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The traditional management mode for the procurement

February 27, 2020 by mingjipcrtubea  

In the traditional R & D management model, it is often difficult pcr tube and plate to fully share data, and the work process is not clear and transparent. l Data utilization: Efficient retrieval of historical data, support for data mining, can summarize and analyze experimental data collected in real time l Collaboration and sharing: Through the system's built-in workflow reversal and approval functions, it can promote project management, chemical synthesis, analysis and testing Wait for collaboration between departments The sharing of data effectively improves work efficiency.

The traditional management mode for the procurement, storage, and receipt of materials management test materials can easily lead to extremely inconvenient reagent searches, long procurement cycles, uncontrollable reagents, and difficult storage and receipt of reagents, resulting in serious waste of resources and significant R & D efficiency. It supports APP real-time data acquisition, voice-to-text, photo taking, instrument connection, and automatic data upload server. The lack of laboratory materials to effectively manage the procurement, storage, and collection of test materials. Integrity: Digital signatures and audit trails to meet GXP requirements for data integrity.

Through the iLabPower R & D and innovation platform, scientists can obtain data at any time and use the analysis and modeling tools of the MaxFlow intelligent platform for mathematical modeling. Efficient digital innovation platform.

Processing module, strict registration approval release process, flexible approval process, establish a standardized private compound knowledge base for chemical pharmaceutical R & D institutions: l System collaboration-Interoperability with EDM and other systems to achieve cross-system one-click registration l Flexible template-self Define biological test data templates to meet the needs of different organizations l Data analysis-flexible custom view function to facilitate multi-dimensional data analysis l Improve efficiency-Promote the automatic flow of information between synthesis and testing departments, improve collaboration efficiency By integrating the project management system ( PM), experimental data management system (EDM),