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Is a Combi Boiler Safe? Know How!

February 21, 2020 by Billy Boyle  



A combination or combi boiler is the one the combines the functions of a heating device as well as a hot water supply. Built with the purpose of minimizing the cost of operation and purchase, these combi boilers are increasingly popular in demand and make up for an easy buy for every income group of people.


Currently more than half of the domestic boilers used are the combi boilers which are advantageous in a number of ways. Quite undeniably, the features of a traditional boiler have been greatly modified to suit the needs of various demands of people and conglomerating them into one device has been the apt solution.


So, what are the popular advantages that are adding up to the beneficial nature of combi boilers?


Advantages of a combi boiler


The combi boilers Glasgow has the following list of benefits associated with them.


1.Compact size


Combining two devices into one greatly reduces the overall size of the equipment, thereby reducing the occupied space in your house. You can easily eliminate the need for large water tanks or heating units. These combi boilers take up very little space in your kitchen unlike conventional boilers.


2.Faster operation


Herein, you get access to hot water comparatively faster in comparison to other water heaters. You no longer have to wait for the cylinder to heat up and then heat the water. Combi boilers heat water instantly on-demand and provide the same.


3.Easily serviceable


With the rising popularity of the combi boiler, the service associated with their servicing has also improved. Every repair engineer is now skilled and trained with the necessary skillset for rendering quality services relating to combi boilers.


4.Improved efficiency


Replacing the old boilers with brand new combi boilers Glasgow is likely to take up the performance of such heating systems. You can expect a surge in efficiency by about 90% provided that the boilers receive a steady flow of water for their functioning. Usually, slower water flow can damage the operability of the same.




A combination of all the advantages mentioned above is likely to bring the overall cost of the equipment significantly. The compact size and a combination of two separate devices are the most contributing factors towards the lowering of cost. Also, the maintenance charges are greatly reduced due to their enhanced efficiency in functionality.


6.Cleaner system


Lastly, the chances of accumulation of unwanted sludge and debris are also highly reduced in a combi boiler. Due to the absence of a tank in the middle of the water inlet and outlet, there is no scope of water storage which often leads to the accumulation of tiny debris. The water here directly comes from the water source and then passes through the device to provide hot water.


In a nutshell, the combi boilers have emerged as a boon for the households who had to spend on both heating devices and a water heater. With the advancement in technicalities, it is expected to grab the market largely in the coming years too.