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The Designer Experience Fashion Show

September 14, 2017 by lankingful  

You may have been to fashion shows before but you’ve never been to one like this. Barry Wooley Designs and Louisville Bespoke will be turning style upside down, inside out and over the top.

The Designer Experience Fashion Show will feature Louisville’s trend-setting fashion designers and their latest creations. Fashions will be curated by Louisville Bespoke, a community atelier for emerging and established Louisville fashion designers.

“At the show, we will bring together designers to highlight the incredible talent we have in this city,” says Yamilka Rodriguez, founder of Louisville Bespoke. “Several local designers have garnered national attention while others are beginning to have a presence in the world of fashion. Louisville Bespoke is an incubator for them to share ideas, resources and a support system. The Designer Experience Fashion Show will be a one of a kind night at which guests can see their work and meet the designers.”

An experiential fashion environment will also showcase interior design that’s making headline news. Wooley’s homescape of interior design will spark guests’ imagination for turning a home into a haven of personality and pizazz. “Fashion and interior design go hand in hand. Very often interior design reflects what’s happening on the runways of New York, Paris and Milan. The show will marry fashion and interior design at one of fall’s most exciting events,” Wooley says.

Throughout the store you’ll see what’s trending for the home in color, furniture, area rugs, lighting and accessories. You might even be able to pick up some design tips from Wooley, an interior designer who’s a frequent guest on television talk shows and who’s extensively covered in print media.

The event will benefit The Anchal Project, a Louisville organization that supports women artisans in the developing world.

Fashion designers to be featured are Ian Schuler of SLW Atelier; Lisa Kahl-Hillerich of RoxyNell; Christine Robey of Barenaked Leather; Sarah Havens of Sarah Havens Millinery; Steve and Melissa Steurer of Steurer & Co.; Victoria Lea of Victoria Kazue; Matt Multerer of Finespun Clothing; Elizabeth Peake of Handmade by Peake; Annie St. Clair of A. St. Clair and Colleen and Maggie Clines of Anchal Project.

In addition to the bling and bedazzle of fashion and home décor, four star chefs will offer tastings. This will be your chance to get to know them and taste for yourself why their restaurants have helped make Louisville one of the hottest culinary scenes in the country. Joining in the fun will be Chef Bobby Benjamin of Butchertown Grocery, Chef Colter Hubsch of Buck’s, Chef Patrick Roney of Harvest and Chef Roland Wong of Tea Station Chinese Bistro.Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses/a> | black bridesmaid dresses

Wear your Expression

September 11, 2017 by lankingful  

There is no holding back this season. Say it like you mean it as slogan T-shirts have been all the rage this season!A bold movement on behalf of several international designers, these wordy T-shirts are making the rounds in the fashion circles since New York Fashion Week in spring this year, making this a political movement as well.

The trend has been adopted just as well by celebrities including international stars, Emily Rajatkowski, Kendall Jenner and ever our very fashionistas Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and the lot, who have made a choice to put what we're all thinking out there. Designer Deepta Raghunath says, “This trend stormed in the US markets and has now made its way it to the Indian market after its booming in the runways. It’s cool trendy and peppy, it gives out fun and political messages. This is absolutely perfect for youth as there is a tinge of satirical humour in the slogans as well.

The visual T-shirt has given a lot of important movements especially feminism, the rightful branding it needed. We do live in an ultra-expressive age. Everyone wants to be seen or heard. Tongue-in-cheek statements make this such a fun trend and it makes perfect sense as well to be tactful and sharp. Aswathi Balakrishnan, a fashion blogger says, “This I really amazing because T-shirts are so comfortable to wear. These slogan T-shirts gives a wholesome definition to the entire outfit. It’s basic but also quite stylish, keeping things to the point. What you choose to portray is very subjective and really depends on how you feel or think.”

This is indeed quite a massive reflection of our contentious tweet-all culture, because there really are no limits to how we can express ourselves. The blatant nature of this trend is somehow not tacky as the words have been chosen carefully.

Nilu Thapa, a fashion blogger says, “They are a nice way to make a statement and I believe that one should carry off outfits with slogans that they personally believe in and not because a particular slogan is trending. For example, there is a top that says ‘We Should All Be Feminists’, but not everyone believes in it and I believe the ones who wear something like this should actually be a feminist to defend any discussion that arises from this topic.”Read more at:short formal dresses | long formal dresses

Lindy Klim is juggling roles of mum-to-be and fashion icon

September 8, 2017 by lankingful  

“I feel huge and it’s a total different ball game dressing when you’re pregnant,’’ said Klim, who is due with her fourth child in December.

