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January 9, 2018 by lankingful  

Know that feeling when you just want to wear what you want to wear, no care about the world, you just want to follow Lady Gaga’s footsteps, go all Miley Cyrus on everyone? I don’t. Really, haven’t ever thought such bizarre thoughts because there are some things commoners just can’t pull off. Now imagine yourself waltzing on the street covered head to toe in a fur dress. This is why you need to know the basics of how to wear fur.

We don’t know, maybe fashion in the future would allow this, but doing this in today’s world would really make you look utterly unfabulous and bear-like. That doesn’t mean that you should just get rid of faux fur because well fur is fantabulous and makes you feel really royal. Like wow, I am a queen, bow down to me everyone. Also, fur is in fashion.

Just look at all the fashion week photos, you’re bound to catch lots of furriness. If you need some inspiration on how to incorporate fur in your outfit and look classy, chic, and bold, you are at the right spot. Here is how you can rock fur this season.

The fur stole

Remember all those times you have imagined yourself sporting a fur stole draped over your shoulders elegantly, high heels, Marilyn Monroe pout, ready to conquer the world? Well, go for that look. If you think that that look would be too much, you can just casually wrap a fur stole around your neck across one shoulder. Ta-da!

The fur jacket

Talk about comfy and sophisticated awesomeness at once. This winter, get a fur coat or a fur jacket, pair it with your fitted tee and skinny jeans outfit and get out with one sole purpose: slaying. Make sure to keep the rest of the look minimal unless you are aiming for a fashion blunder, then it is up to you.

The fur scarf

Having the stole in the list but not the scarf is inequality. A fur scarf is thinner and longer than a stole. Just throw the fur scarf on to immediately elevate your style. Just don’t try to wrap it around your head because no.

The fur hat

Wear a fur hat to give off the luxurious vibes. Make sure to find a fur hat that suits your face size and shape. Going for a size too big or too small can entirely ruin the look. You can even pair a fur hat with another furry accessory.

The fur boots

Fur boots and booties are totally in vogue. Apart from the New York Fashion Week, many celebrities including Cara Delevingne have been spotted sporting faux fur boots. Not only do they look comfy but they are super steezy as well. These boots look best with slim fit jeans.

The fur bag

Another way you can incorporate some fur into your outfit is by carrying a fur handbag or purse. Not only is it trendy but it makes you stand out as well. If you plan on carrying a bright colored fur bag, tone down the look by matching the bag with a light-colored outfit.

Keychain or bag charm

Adding a pop of fur and color is never a bad idea. When fur is out of season but you are desperate to still want to show off some furry accessory, you can opt for a keychain or bag charm that is furry. Subtle and lovely at once. Hook on the furry bit to your purse to prettify it all the more.Read more at:QueenieAu | bridesmaid dresses australia

Resolve Those Fashion Resolutions

January 3, 2018 by lankingful  

Every year I resolve NOT to make any resolutions, but then I do enjoy looking back on the past few years to sneak a peek at what I've written and what fashion advice I've actually incorporated into my own style life. Here's a few of my favorite non-resolution resolutions that I seem to work on...yes, year after year!

—Shop the post-holiday sales. I have to admit that I used to love schlepping from store to store with hundreds of my fellow shopaholics picking through the leftover merchandise after the holidays hoping to find the deal of the year at bargain prices. However, the older I get, the more I find that the thrill of the hunt is not as strong as it used to be...and after all, I can easily find great buys at any time of the day or night on the internet...but yet, there is no better than the feel of cashmere at 70 percent off. On second thought, I think I will make time to stop by the mall this weekend.

Update: I find myself browsing more and more at smaller stores and boutiques. I always find unusual things, and that's one of my goals this year: Add more uniqueness to my wardrobe...especially with jewelry and accessories. Gotta love those embroidered boots...on sale!

