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Stop the Madden 20 mobile phone cheating for coins

January 30, 2020 by poecurrency  

My friend and I have been playing Madden mobile for many years, but we have a problem cheating. Especially this year. We have realized that you have enabled a way to prevent spam, which is great, but there must be a way to prevent cheating. I'm in a league that's 25 to 20. Above us are all cheaters, so we can't really improve ourselves. We know we should be there because we just beat the top non cheating League "mobile goonz Legendz" and are beating them again. If EA can stop cheating, then an alliance like ours will be at the top of their league. If you want your league to have a good choice on the leaderboard, please sign.

All users know that EA cheated in speeding this season. Why? I can score 1500 points in a game of someone 500 points better than me and 500 points in a team 300 points weaker than me. Are you lazy to fix games just to make MUT Coins?

It's ridiculous. That's why you keep losing loyal users.

Buy MUT 20 Coins

It's not a bad thing. This is a code or algorithm that has been put into the game to make things more "competitive" or similar to $1 +.

EA won't even admit it's farce and unfair, let alone solve it.

We shouldn't fight your robot.

Delete them, it deceives us.

These teams improve the players as if they were playing and making money. To be sure, this is not the case.

Statistics don't exist, they're nowhere to be found in the game except for speeding.

As far as I know, "robot" is the image version of real players, so if the mirrored people promote the players (possibly at this stage of promotion), they will also appear in the second team.

PoE Blight Currency: Crimson Oil

November 19, 2019 by poecurrency  

What is Crimson Oil?

Crimson Oil is a PoE Blight currency. Oil Tier: 8. Stack Size: 10. Drop Level: 60

How to use Crimson Oil?

It can be combined with other Oils at Cassia to Enchant Rings or Amulets, or to modify Blighted Maps. Shift-click to unstack.

How to get Crimson Oil?

It can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes: 

3x Violet Oil = 1x Crimson Oil

Crimson Oil Upgrade Vendor Recipes:

3x Crimson Oil = 1x Black Oil

How to buy POE currency?

It depends on whether you are a smart guy, of course, choosing an experienced path of exile currency seller is also important. You know, I always buy from vhpg, it's an old mmo gold store, and they can deal with all things you may meet when buying poe currency. By the way, there are so many players buying currency for Path of Exile, so you can do the same.

PoE Currency and The type of Path of Exile

October 18, 2019 by poecurrency  

Path of Exile is a Dialog like game and PoE currency is the main gold. It uses Orbs such as Orb of Chance, Orb of Alchemy, etc.
Diablo ARPG game is commonly known as 2.5D game (2.5D is an unscientific but popular name, such as 2.5D online games, 2.5D mobile phone surface screen, etc., not scientific but so many people, don’t be true ). ARPG is ACT+RPG, an action role-playing game.
The game uses MF (brush equipment) as the main game fun, and in this kind of game, the equipment is often based on affixes, and has a very large equipment design system (such as Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Terror Dawn, Titan Tour, Qin Lan, etc. These are all in this series), so this kind of game is often complicated, and it belongs to the complicated game that few people like. The general MMORPG online game also has an equipment system, such as strengthening the creation, but it will tend to be more popular and popular, not like DiabloLike. (Dark games, proprietary words) games are more core and niche. POE (Path of Exile) has a more complex skill system talent system, which belongs to a more core niche game – but indeed, if you like this type, you will highly appreciate its complexity.
Brush game with brush equipment as the main target, there is often a paradox: equipment collection efficiency is fast, that is to say, the set drop rate is high, then the player equipment graduation time comes quickly, and the equipment graduated, there is no more to continue to Brush the target and power of the equipment; the equipment collection efficiency is slow, that is, set a low drop rate, then the player brush for a long time, mechanically and repeatedly brushing, tired and still have no good things, not a few months A piece of equipment that can update the equipment or The Bargain, then the player will not buy it. If you have valuable items, you can sell for Poe currency such as Chaos Orb or Exalted Orb.
This paradox refers to Diablo 3, the early D3 (before version 2.0) designer made a serious mistake, designed a slag drop and slag random equipment system known as “the player can never be equipped with graduation” as if they can not update the game once and for all. However, the player MF is very painful, and he can’t brush a piece of things that can be seen for a few months. It’s all rubbish and white, and he won’t buy it. The late D3 (after the 2.1 version) is overkill, so that the drop rate is too high, the player’s graduation period is too fast, and quickly lost the game goal – although the design of the big secret to providing players with post-game challenges But leaving the soul of DiabloLike game MF, is still a small number of people willing to play, most people still choose AFK. In addition, the smart drop (the item that allows the player to drop only his own occupation) is also designed to be fixed and dead, rather than a switch, so that it is a good thing for the player to always use his own professional equipment when starting the wasteland, but let the last time do nothing. Even the trumpet to other equipment to brush equipment can not do. So the formation of a situation: quickly get the equipment, then the character’s game life will be over.
Due to the above reasons, such brush games often have to use the method of diligent update to continuously provide new content to attract players. In addition, the season mode is often used, that is, players are encouraged to participate in the season, that is, they all choose to re-open the land, and constantly give up the original graduation role to enthusiasm to the new role.
The advantage of the season mode is to solve the paradox of the brush game to a certain extent so that players have new land reclamation goals after graduation (especially POE, a particularly complicated system, allowing players to experience various genres without breaking the wild card).
The downside is also obvious. ARPG is also an element of RPG. RPG is a role-playing game. This kind of game is a bizarre and exciting experience that allows players to enter the game characters and make them feel uncomfortable in a boring and simple real life. Change it from the game to experience it. However, if the game adopts the season mode, then the player just puts in a relationship to a character, carefully builds a genre, and after a while is forced to change the number to re-play other characters, and eventually, the player will not devote feelings to each character. Then gradually get tired of constantly practicing the new number.
In short, the brush game is an obvious advantage (experienced to drop the random gambling sensation, satisfy the research desire, the game’s rhythm is faster than the MMORPG game. It is not like the ACT game, it can be used for technical operations, you can play it in pieces and not use it. Ink with MMORPG), but the shortcomings are also obvious (see above) to the core of the game to the niche.