“It’s important for me to look stylish and not come across too mumsy or pregnant.

“Fashion has always been my thing, I’ve been in the industry for a very long time and I’ve got some exciting things coming up next year.”

Klim has been announced as Westfield Doncaster’s fashion authority for Spring Summer 17, along with stylist Lana Wilkinson.

On Saturday they will launch a lifestyle lounge which will be set-up as part of Westfield’s national Fashion Weekend activation.

“Hopefully Lana will find some nice big clothes for me,’’ Klim said.

“I love shopping and it’s spring now so summer is coming up and it’s a perfect time of year to revamp your wardrobe. Westfield Doncaster do a lot of things to get people excited about shopping again and with colours for the season.”

Klim, who is engaged to Adam Ellis, is still working out her plan for the baby’s arrival.

“I still haven’t thought that far ahead as I’ve had quite a bit of work on,’’ she said.

“I’m still workin out plans for what I’m doing so at this stage I’m still not 100 percent sure, things keep moving around for me. But it’s exciting.”Read more at:plus size formal dresses | short formal dresses

Tauranga teen wins young designer of the year

September 5, 2017 by lankingful  

(Photo:formal dresses melbourne)

Cartoon-character inspired menswear and a nature-themed headband has won a Tauranga teenager the title of New Zealand Supreme Young Designer of the Year.

Zoe Beck's fashion designs were showcased alongside top Kiwi designers last week after the 17-year-old earned selection into the NZ Graduate Show as part of NZ Fashion Week 2017.

The Year 13 Tauranga Girls' College student collected a scholarship to NZ Fashion Design Tech in either Wellington or Auckland as part of her supreme award win.Ms Beck was named the overall winner of the head wear section with her fashion headpiece created with New Zealand ferns, flowers and sequined birds.

She also won the Fashion Inspired by a Fantasy Character category with her minion-inspired menswear suit which was showcased in Fashion Week's Walk the Line show.

Ms Beck said winning the supreme award was unexpected.

"Everyone there had amazing designs, techniques and sewing skills, it was crazy they picked me," she said.

"As my outfit was really out there, I knew they would of either loved it or hated it, and they loved it."

The talented teen was also approached by the judges and offered advanced placement, giving her automatic entry into the Otago Fashion Design School.

Ms Beck said studying at Otago Fashion Design School would be beneficial for her future and was hopeful for the opportunity to be picked up by some of the industry's top designers.

"It also gives me a chance to work with colours and textures a bit more, not like I would get to do when I am at home."

NZ Fashion Design Tech chief executive and judge Val Marshall-Smith said judges were impressed with the sophistication of Ms Beck's designs.

"There were a number of other entries but hers was a standout," she said.

"The reason it was stand out was because it fit the brief and the level of detail and thought that had gone into creating her designs was quite exceptional for one so young."

She said NZ Fashion Design Tech scholarship had seen young designers travel to India for a six-week scholarship and offered opportunities for them to shine in the fashion world.

Walk the Line show organiser Matt Goldsbury said Ms Beck's minion menswear design stood out from the others because of its point of difference.

"No-one had seen a suit with that design on it and the colours on it were very cool," he said.

"The detail in how it was made is what I think the judges liked. Up close, you could see the work that was put into it which was impressive."

Ms Beck's mother Donna Beck said the calibre of talent with young and emerging designers in New Zealand was "massive" and she was extremely proud of her daughter.

"[I am] thrilled her hard work, passion and creativity has been recognised at this level," she said.

"She certainly has some decisions to make but she has a bright and creative future ahead of her."Read more at:celebrity dresses

An artistic touch to vintage florals

September 1, 2017 by lankingful  

Czech artist Alphonse Mucha’s paintings ‘The Series’ and ‘The Flowers’ are celebrated for their colour palette and floral motifs in curvilinear patterns. Mucha’s work belongs to Art Nouveau period, blending Bohemian style with neo-classical themes. Imagine this reinterpreted in couture.

Dream Nouveau

Designer Varun Bahl presented his creations titled ‘Dream Nouveau’ at India Couture Week in New Delhi early this year. Now, Varun is taking it to well-heeled clientèle across the country that’s perpetually looking for something new for wedding trousseau and occasion wear.