—Declutter. Yes, declutter. Period. This is a constant chore for me, but it helps if I do just a little bit of it all throughout the year. One big clean out of the closet just gets me depressed. It may work for some to do a major overhaul all at once, but I prefer to take a few minutes at the beginning of each new season and "weed" out the clothes and shoes that I no longer wear. Then it's a quick trip with a light load to my favorite charity. This method is much more manageable to me, and doesn't involve as much angst and prolonged hours of decision making.

Update: My sister recently gave me a copy of Japanese organization expert Marie Kondo's book and I did make myself read it...well, most of it. I've seen her demonstrate her "folding" techniques on TV dozens of times, but I'm still not quite there. But I do find myself thinking about whether or not a particular piece of clothing actually brings me "joy." Most of the time it does or I would not have bought it in the first place! That's just the way I roll.

—Work on my work-out wardrobe. First I need to work on my work-out routine...as in I really don't have one. That gym membership expired a few years ago, and a compound ankle fracture broke up my yoga class. However, I have to admit that I loved yoga clothes. I think it's time to invest in some new "ath-leisure" wear and get moving again. I just have to find some great new walking shoes. That's my resolution for this year.

Update: Well, I never did get around to buying those shoes...and maybe I'm glad I waited. The athletic shoes this year are some of the coolest sneaks around. I can't wait to "work" on this resolution again...

—Wear more color. After years of a closet full of fashion editor "black," color is slowly brightening it up. I'll never be a pastel person - so I think I'll skip Pantone's current "color" of the year Rose Quartz, but stick to last year's darker rosy Marsala. And I'm still loving the darker marine blues. Both of these...and even my still-favorite black are great to wear with white...a spring and summer classic.

Update: Well, millennial pink is "over" and "ultraviolet" is in, and I never got into the pink thing (see above...pastels are not for me), but I do think I may try a pop of purple this spring. Those purple metallic flats are calling my name. I can at least buy a purple scarf!

—Experiment with hair and makeup. I may not streak my hair with lavender locks for my high school class reunion, but my hair stylist has convinced me to add some caramel highlights that give me a little lift and a lot of shine. If you don't have a great go-to hair professional, make it your New Year's resolution to find one pronto. They can change your life just by updating the color and cut of your hair. Ditto for makeup professionals who can also give you a brand-new outlook on life.

Update: This is one of the best things I do for myself...find a great hair stylist and tweak your cut and color every year. There are more options out there than ever before.

—Wear more prints. As spring clothes swing into the season ahead, it's refreshing to see tropical floral prints popping up from designers. And in a sea of solids like the ones in my closet, a few new printed tops will make me feel like I'm on vacation...or at least planning one for the warmer months to come.

Update: Prints always "sound" good to me...but they really don't do a whole lot for my fashion life. I did splurge on a few when I visited my brother in the Cayman Islands this past year, but I've decided to keep it simple in the future. Those big blooms just aren't for me.

—Buy a new dress. I'm always open to the idea, but I don't wear too many dresses anymore. Separates are just too easy to mix and match for my more casual lifestyle these days. Hopefully, this spring and summer I will find that easy, breezy maxi dress that will glide right through the summer with me, flat sandals and a big straw hat.

—Update: Well, I'm still working on the dress thing, too. Maybe I'll look for a wonderful "violet" off-the-shoulder dress to wear to the Caymans this year.Read more at:cheap bridesmaid dresses | semi formal dresses

Winter fashion trends for the stylish man

December 19, 2017 by lankingful  

Summer is now officially over, winter is in full swing and our attention has turned to the colder months ahead of us. For men, its time to start adding coats, hats, scarfs, and jumpers to the wardrobe and so we have put together some fall fashion ideas for you to take on:

Parka Coats – for all styles and weather

This is easily one of - if not the most - popular winter coats. Men’s parka coats have been around for hundreds of years, taking inspiration from past military wear. Worn usually for casual occasions, the style has now evolved into the perfect everyday coat and does all the talking when it comes to your style.

It's heat retention features and warm synthetic fibre stuffing makes the parka coat the ideal choice for the stylish man this winter. It works with anything from jeans and a jumper, to chinos and a shirt – it’s the perfect, versatile outerwear choice.