How to sell PoE currency items through PoE Trade

October 18, 2019 by poecurrency  

If you want to sell items for PoE currency, you must first buy the market page, otherwise, you won’t be able to hang the Bargain. When you buy the market page, you get a page of the market page, which can be used for the entire season and will need to be re-purchased next season. Every day you need to manually renew it to prevent the city from concentrating on the “dead items” that AKF players have on the shelves. It doesn’t require 2000 points per day.

1. buy:
First, the current character needs to reach level 40. At the current market, it is easy to buy dark gold equipment and currency, and choose the big type – small type directly.  Path of Exile How is The Bargain selling things? Market Quick Search Tips
Search for keywords again.
Yellow equipment is relatively complicated, to accurately understand the attributes that you need. Multiple attributes can be accurately searched by spaces.

2. Sell:
It’s much easier to buy things, first add a field after level 40. After dragging the item from the package into the market, right-click on the note or directly select the price to wait for the person to come to buy.

Be sure to see the currency values ​​given by the bidder when The Bargain is not to be induced by words to avoid irreparable damage.

PoE Apprentice Cartographer's Seal Guide

July 31, 2019 by poecurrency  

About Apprentice Cartographer's Seal

Apprentice Cartographer's Seal is a poe currency item that uncompletes a white map (tier 1 to 5) on the Atlas of Worlds.

This item is one of three variations of the Cartographer's Seal: Apprentice Cartographer's Seal, Journeyman Cartographer's Seal, and Master Cartographer's Seal.

How to use Apprentice Cartographer's Seal?

It Uncompletes a white map on the Atlas. Right click this item then left click a white map on the Atlas to apply it. Shift click to unstack.

How to get Apprentice Cartographer's Seal?

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

1x Apprentice Cartographer's Seal = vendor 1x Orb of Scouring + 3x Apprentice Cartographer's Sextant

Apprentice Cartographer's Seal Price

The price of Apprentice Cartographer's Seal is 5 Chaos Orbs.

Three Faces in the Dark - 3 Chaos Orbs Divination Card

July 31, 2019 by poecurrency  

Three Faces in the Dark is a divination card. A set of seven can be exchanged for three PoE Chaos Orbs Currency.

7x Three Faces in the Dark = 3x Chaos Orb

How to get Three Faces in the Dark in PoE?

This item can be acquired in the following areas:

Arsenal Map. Map Level: 76. Map Tier: 9

Factory Map. Map Level: 75. Map Tier: 8

The Grain Gate. It is an area in Act 8. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Quay and The Imperial Fields.

The Imperial Fields. It is an area in Act 8. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Grain Gate and The Solaris Temple.

The Marketplace. It is an area in Act 3. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Sewers (in the past The Market Sewers and The Warehouse District), The Catacombs and The Battlefront.

The Refinery. It is an area in Act 9. This area does not have a waypoint and is connected to The Quarry.

PoE Blacksmith's Whetstone Farming Guide

July 31, 2019 by poecurrency  

What is Blacksmith's Whetstone?

A Blacksmith's Whetstone is a poe currency item that can be used to improve the quality of a weapon. Each whetstone applied to a weapon will increase its quality by up to 5% depending on its rarity.

How to use Blacksmith's Whetstone in PoE?

It improves the quality of a weapon. Right click this item then left click a weapon to apply it. Has greater effect on lower rarity weapons. The maximum quality is 20%. Shift click to unstack.

One can trade Hargan 8 Blacksmith's Whetstones in exchange for a Glassblower's Bauble. One can also sell a Blacksmith's Whetstone to any vendor for 4 Scrolls of Wisdom.

Blacksmith's Whetstone Farming

1. Blacksmith's Whetstones can be obtained from slain enemies or purchased from some vendors. Greust in the Forest Encampment and Hargan in The Sarn Encampment will sell a Blacksmith's Whetstone in exchange for three Armourer's Scrap. Blacksmith's Whetstones may also be obtained from Artisan's Strongboxes.

2. One can sell any weapon with 20% quality to any vendor in exchange for a Blacksmith's Whetstone.

3. One can sell any number of weapons whose total quality is at least 40% to any vendor in exchange for a Blacksmith's Whetstone.

Blacksmith's Whetstone Price

The price of Blacksmith's Whetstone is $0.53/100.