In Hyderabad to promote his line at Elahe, Banjara Hills, Varun discloses that it’s the first time he turned to art for inspiration.

The fashion fraternity has courted vintage and floral themes many a time but Varun’s interpretation finds a meeting point with art and architecture. He was drawn to Alphonse Mucha’s paintings, pored over books, visited museums in Barcelona to observe the artist’s work and researched on translating it into cherished couture pieces. “It involved trial and error; the collection took six to seven months,” he says.

Art and architecture

Varun liked pretty much everything about Mucha’s paintings: “The motifs, colours, curves… the stems and flowers have a certain movement in his paintings and I could draw parallels to Gaudi’s (Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi) architectural forms. So, while others may have been inspired from vintage and floral themes, there’s a deep-rooted story behind my creations. I’m proud and happy with my work. This has been the most tedious collection so far,” he asserts.

Even at a time when wedding wear in India mostly meant deep tones for winter-festive creations, Varun never shied away from ivory and pastels. In this collection, lehengas, anarkalis and jackets come alive in mint green, ivory, rose pink and peaches. “A lot has changed from the buyer’s perspective. Black and navy blue, which were taboo for weddings, are now accepted. Ivory whites are a favourite...,” he laughs.

Varun has been in the industry for 12 years and seen the market open up. “I come from a family of garment exporters and grew up seeing clothes made, though not in this manner. Now I’m showing in every big city and living my dream. India is not an easy market; the customer is spoilt for choice — as a designer, to develop your own way of thinking and make your mark is hugely satisfying,” he says with pride. Patterns, prints and heavy, but appealing, embellishments are his forte. As part of this collection, Varun designed silk-net gowns with gathers; a few had 30-40 metres of fabric. “But the garments were feather-light. You could call it our secret technique,” he laughs.

Liberal use of thread embroidery and pearl embellishments mark this collection. There’s also a hint of badla. Each garment took the workforce four to five weeks to make. Like his peers, Varun is considering copyrighting his collections. “It’s not easy to do rip-offs of my work but I’ve seen a few being sold at one third the price,” he says. He isn’t sure if copyrights will end imitations. “It could help cut it down but the law is complicated. With 10 to 12 minor changes, someone can pass it off as their collection.”

A few years ago, most of the business for designers came from the wedding segment. In couture, little has changed, feels Varun. “The anarkalis and lehengas will always do well. Custom-made clothing is something we in India have always wanted for our festivals and weddings. The market for luxury pret has opened up and several designers are doing a great job,” he observes.

Eyeing luxury prêt

Team Varun Bahl is eyeing this luxury pret segment and will be venturing into it in 2018. “Luxury prêt is being sold at ₹15,000 to ₹20,000 which is still high for an average Indian. There’s scope for something more affordable,” he says.

While the business is good for women’s wear, Varun feels the growth in menswear is slow. A few years earlier, he had partnered with Karan Johar to launch menswear line defined by high quality cotton and clean lines. He brightens up talking about it, “Everything about that spelt quality; it was ahead of its time.”

Varun feels very few men experiment. “You’d find a couple of pale pinks and yellows in a man’s wardrobe mostly filled with blue, grey, white and black. Most of them will wear black shoes and belts, maybe big brands now,” he laughs.Read more at:pink formal dresses | orange formal dresses

Fitness and styling go hand in hand says stylist Bobby Sen

August 30, 2017 by lankingful  

Fitness and styling go hand in hand says stylist Bobby Sen
(Photo:cheap formal dresses)

For the event, Bobby Sen collaborated with designer Abhishek Ray to showcase how one has to dress in sync with the body type and the importance of styling.

Divya Himatsingka, Director of Skulpt said, “We have set a paradigm by actively advocating the value of health, as getting into shape is what makes us look good and improves our self-esteem. With this session, we are moving a step further and bringing together fitness and styling.”

With actor Gargi Roy Chowdhury as the show stopper, the event also saw participation from model and trekker Madhabilata Mitra, model Sonal and Ponds Femina Style Diva 2015 winner Ayesha Ghosh among women.

Among the men were model Mohammed Shabbir Baig, Elite Model Hunt 2017 winner Tufez Chauhan and model and actor Ravi Shaw of Zee Bangla 'Radha' fame.

In collaboration with designer Abhishek Ray, the interactive session was divided into three segments – with three sets of garments for each segment.

