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Reasons to Create a Drupal 8 Website Support and Maintenance Plan

February 20, 2020 by IDS Logic  

Drupal 8 was released a few years back and since then it has been a topic of discussion because of its outstanding features. Several businesses have upgraded to the latest version while there are many who are planning for an upgrade. The new features offer a lot of benefits to all the website stakeholders and it offers a significantly better authoring environment and great improvements for the developers and site builders.

If you are still facing a doubt whether to go for a Drupal 8 upgrade and maintenance, then here are some reasons that will justify it and make it an excellent business decision.

Superior architecture:

Drupal 8 migrations have a superior architecture and it comes with better functionalities when compared to its predecessors. The CMS has a built in QYSIWYG editor that allows the users to edit and preview the content. It also comes with an in place editor that facilitates the editing of content, menus in the same page and blocks. With a Drupal maintenance plan, you can now easily upgrade to the latest version and avail the latest functionalities.

A more secure CMS: 

Drupal 8 has come up with many website security patches and the core modules have a much higher level of scrutiny than the contributed modules of the community. This means that the functionalities have a much stricter review process before they are added to the platform. Hiring a Drupal maintenance company in India will help you to update the critical security patches through their long term support program.

High performance personalization:

Personalized content has become an effective content marketing tool that helps to improve business revenues. Though the previous versions of Drupal offered various modules that support web content personalization features, the new version is better. It comes with the BigPipe module that allows the segregation of the pages into various segments that can be easily rendered as they get cached. This brings great improvement in the performance of the site.

Third party integration support:

There is always a probability that new modules or extensions might not fit in the template that you have in place. It is here that you might need a professional help to prevent any data loss or save delicate business hours. Being a newbie in the market, it is better to avail a professional agency support and look for the right maintenance model so that it is the most economical approach to website maintenance.

Prevent any out of the blue functionality failures:

Button disabilities, payment gateway crashes, content updating issues are just the tip of the iceberg and you may have much more on your site depending on the type of business you have. The service level agreement is customizable based on the needs and the emergency support can help to save from any damage. Integrating any functionalities that are not compatible with your Drupal website may cause great failures. To save from all these hassles, it is a good idea to hire a Drupal support and maintenance service provider.

Disaster recovery plan:

Disaster recovery has always been considered as an expensive policy, but this is the best form of damage control in case of natural calamities or any accidents.  The support and maintenance plan comprises of the plan that ensure minimal disruption to the operations when it is about the visitor’s base and data of the website.


There are numerous factors that needs to be considered when deciding to upgrade to Drupal 8 and avail a regular website support and maintenance plan. Drupal 8 comes with advanced features and a regular maintenance plan can help you get the best out of these features.