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Paris Hilton planning for baby next year

April 25, 2018 by lankingful  

Paris Hilton is planning to start a family as soon as she weds fiance Chris Zylka - and she's already picked out names for her future daughters.

The fashion designer, DJ, and hotel heiress became engaged to The Leftovers actor Chris in December (17), and although the couple had initially hoped to tie the knot before the summer (18), the pair has now settled on a winter wonderland wedding later this year.

"We're still trying to plan the date," the bride-to-be told Access Hollywood. "I wanted to do it before the summer... but I have so much work, so I wanna do like, a winter wedding."

Hinting the nuptials will take place on U.S. soil, she said, "I definitely want my family to be there, my grandfather, so I want it to be close to home."

And the 37-year-old won't be waiting to try for a baby, revealing she wants to become a mother next year (19), hopefully to "a little Paris".

"Or her name will be London," the socialite added to The Associated Press, indicating she would love her first child to be a daughter. "I've always wanted to be a mum."

Paris is excited to enter the next phase of her life after a number of broken engagements during her youth, and this time around, she is convinced Zylka is 'The One'.

"I've never felt happier. I've never felt like I'm in a better place," she gushed. "I finally feel like an adult. I'm loving life."

Despite her confidence in her relationship's longevity, Paris and Chris will have a prenuptial agreement in place.

In March (18), the actor revealed he was insisting on having the financial contract drawn up so his future wife's hard-earned cash will be protected in the event of a split.

"Any gentleman that's about to marry a very wealthy and well-established businesswoman wouldn't be a gentleman (if he didn't) bring up a prenup in the first place, so yes, of course we're gonna have one," he confided in X17 Online.Read more at:red formal dresses | formal dresses perth

Dear women, here are trending hairstyles and colours this summer season

April 16, 2018 by lankingful  

Style your hair with products that will retain moisture in your hair, and not strip your hair of its natural oils.
(Photo:cheap formal dresses online)

It is the season to play with your hair and experiment with the haircuts like bobs, lob and blobs. Colour your tresses in hues of coffee, gold, and sun kissed highlights, suggest experts. Samay Dutta, Director at Noir, and Agnes Chen, technical head of Streax Professional, have listed some of tips and trends:

* Summer is back and so are the short and stylish haircuts like bobs, lob and blobs (a bob and lob together), styled with fringes and layers and more blunt cuts. This season it is all going to be about short bobs or mid-length bobs, with waves and fringes giving an altogether new feel to the look.

* Balayage in the front-facing section is another new trend of colouring this spring. Caramel highlights is also a go-to trend this spring. Folks wanting to experiment with bold trends can opt for colours like nirvana blonde.

* Choose bold colours with confidence. Pick hues of coffee, gold, blonde, and sun kissed highlights. It’s the perfect way to lighten up your locks and keep it cool this season.

* To combat the harsh impact of the rays of the sun, use hair care products and masks that will protect and nourish your mane. It is essential to get your hands-on products packed with UV protection, especially given that the sun can not only reduce moisture but cause hair colour to fade.

* Style your hair with products that will retain moisture in your hair, and not strip your hair of its natural oils.

* Wear your hair in careless random waves and curls, it works very well in the scorching heat. That way, you need not worry about straightened hair getting wavy due to the sweat and grime. You can have luscious locks all along the way. Try these fun steps and get ready to have the most amazing summer mane this season.Read more at:short formal dresses

Speaking up about beauty, bullying and body hair

April 11, 2018 by lankingful  

Body hair is not only natural, it’s one of our defining characteristics as mammals. Before birth, we are all covered by a downy layer of hair known as lanugo. Most of us shed that hair by the time we are born. Later, we adopt societal beliefs about male and female body hair.

Conspicuous hair on the arms, legs and elsewhere on the female body, is largely considered undesirable and unattractive. More and more young women, however are making a personal and social statement by choosing not to remove sightly body hair.

Thursday marks the 6th annual “Day of Pink” — an international event against bullying and discrimination, especially relating to the LGBTQ community. The event will sprout nationwide conversations about social media behaviour, inclusivity, and acceptance along with gender constructs, body shaming and more.