The first round had models draped in easy breezy Lounge Wear. The second round, with Club Wear as the theme, exhibited party wear. The third and final round was devoted to Festive Wear, which showcased Indian 'lehengas' as well as long dresses and gowns, said to be the trends this festive season.

Bobby Sen explained the importance of dressing in sync with the body type and the importance of styling, with live demonstrations on stage. He also spoke about the ongoing trends in styling and the role that fitness plays in shaping the body.

He said, “Skulpt has offered me the chance to showcase how far we have come in terms of fashion and styling and how we can apply that this festive season. This session is informative as well, where we will exhibit the role fitness plays and how we can get into shape.”Read more at:celebrity dresses

Fashion with Compassion Grips Dallas

August 25, 2017 by lankingful  

Female empowerment has been a viral fashion trend as of late – think Dior’s ubiquitous “We All Should Be Feminist” tee or local designer Smith II’s “Do Not Touch” collection – but a new Dallas fashion event is going a step further to help and empower women who need it most.

Fashion with Compassion is a charity fashion show which highlights talented Dallas designers while supporting local charities which fight against domestic violence.

The fashion show, which takes place September 9 at the Richardson Civic Center, will showcase exclusive new designs from seven top local designers.

One hundred percent of the proceeds will be split between Honeydrops Foundation and Women Called Moses, both of which are committed to preventing and ending the vicious cycle of violence against women and children. It’s an important cause for Kim Stephens-Olusanya, founder and curator of Fashion with Compassion, who was the victim of a violent attack in her youth.

“It is therefore an issue close to my heart which I have determined to do my part to prevent, and more importantly to help victims of domestic violence survive and thrive after their ordeal,” she says in a statement.

Designers including Abi Ferrin, Ese Azenabor, Levenity, Eaden Myles and Tawni Haynes will debut new pieces on the runway at Fashion with Compassion.

A recent winner of the FGI Rising Star Award, Azenabor is known for her ornate, hand beaded eveningwear. Her glamorous gowns have been worn by celebrities like Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child.

“We design for a very strong woman, very sure of herself, and very sure of the design as well,” Azenabor says.

With plunging necklines, flirty full skirts and striking silhouettes, Azenabor’s designs are fiercely feminine. She’ll show 12 new pieces at Fashion for Compassion.

“Women should be colorful, women should be bold, and sharp, and that’s what we’re presenting in this collection,” Azenabor says.

For Venny Etienne of Levenity, the fashion show is the perfect place to show his latest collection, titled “Womankind.”

“It reflects what’s going on in society – us having to fight for equality and feminism,” he says.

Levenity is modern, edgy sportswear. While Etienne usually gravitates towards an all-black color palette, the new collection incorporates crimson and trendy camo print in the streamlined pieces.

To Etienne, the clothing is all about empowerment.

“It does coincide very well with the cause of the fashion show,” he says. “The goal is the same thing – those who struggle with domestic violence need to know that there are people out there who are about empowerment and who are speaking against it,” he says.

Take a sneak peek at the designers’ runway-ready looks in the photo gallery above this story.Read more at:celebrity inspired dresses | cheap formal dresses online

Affordable Fashion, and the Best Style Advice She Ever Got

August 22, 2017 by lankingful  

Heidi Klum knows all about multi-tasking. As a supermodel, host, businesswoman, designer, and mom Klum is used to wearing many hats and she cultivates a style as versatile as she is. Whether she’s launching her photo collaboration with Rankin in glittering Marc Jacobs or heading to Good Morning America in slinky chartreuse Galvan, Klum maintains a personal wardrobe sexy and on trend and it’s a look she’s ready to share with the world. Launching a clothing collaboration, Esmara with German retailer Lidl Klum brings her perspective to the masses with a line of affordably priced statement pieces that dare wearers to try something new. “I am absolutely convinced that there are many women who would really like to wear or even try on a leopard suit,” says Klum. “For, let’s say, 500€ they probably won’t buy it, especially if they’re unsure [but] for around 35€ you’re like “Ok. Wow! Let’s just try it and see what happens!”

Mixing basics like tailored blazers, little black dresses, and white sneakers with flashier pieces like billowing caftans, and animal print covered blouses Klum aims to provide women with a busy schedule with a fresh range of options. “There are so many busy women who have to manage everything at once: job, kids, family, in a limited amount of time. I wanted to make it easy for them,” says Klum who wanted to bring wow factor and a welcome sense of enjoyment to a collection accessible to everyone. “For me fashion is fun and I would love for every woman to have fun with cool clothes.” Here, the supermodel shares her style rules and the best piece of fashion advice she ever got.

