often even offered free of charge. 

The original versions are mostly limited and do not allow a lot of scopes, but you can get additional practical features for an additional charge. With the additional functions, every client can plan and visualize their own house individually.

Advantages of online house planning tools:

simple house design tools on the Internet are particularly recommended for every private house planner because of the following features:

- Free basic versions - very practical for the first non-binding software test
- Manageable license costs, even with well-equipped premium versions
- No installation effort
- Regardless of the operating system - work possible via Windows, Mac, and Linux
- PC, tablet, smartphone (partly via mobile apps)
- Accessible from various locations - from home, office or on the go
- Simple and intuitive operation
- Numerous libraries with the equipment elements (including furniture, household appliances, etc.)
- Access to finished house plans and house galleries