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The Cost of Subtitling Translation

November 1, 2019 by Jackfroz  

Generally, the video subtitling services are processes that involve translation of the audio-visual file. Translation and subtitles also comprise on its intrinsic parameters, rules, and qualifications.Translation and subtitling rates basically begin with a minimum cost of $7 per minute for a regular video. Subtitling translation rates usually come in a range of $3 to $10 which may always vary.

Subtitling translation rates per mode of delivery:

For some translation service providers like the Vanan Online Services, they usually depend on following mode of delivery with specific subtitling translation rates.

 Normal Turnaround Time

The normal turnaround time for audio video files with a length of less than 30 minutes is 4 hours or below. Subtitling translation rates may vary depending on the length of the file and the turnaround time for delivery. The longer the file, the greater the delivery time it may take.

 Bulk Orders

Usually, bulk orders for most translation companies start from 10 to 20 hours. For this translation delivery mode, the delivery and the subtitling translation rates may be based on 48 to 72 hours. Moreover, accelerated service charge may also be applied appropriately.

 Rush Turnaround Time

 In case the delivery is urgently needed, the rush translation process may apply. More so,   subtitling translation rates may also have an increment. This usually takes around 3-4 hours of     delivery onwards. Additionally, the rates may also depend on the speakers’ headcount.

Factors that may affect the rate of subtitling translation


For an additional day of subtitling process, the rate may increase. That’s why it is important to     provide an adequate timeline based on the comprehensiveness of the task.

2. File capacit

As mentioned earlier, the rate of subtitling may have an increment in case      the file capacity is a little bit   higher.

3. Subject

Easily understandable audio video file may have lower rates of subtitling. Meanwhile, in case the file contains specialized languages and technical words, expect for a little increment.


The quality of the sound and visual effects should be good enough to maintain the standard rates.