For women with prominent body hair, these concepts are often entangled. While not LGBTQ-specific, it appears the dialogue about body hair is shifting among young adults who are questioning binary concepts of gender and challenging assumed beauty standards.

Jennifer Do, a Toronto-based cosmetics consultant now in her 30s, recalls her teen years and an awareness of the disparity between the dark hair that covered her forearms, and the smooth hairless bodies that she saw on television.

Advertisements devoid of women with visible body hair, encouraged the removal of “unwanted” hair with shaving, waxing and depilatory products. “Commercials made me believe I had to be hairless,” she said, along with the hurtful laughs and comments from peers and family during those years.

Do, together with model Markana Minor and fashion design student, Tiffani Colwell, are speaking up about body confidence and bullying in a new body positivity project created by Toronto artist, Chris Pieneman. Do, Minor and Colwell, who all identify as women with hairy arms, share their experiences in a series of online video stories.

Colwell, who endured name calling like “monkey” and “gorilla” in her youth, and who happens to identify as genderqueer, loves participating in this dialogue. “This is something I didn’t realize was a relatable experience. It’s definitely a valid conversation. We need to strive toward a culture where we are accepting of people’s bodies,” she says.

Last fall, sportswear company Adidas raised eyebrows with an ad campaign that included a young Swedish woman baring unshaved legs while modelling sneakers in a short lace dress. While the company hailed her boldness on Instagram, the move was met with mixed reviews as the model, Arvida Byström, received responses ranging from “you go girl” to reported rape threats.

Likewise, Canadian fitness personality, Gabby Scheyen, received a combination of negative and supportive comments in response to a bikini beach pic posted on Instagram. The most loyal of her 239K followers were quick to defend her natural beauty, after “Shave your forearms” and “That hair on your arm tho …” appeared in the comments.

For women who feel more confident and attractive without body hair, there’s no shortage of razors, wax strips, and laser treatments available to achieve their desired look. However it’s refreshing to see the conversation shifting to one of choice rather than supposition.

At a time when bullies can shatter confidence and damage a person’s social acceptance with a few words and the click of a button, it’s encouraging to see young women taking online to support one another, and to challenge this generation-old beauty esthetic.Read more at:formal dresses adelaide | cheap formal dresses

Top designers, beauty queens at Las Casas wedding show

April 4, 2018 by lankingful  

The country’s top designers and beauty queens lit up Philippine Weddings at Las Casas (Las Bodas Filipinas en Las Casas) featuring bridal ensembles from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, recently staged at Plaza Atienza with Casa Byzantina as the backdrop in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan.

“It was conceptualized by award-winning fashion designer Edwin Uy who discussed the details with fellow designers Johnny Abad and Dave Ocampo,” reported Funfare’s “other beautry expert” Celso de Guzman Caparas. “Erwin Manalo Dona, Las Casas director of brand marketing, was also part of the event. Cata Figueroa was the event’s director. The Designers Circle Philippines (DCP) showcased their ingenuity and world-class craftsmanship in a celebration of Filipiniana bridal bliss,”

Headed by DCP president Johnny Abad together with Renee Salud, the participants were Fanny Serrano, Edwin Uy, Rem Divino, Dave Ocampo, Joyce Pilarsky, Blas Aligno, Jontie Martinez, Nikky Martinez, Ivan dela Cruz, Julius Omum, Edgar Madamba, Steve de Leon, Richie Bondoc, Gener Gozum, Francis Calaquian, Marjorie Lee Gumabay, Pencil Diestra, Rico Escaro, Lou Vella, Armand Marco, Edgar San Diego, Rich Sabinian, Ronaldo Arnaldo, Lito Perez, Ranel Espaldon, Ole Morabe, Rholand Roxas, Jun Lee, Rian Fernandez, Edel Santiago, Sonny Boy Mindo, Rocky Gathercole, Karen Castro, Nholie Pilapil, Rey Lazaro, Glen Lopez, Paolo Blanco, Rafael Louis Gonzales, Richard Papa, Vince Sityar, Vivo Nazareth and Bernard Escalona.