Autumnal colours – ditch the brights for easy neutrals

Summer is great for bright colours but winter is the time when a whole new palette comes into play - with shades of brown, red, purple, black, mauve, mustard and blue featured in seasonal styles. Of course, you can definitely choose to wear bright colours if that’s your vibe but we recommend trying to limit this to one item – such as an accessory like a tie or scarf - and then tone down the rest of your outfit.

Looking for outfit inspiration? Grey trousers or blue trousers, a tweed jacket and a brightly coloured tie with a small printed pattern on it make for an easy pulled together look - whether you’re off to work, heading out on a date night or have a family gathering in the diary. A colorful coat would be a great addition.

Turtleneck jumpers – forego the scarf with this jumper style

Turtleneck jumpers have made a huge comeback in the last couple of seasons and it seems as if they are here to stay for yet another. There are so many variations of the roll neck available and they are the perfect clothing item when it comes to adding style and warmth. This knitwear piece can be worn casually or formally - style it with jeans, ankle boots, trainers, a duffle coat, you name it - it works with anything in your wardrobe.

Dark denim – give your jeans an upgrade

It's time to upgrade your denim and switch from a light wash to darker denim. It is so easy to style for the winter and you will get a lot of wear out of it. Jeans will always be the ultimate investment piece for any outfit - so don’t skimp on the price and pick a slim fit that never goes out of style.

Joggers – casual style meets true comfort

Yes, you can wear joggers, but ensure they are fitted and structured. Look for styles that offer design features such as exposed pockets and zippers. Perfect for those lazy Sundays, when all you want is a roast dinner and to catch up with friends. The best way to style joggers for this season is with a t-shirt and a simple jumper or zip up hoodie thrown over the top, finish with a cap and a pair of white trainers.

Boots – keep ankles snug

Some men might be a bit unsure when it comes to boots, but chukka boots are definitely the best choice for the stylish man this winter. They come in just above the ankle in a range of neutral shades and can be worn with jeans or chinos. You can also enjoy the option of either suede or leather – depending on your style preferences.

Now you have an idea of what you should be wearing this season, it’s time to revamp your winter wardrobe. Take on some of these style tips to find the right pieces to enhance your signature style.Read more at:simple formal dresses | bridesmaid dress

Eight Tips You Should Try for Better Portraits

November 24, 2017 by lankingful  

When shooting portraits, there are certain things or ways we shoot that help us achieve a better end result. We should all be trying to capture the best portrait possible, so if someone shares advice I usually give it a try to see if it works for me or fits the style of my work.

Photographer Jessica Jobeissi is joined by fashion photographer Kayleigh June to share eight important portrait tips every photographer should know. The first tip is good, but I think it’s subjective and depends on what you are shooting. That tip is to add accessories to your models, like earrings and a necklace. Adding jewelry may not fit your idea for the portrait and I do see this more in fashion and editorial work, but if the model does have some that match the attire while working with your vision, give it a try and see which you prefer.

The next tip is something I learned very early on when I started shooting, which is to shoot near eye level with your subject. Usually, I am a bit taller than most of the models, so I constantly find myself bending over to get lower. The fifth tip is another one that may not work for everyone, but with cameras producing larger and larger images than before, you can follow their advice on not cropping your photo in camera and doing it later in post. I tend to crop in camera, just one less step for me later and I am able to capture all the data where I need it. Like I said, cameras are increasing how much they capture so you could have room to crop your photo in post and still have plenty of resolution left. I think it also comes down to the plans for the photos, if you plan to make prints, submit to a magazine, or anything else that made change your aspect ratio of your photo, leaving some extra room to crop in post can help tremendously.

I won’t go through all the tips with you, so go ahead and watch the video and leave a comment below letting me know which is your favorite tip.Read more at:plus size formal wear | formal dresses australia

Peggy Gou chats about her debut Australian tour

November 16, 2017 by lankingful  

Peggy Gou has just not stopped achieving over the past few years.