Rule 1: Fashion should make you feel empowered.

“My daily style answers an important question for me: “Which person do I want to be today?” The clothes I’m wearing lead me through my day and bring me into the mood I like to be in. It is kind of a game between the person I like to be and the person that woke up in the morning. I enjoy that very much because it shows the power and strength of fashion. I couldn’t live with an every-day-is-the-same kind of style. I am not the person from yesterday, am I? “

Rule 2: Look beyond the runway for inspiration.

“Music and art [are my sources of inspiration] Music triggers my brain and art pleases my eyes.”

Rule 3: Mix your prints.

“I think the leopard print is a new classic! Leopard is never out of style. It’s strong and wild and a little bit mysterious, like a modern woman should be. I think it’s a print that my mother would love to wear but also something I love to wear. Personally, I’d mix a floral print with my leopard jacket, and then maybe add something in a stripe. Because that’s what’s hot right now: print clashing.”

Rule 4: Put your best foot forward.

“[The best advice I ever received] is the motto a very good friend of mine, German designer Michael Michalsky gives at his shows when someone is asking for the dress-code of the evening: “Dress to impress!”

Rule 5: You can never go wrong with a great pair of jeans.

“My closet is full of jeans. And believe it or not: the jeans of my collection have become my faves! Because they are so comfortable! I love them. Besides the jeans [I love] high-heels and sneakers, white shirts, some of them men’s-style and a lot of crazy pieces I’m wearing time to time. I dress very colorfully nowadays and lots of print. My closet is too small I think!”Read more at:bridesmaid dresses | formal dresses brisbane

South African Fashion Runways

August 17, 2017 by lankingful  

There is little representation of plus-size fashion models on South Africa's runways currently. That's the view of budding plus-size fashion designer, Daniel Lyonga.

He was speaking to HuffPost SA ahead of the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week taking place in the next three days.

"There is definetely more room for growth. Your big fashion shows don't largely cater for different body types as they should. Fashion shows need to embody what a society looks like." said Lyonga.

Plus-size model coach and fashion show producer, Grace Ramasobane agreed. She said plus-size models in plus-size designs shouldn't only be a small feature, but a dominant presence -- reflecting the diversity of South African women.

Ramasobane is also of the opinion that some progress has been made in representing different body types on the country's fashion runways, but it is not nearly enough. "Size 36 is just a compromise by fashion heads in big shows. We want to see size 46 on a runway."

The former model believes a lack of understanding about the plus-size market may be influencing the types of models seen on runways. "You still hear people talk about plus-size models wasting design material. What does that mean?"

She explained that plus-size models need certain shoes, quality material on their bodies and need to be trained differently in how they walk -- which may be more work, but that does not mean they should be disqualified from prominent fashion shows.

Ramabosane called this puzzling as the plus-size model is such a lucrative market currently. "There's a reason why after we showcase plus-size designs at our local fashion shows, all clothes are soon sold out."

She commended local fashion shows like the Soweto Fashion show, for showcasing plus-size designs.Read more at:formal dresses | formal dresses brisbane

Sustainability to the fore at International Woolmark Prize

August 15, 2017 by lankingful  

Luxury fashion has an opportunity to influence the industry’s sustainability practices and educate the consumer from the top down, according to US-based ­designer Gabriela Hearst.

In Sydney to judge the Australian and New Zealand regional final of the International Woolmark Prize, Hearst said the collection of menswear winner Blair Archibald was a good example of how this “trickle-down effect” can be put into practice.

“I thought Blair’s collection was extremely on point,” said Hearst. “He also had a sustainable angle to it that I think is really ­important for the up-and-coming luxury consumer. It felt very luxurious, it was well finished and with a conscience.”

His collection included merino wool Australian army blankets from 1966, patchworked with a modern merino textile.

New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based Archibald believes designers have an opportunity in the sustainability arena. “We’re in a position as designers to have the potential to really inform people, and that’s a powerful message to get across,” he said. “It’s about reconfiguring the way fashion’s communicated as well, giving it some real substance and having a dialogue that’s honest.”

New Zealand label Harman Grubisa, by designers Madeleine Harman and Jessica Grubisa, won the womenswear segment of the prize. Its six-piece collection ­included a tailored check jacket and trousers and an embroidered tulle fabric.Read more at:formal dresses sydney | formal dresses melbourne