According to Celso, “The Gawad ng Las Casas de Acuzar sa Sining Lifetime Achievement awards were given to Renee and Fanny, both fashion and beauty icons, for their sterling and significant contributions to the country’s fashion industry and beauty front. Erwin handed the awards on behalf of Jose ‘Jerry’ Acuzar, owner of the heritage resort, together with sponsors’ representatives.”

Among the models were beauty queens Justine Gabionza, Elaine Kay Moll, Leren Mae Bautista, Ilene de Vera and Hannah Khayle Iglesia. 2016 Miss Global first runner-up and 2016 Miss Global Philippines CJ Hirro wearing a red terno by Johnny Abad hosted the fashion spectacle. Jewelmer, Wedding Essentials and Crossover 105.1 FM supported the event.

“Las Casas Filipinas in Bagac, Bataan, is Jerry’s collection of restored Spanish-Filipino houses from different parts of the country,” added Celso.Read more at:formal dresses | cheap bridesmaid dresses


Cree-M├ętis designer showcases collection returning from London Fashion week

March 28, 2018 by lankingful  

Fresh off the heels of London Fashion week, Cree-Métis fashion designer has returned to showcase her collection at Ryerson University.

One of Canada's pioneering Indigenous fashion designers, Angela DeMontigny has been selling her designs since 1995 across the globe. Her unique designs incorporate traditional materials like leathers, fur and intricate beadwork that is given a modern flare taking the form of jackets and dresses.

"I've always set out to be a contemporary designer, I don't ever want to do anything that's deemed stereotypical because I want to show a different side, change people's perceptions of what they think Indigenous people are about in North America," said DeMontigny.

The most recent collection she is showcasing is called Of The Stars, inspired by the Anishinaabe story Daughters of the Seven Stars, which refers to the Pleiades constellation.

"A lot of people know about Greek mythology and so many other cultures way, way back. But nobody knows about our stories and how we are connected to the stars and so many creation stories where we are of the stars, we are made up of the same matter of the stars," said DeMontigny.

"I wanted to really talk about that and that's how we have a lot of embroidered pieces that tell that story," she added.

She draws inspiration from her background rooted in traditional storytelling.

One of the signature pieces of the collection is a navy blue leather jacket with dangling fringe and Of The Stars embroidered in Cree syllabics across the back.

Incorporation of Indigenous knowledge

The event was planned and organized by students in Ryerson's Fashion Event Planning course at the School of Fashion.

Students incorporated aspects of Indigenous knowledge in the planning process.

"Because we planned to showcase work of an Indigenous designer we thought it was very fitting to integrate Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous approaches into design and event planning within the course." said Henry Navarro, an instructor and associate professor at the Ryerson School of Fashion.

"We took as a guideline the 12 principles of the Cree Elders and we applied those principles to different aspects of the course," he added.

One of the principles Navarro says was integral was the aspect of holistic life, whereby everything is related, all actions have a reaction.

Indigenous luxury and cultural resurgence

Navarro also brought in Ojibway PhD student Riley Kucheran, who is studying culture and communication at Ryerson and York University.

"I think the western fashion industry is so exploitative both environmentally and socially but what Indigenous fashion does is it centres land and community," said Kucherhan.

Kucherhan worked with Demontigny at her Hamilton boutique, where he was inspired to pursue research in Indigenous clothing and fashion design, a key element in his thesis. Specifically, looking at the historical role of clothing and colonization, how it was used as a weapon against Indigenous people and also how Indigenous people can be successful in the fashion industry.

Demontigny has had a leading role in imagining Indigenous luxury, that contribute to economic and cultural resurgence, said Kucheran, by reframing the way that the rest of the world see Indigenous people and their fashion.

"Angela working as an Indigenous fashion designer, inherently supports uplifting our communities in what I like to think of as cultural resurgence."Read more at:formal dresses online australia | formal dresses brisbane


The Banner Saga 3 Will Conclude in Legendary Fashion

March 23, 2018 by lankingful  

If you've played the first two Banner Saga games, you already know that the series doesn't do anything by halves. Although the series began life as a Kickstarter project with a relatively small staff, that didn't prevent it from featuring gorgeous artwork, strategic gameplay and a tight story where your choices really matter. But, like the Norse myths that inspired it, The Banner Saga must come to an end, and The Banner Saga 3 will ensure that it does so with a bang.