From her first few mixes turning underground heads, and her debut release on Rekids in early 2016, Peggy has now played all over the globe, including an incredible set at Dekmantel’s Boiler Room earlier this year. The Korean native shows no signs of slowing either, with a ridiculously packed touring schedule rounding out 2017 and pushing even stronger into next year. The talented artist has embraced her home in Berlin over the last couple of years, and has blossomed into one of the most promising and exciting underground talents. We at Stoney Roads were lucky enough to speak to her ahead of her debut Australian tour and set at Strawberry Fields Music Festival. Full interview below.

Hey Peggy how’s it going? What have you been up to lately?

Hey, I’m all good! Pretty busy with touring and studio works too, but I like keeping myself busy so I’m doing okay. I just finished my new EP which will come out next year (I can’t tell you the label yet!), so pretty excited about that as this new EP is quite special to me!

You moved from South Korea to London and then to Berlin –when you first moved to London did you think you were going to settle in Europe for the long term? How was the move to Berlin initially?

When I moved to London I was too young. I was 14 years old when I went to the UK because I wasn’t doing well in Korea and my parents wanted me to study English. Then there was a time I had to go back to Korea (about age 18) to try and study. After 6 months living there I just couldn’t do it, so I knew European culture fitted me more – and it did change my personality and perspective. Sometimes I do wonder what I would have become if I was in Seoul for the whole of my life? I have NO IDEA! Moving to Berlin was very tough in the beginning, first of all it was November (winter), and I didn’t have many friends. I wanted to focus on music so my life was all about working in a record store, go back home make music, and go to Berghain on Sunday. Of course it got better as time passed by, but if i think about it now I do think Berlin is good for me. Especially as I’m not there all the time now, I leave during the weekend and come back during the week. It’s a good place for home.

I read that you once said some of the best advice you’ve been given is by Theo Parrish who said not to stick with one genre. As someone who’s produced a lot of very eclectic releases over the past few years, are you still sticking to this advice? Or are you trying to carve out your own specific sound?

Ah he wasn’t talking about one genre of music, what he said was that you shouldn’t get stuck on one song when you make music, you need to move on. That was helpful for me as I tried too much to make my own sound, to do something different, and I couldn’t as I always got stuck and didn’t know how to move on. But back to your question, yes, I’m always trying to be eclectic (production-wise and DJ-wise). I don’t want to define myself to one genre.

I read that you’ve been planning out an album filled with lots of different genres. Who have been some of your inspirations during this planning period? Why?

That is not a difficult question. One of my favourite albums is still ‘School Daze’ from Patrick Cowley. He is definitely one of my favourite producers, his sounds are special to me. Somebody mentioned that the last productions he made before he passed away might get a release. I’m waiting day-by-day for that to happen. When I’m home I try not to listen to dance music too much. I listen to soul funk, african music, electro etc

I think your tattoos are really sick, do you have any favourites out of them? Why?

A lot of people ask me this question, every tattoo means something different to me for different reasons so it’s very hard to choose my favourite. If i had to pick one I would say the giraffe tattoo on my legs (without the pattern) as they are a very special animal to me haha

Do you feel you have a similar connection to body art as you do with music?

I don’t see my body art as separate, or my music as separate. I’m not sure how to explain it, but all of this this just comes from one person which is me. Instead of saying there’s a connection, I see it all as one thing.

I’ve wanted to visit Seoul for a long time, it looks like such an amazing city. For someone that has moved to quite different cities in their lifetime, what do you miss about Seoul the most?

My family and friends I miss for sure, but I also miss having the FASTEST INTERNET in the world; and the FASTEST SERVICE everywhere from foods to 24 hour food delivery, and also my nail shop haha!

4 ways to start up a career in the beauty industry

November 10, 2017 by lankingful  

Set up a YouTube channel

If you love to communicate with others about your passion for beauty, you should think about setting up your own YouTube channel. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to interact with like-minded individuals. You could film beauty hauls where you look through all of the latest products that you have bought. You could also film make-up looks and your daily skin-care regime. If you decide to go ahead with your channel, you will need to take care over its aesthetic. Luckily, you can use an online YouTube thumbnail creator, to help your videos stand out. You should also put a lot of thought into your bio and your profile picture.