I got an early look at The Banner Saga 3 at GDC 2018, and it does exactly what a good sequel should do. The game doesn't reinvent the wheel, instead iterating on some of the best features of the previous two installments, while moving the story forward toward a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion.

As in previous games, gameplay consists of controlling two caravans of adventurers on parallel quests. The first has journeyed to the edge of the known world to confront the Darkness: a mysterious, eldritch force that twists everything it touches into nightmarish Lovecraftian horrors. This has storyline consequences, to be sure, but it also makes combat a bit more unpredictable than before.

For those who have never played a Banner Saga game, combat takes place on a square grid, where you move and attack enemies with a variety of special skills. Combatants can reduce each other's' health, of course, but they can also attack willpower, which determines a character's attack power. Neutralizing a character's offensive power can often be just as effective as killing him or her outright.

While combat isn't drastically different from previous Banner Saga entries, it's easy to see just how far the series has come. Depending on your choices, you can now access more than 40 heroes, and deck them out with more than 100 equippable items. These options should prove useful against The Banner Saga 3's new enemies: ordinary soldiers, corrupted by the Darkness. After each round of combat, the Darkness will send reinforcements, and players can choose to flee for safety, or fight on for additional rewards.

There are a handful of other battle enhancements, including some unusual new playable characters: Juno, a magician who can travel around the battlefield as a ghost if she dies; and a member of the antagonistic Dredge, who joins your party in opposition to their race. You can also call down chain lightning on your foes periodically – although it can hit your own party members, if you're not careful.

The other major party in The Banner Saga 3 must defend the city of Arberrang: the last line of defense against the Dredge. You'll face the Dredge in tactical combat, and make important narrative decisions between rounds, which could change Arberrang's appearance considerably. If nothing else, the stage seems set for a suitably epic finale.

The gameplay and story decisions in The Banner Saga 3 all seem logical, and will hopefully satisfy longtime fans of the series. I did learn one surprising thing, however: the gorgeous, hand-drawn art style was not initially channeling Ralph Bakshi, as many fans (including me) guessed. The developers wanted The Banner Saga to look like classic Disney films, but the art came back with much more angular lines and harder edges. In retrospect, it's probably a more fitting look. The game will be out this summer to all major systems, including the Nintendo Switch.Read more at:plus size formal wear | QueenieAu


Menswear a wrap in Paris with colorful Kenzo, urban Lanvin

January 23, 2018 by lankingful  

Lanvin and Paul Smith capped a masculine and utilitarian menswear season in Paris as Kenzo paid tribute to Irish singer-songwriter Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries, who died last week.

Meanwhile, design veteran Hedi Slimane was named the new creative chief at Celine.

Here are some highlights from Sunday’s final fall-winter men’s shows and the run-up to Paris Fashion Week for couture collections:

Lanvin’s utilitarian chic

A constellation of bright lights that were fixed on stands around the runway gave Lanvin’s display a dreamlike air.

The clothes at the Sunday morning show were more fixed on reality — with sneakers, hoods, hats, toggles and straps appearing on urban-looking and masculine winter looks.

The notable creative feature here was the cross-over styles. Sometimes asymmetrical, it worked well alongside designer Lucas Ossendrijver’s signature use of layering.

A long coat with square pockets featured a flat cross-over lapel, alongside a partly-unzipped and oversized sleeveless coat in beige — that hung wonkily and possessed a carefree quality.

At times, styles that fused a Japanese and workmen’s aesthetic demonstrated Ossendrijver’s penchant for mixing vestimentary references.

Lanvin owner and enigmatic Taiwanese media magnate Shaw-Lan Wang — who’s reportedly been behind the recent tumultuous creative changes at the house — clapped vigorously.

Patrick Gibson talks “Tolkien”

French notables including Lulu Gainsbourg, the musician son of the late Serge Gainsbourg, and DJ Martin Solveig attended Lanvin’s brightly lit show in the Palais de Tokyo. Actor Patrick Gibson of “The OA” and “The Tudors” fame was among the speckling of international faces.

Gibson posed for the cameras in sunglasses and a low-key, coffee-colored Lanvin coat that matched the coffee being served around him.

The 22-year-old Irish actor has wrapped filming for the upcoming biopic “Tolkien.” It tells the true story of author J.R.R. Tolkien, who wrote “The Lord of the Rings” after returning from the horrors of World War I.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of interest. (Main actor) Nick Hoult did an amazing job portraying Tolkien,” Gibson said.

“It shows the really human side. It doesn’t feel like a biopic. It feels like a story about a regular person out of the framework of history. And that makes it real, (showing) his flaws, too,” he said.

Former Saint Laurent designer Slimane named at Celine

Veteran fashion designer Hedi Slimane has been named the new creative director of the edgy Paris brand Celine.

Slimane, who gained critical and commercial success as Saint Laurent’s designer during 2012-2016, will replace outgoing British designer Phoebe Philo, whose departure was announced in November.

In a statement Sunday, Celine parent company LVMH praised Slimane’s “talent and his remarkable ability to anticipate and express in a unique way the evolutions and desires of his age.”

French-born, Italian-Tunisian Slimane previously worked for LVMH as designer of Dior Homme during 2000-2007. He was credited with contributing to the influential skinny menswear aesthetic.

Calling Silmane “one of the most talented designers of our time,” LVMH head Bernard Arnault said he was “particularly happy that Hedi is back within the LVMH Group.”

Kenzo channels a colorful equality

Kenzo, one of the biggest houses to go full on with the merger of men’s and women’s designs, went retro with the 40-piece Technicolor collection it presented Sunday.

The 1960s preppy received a shot of color in crisp, high-waisted check pants worn with a wooly V-neck tank top and contrasting turtleneck. The leopard print that appeared on flat-fronted jackets added a quirk.

The looks were defined by some serious color-blocking — which spawned beautiful statement shoes in leather and snake and a navy blue hooded sweater with a bateau neck and floral motifs.

The flower — a common theme in the Kenzo universe — cross-pollinated into the 46 women’s styles. The strongest designs were a series of vibrant, multicolored floral gowns.

The figure-hugging fabric was ruched down the body along a horizontal hem to make it look like the wearer was ready to burst out.

For the confetti-fueled finale, The Cranberries’ anthem “Dreams” blasted out in homage to Dolores O’Riordan, whose lyrics and vocals defined the band. The singer-songwriter died in London on Jan. 15 at age 46.

Paul Smith’s 80s

It was the dramatic styles of the 1980s that were in vogue at Paul Smith’s fall show.

The British designer stuck closely to suit- and coat-heavy looks for his smart collection that referenced the broad and angular shoulders ubiquitous during that dressy era.

Asymmetrical paneling on outerwear — such as a half-tartan, half-plain tailored coat — was a recurrent style and mirrored the days of the New Romantics.

Large architectural lapels or turned-up collars on long oversized coats also had the exuberant flourish of that decade’s heady fashions.

The sober and beautiful color palette of myriad blues — navy, Cetacean, Cerulean, blueberry, turquoise — as well as purple and vermilion ensured the collection stayed tasteful.

Agnes B. Is saleable, risk-free

Agnes B.’s perfectly saleable designs were dapper, but the collection ultimately played it safe.

For fall-winter, the French designer’s best styles riffed on the retro suits of the 1960s.

Fitted gray and gray-blue woolen suits flared slightly at the jacket hem and were accessorized with a trilby hat.

They wouldn’t have looked out of place on the James Bond of the Sean Connery era.

Jazzy shirts and ties in contrasting patterns added the contemporary lift that was also seen in a vivid royal blue hat and chic three-button jacket.

At times, the commercial garments looked out of place on a platform of high fashion.Read more at:formal dresses online australia | bridesmaid dresses australia

Sonam Kapoor's hottest hair accessories

January 17, 2018 by lankingful  

Who said hair accessoriesare just for children? An eye-catching hair accessory has the power to update your look and make you look chic instantly. Be it a gold barrette or a headband, these pieces can even save you from those bad hair days. If you are struggling and are confused how to style them, then we've got the right inspiration for you. We turned to Sonam Kapoor, who's a pro at working the hair accessories. From headbands to spiral buns, here are five times she showed us how to style these pretty pieces like a pro!

Spiral hair bun

Recently the actress showed us a new kind of accessory, known as the spiral hair bun. The half-spherical piece covers the bun and gives a classy touch instantly. The accessory designed by Roma Narsinghani is surely one cool trend to try.

Geometric hairpin

Giving us hair bun ideas, Sonam shows us how to create different hairdos with just accessories. The actress was seen wearing a square pin above the bun, which didn't make her simple hairstyle look boring at all. We also loved the round golden earrings, that totally complemented the hairpin.

Net buns

This oldie trend may seem boring, but Sonam surely knows how to give a twist to her looks. The actress matched her gown's colour with the bun's net. The sheer net also had floral designs, which just looked lovely.

Thread braiding

As teenagers, all of us have loved braiding colourful threads into our hair. Sonam even managed to make this trend look classy and edgy with her braid. She was seen sporting a braid with a golden thread braiding at the end.


The actress knows how to make every accessory look chic. Remember the time she made a case for headbands? She was seen wearing a silver band and sported a milk braid hairdo.Read more at:formal dresses sydney | formal dresses online australia


January 9, 2018 by lankingful  

Know that feeling when you just want to wear what you want to wear, no care about the world, you just want to follow Lady Gaga’s footsteps, go all Miley Cyrus on everyone? I don’t. Really, haven’t ever thought such bizarre thoughts because there are some things commoners just can’t pull off. Now imagine yourself waltzing on the street covered head to toe in a fur dress. This is why you need to know the basics of how to wear fur.

We don’t know, maybe fashion in the future would allow this, but doing this in today’s world would really make you look utterly unfabulous and bear-like. That doesn’t mean that you should just get rid of faux fur because well fur is fantabulous and makes you feel really royal. Like wow, I am a queen, bow down to me everyone. Also, fur is in fashion.

Just look at all the fashion week photos, you’re bound to catch lots of furriness. If you need some inspiration on how to incorporate fur in your outfit and look classy, chic, and bold, you are at the right spot. Here is how you can rock fur this season.

The fur stole

Remember all those times you have imagined yourself sporting a fur stole draped over your shoulders elegantly, high heels, Marilyn Monroe pout, ready to conquer the world? Well, go for that look. If you think that that look would be too much, you can just casually wrap a fur stole around your neck across one shoulder. Ta-da!

The fur jacket

Talk about comfy and sophisticated awesomeness at once. This winter, get a fur coat or a fur jacket, pair it with your fitted tee and skinny jeans outfit and get out with one sole purpose: slaying. Make sure to keep the rest of the look minimal unless you are aiming for a fashion blunder, then it is up to you.

The fur scarf

Having the stole in the list but not the scarf is inequality. A fur scarf is thinner and longer than a stole. Just throw the fur scarf on to immediately elevate your style. Just don’t try to wrap it around your head because no.

The fur hat

Wear a fur hat to give off the luxurious vibes. Make sure to find a fur hat that suits your face size and shape. Going for a size too big or too small can entirely ruin the look. You can even pair a fur hat with another furry accessory.

The fur boots

Fur boots and booties are totally in vogue. Apart from the New York Fashion Week, many celebrities including Cara Delevingne have been spotted sporting faux fur boots. Not only do they look comfy but they are super steezy as well. These boots look best with slim fit jeans.

The fur bag

Another way you can incorporate some fur into your outfit is by carrying a fur handbag or purse. Not only is it trendy but it makes you stand out as well. If you plan on carrying a bright colored fur bag, tone down the look by matching the bag with a light-colored outfit.

Keychain or bag charm

Adding a pop of fur and color is never a bad idea. When fur is out of season but you are desperate to still want to show off some furry accessory, you can opt for a keychain or bag charm that is furry. Subtle and lovely at once. Hook on the furry bit to your purse to prettify it all the more.Read more at:QueenieAu | bridesmaid dresses australia

Resolve Those Fashion Resolutions

January 3, 2018 by lankingful  

Every year I resolve NOT to make any resolutions, but then I do enjoy looking back on the past few years to sneak a peek at what I've written and what fashion advice I've actually incorporated into my own style life. Here's a few of my favorite non-resolution resolutions that I seem to work on...yes, year after year!

—Shop the post-holiday sales. I have to admit that I used to love schlepping from store to store with hundreds of my fellow shopaholics picking through the leftover merchandise after the holidays hoping to find the deal of the year at bargain prices. However, the older I get, the more I find that the thrill of the hunt is not as strong as it used to be...and after all, I can easily find great buys at any time of the day or night on the internet...but yet, there is no better than the feel of cashmere at 70 percent off. On second thought, I think I will make time to stop by the mall this weekend.

Update: I find myself browsing more and more at smaller stores and boutiques. I always find unusual things, and that's one of my goals this year: Add more uniqueness to my wardrobe...especially with jewelry and accessories. Gotta love those embroidered boots...on sale!

—Declutter. Yes, declutter. Period. This is a constant chore for me, but it helps if I do just a little bit of it all throughout the year. One big clean out of the closet just gets me depressed. It may work for some to do a major overhaul all at once, but I prefer to take a few minutes at the beginning of each new season and "weed" out the clothes and shoes that I no longer wear. Then it's a quick trip with a light load to my favorite charity. This method is much more manageable to me, and doesn't involve as much angst and prolonged hours of decision making.

Update: My sister recently gave me a copy of Japanese organization expert Marie Kondo's book and I did make myself read it...well, most of it. I've seen her demonstrate her "folding" techniques on TV dozens of times, but I'm still not quite there. But I do find myself thinking about whether or not a particular piece of clothing actually brings me "joy." Most of the time it does or I would not have bought it in the first place! That's just the way I roll.

—Work on my work-out wardrobe. First I need to work on my work-out routine...as in I really don't have one. That gym membership expired a few years ago, and a compound ankle fracture broke up my yoga class. However, I have to admit that I loved yoga clothes. I think it's time to invest in some new "ath-leisure" wear and get moving again. I just have to find some great new walking shoes. That's my resolution for this year.

Update: Well, I never did get around to buying those shoes...and maybe I'm glad I waited. The athletic shoes this year are some of the coolest sneaks around. I can't wait to "work" on this resolution again...

—Wear more color. After years of a closet full of fashion editor "black," color is slowly brightening it up. I'll never be a pastel person - so I think I'll skip Pantone's current "color" of the year Rose Quartz, but stick to last year's darker rosy Marsala. And I'm still loving the darker marine blues. Both of these...and even my still-favorite black are great to wear with white...a spring and summer classic.

Update: Well, millennial pink is "over" and "ultraviolet" is in, and I never got into the pink thing (see above...pastels are not for me), but I do think I may try a pop of purple this spring. Those purple metallic flats are calling my name. I can at least buy a purple scarf!

—Experiment with hair and makeup. I may not streak my hair with lavender locks for my high school class reunion, but my hair stylist has convinced me to add some caramel highlights that give me a little lift and a lot of shine. If you don't have a great go-to hair professional, make it your New Year's resolution to find one pronto. They can change your life just by updating the color and cut of your hair. Ditto for makeup professionals who can also give you a brand-new outlook on life.

Update: This is one of the best things I do for myself...find a great hair stylist and tweak your cut and color every year. There are more options out there than ever before.

—Wear more prints. As spring clothes swing into the season ahead, it's refreshing to see tropical floral prints popping up from designers. And in a sea of solids like the ones in my closet, a few new printed tops will make me feel like I'm on vacation...or at least planning one for the warmer months to come.

Update: Prints always "sound" good to me...but they really don't do a whole lot for my fashion life. I did splurge on a few when I visited my brother in the Cayman Islands this past year, but I've decided to keep it simple in the future. Those big blooms just aren't for me.

—Buy a new dress. I'm always open to the idea, but I don't wear too many dresses anymore. Separates are just too easy to mix and match for my more casual lifestyle these days. Hopefully, this spring and summer I will find that easy, breezy maxi dress that will glide right through the summer with me, flat sandals and a big straw hat.

—Update: Well, I'm still working on the dress thing, too. Maybe I'll look for a wonderful "violet" off-the-shoulder dress to wear to the Caymans this year.Read more at:cheap bridesmaid dresses | semi formal dresses