Become a personal stylist

Another option is to become a personal stylist. This is the ideal career choice for anyone who likes to create entire looks. If you love the idea of completely transforming someone’s appearance, you should definitely give it a try. You could begin by working in a large department store and then eventually progress to setting up your own business. Taking the time to build up your experience will allow you to charge higher rates and to feel more confident in your recommendations.

Start your own blog

If you prefer to write about your love for beauty, you should consider starting your own blog. This could be a fantastic opportunity for you to have complete control over the topics that you write about. You could even complete a day job and treat your blog as a hobby. Then, when your site begins to draw in more readers, you could turn it into your full-time career.

Become a photographer

The beauty industry is filled with bright and beautiful images. If you would like to be a part of creating those images, you should think about becoming a photographer. You could plan your own shoots and develop your own pictures. You could also set up social media sites to promote your work. Make sure that you are always on the lookout for unsigned models, or musical acts, that want professional looking photos at a small price. If their careers take off, this could lead to more work for you. You could also get in touch with local magazines and websites to see if they would be interested in featuring your work. Then, once you have a number of credits to your name, you can target the giants of the beauty industry.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses australia | formal wear melbourne

Vintage Valaya

October 11, 2017 by lankingful  

As he completes silver jubilee in fashion industry, couturier JJ Valaya, who likes to blend his love for art and craft, is seeking to leave his imprint on Indian fashion through occasion wear ensembles based on three of his favourite inspirations.

Valaya is also trying to strike a bond with the young generation and makes no bones about it. “We are looking at a new India in the digital era. We are talking about a generation which largely lives its lives on mobile phones. Social media is extremely important for us and is a great way to connect with the customer. We are into visual media; when people wear my clothes, they automatically show it to the world. They are gently evolving with times.” Valaya feels one doesn’t need to be revolutionary. “Instead, one has to be evolutionary, which makes it more lasting.”.

His collection at Amazon India Fashion Week on Wednesday will present three classics, which will henceforth co-exist with his seasonal collections with a new twist every year. It features six menswear garments including Nehru jacket, bandhgala, while womenswear showcases lehengas, anarkalis and saris. Apart from Valaya, five veterans Abraham & Thakore, Anju Modi, Ashish N Soni and Payal Jain will also celebrate commensurate years at 30th edition of fashion week. As host, the FDCI is honouring them by giving them complete freedom to either present a retrospective of their work or their new range.


What special touch have you given to your collection to mark the occasion?

Celebration has just begun; we are going to have lot of fun (laughs). At AIFW, we are not showing Spring Summer 2018 but the current line. It is neither couture nor ready to wear show. This year we are introducing three classics. Apart from our other normal collections, these classics would be running as a constant. Every year we would interpret them in a new manner. First is Jamavar, where magic of Indian Paisleys and intricacies of jamavar motifs will be given a modern interpretation. Second is Gulistan; which will be about flowers and have sinuous silhouettes, signature prints and antique embroideries. Third has been inspired by our roots in Punjab. And this time we have taken inspiration from a royal fort of Maharaja of Kapurthala. All three loves of my life have come together.

You had once stated that there is a misconception that Sikhs are not stylish. This time through your Kapurthala fort inspired outfits, it seems, you want to underline that statement.

I have always believed history of Sikhs is incredible but the perception they have at the moment is not in sync with the past. However, look at the current Canadian leader Jagmeet Singh; he is the most stylish Sikh you would ever come across. His turban and fashion friendly clothes make him a refreshing change. So Punjab is definitely in my scheme of things at the fashion week.

You have always had a fascination for art and are known for your art photography. Will this be part of your collection to celebrate fashion?

Fashion and art are two different sides of me but at some point of time they do overlap. When I do portraiture, I use my own clothes. It is the same person and the same creator. So the DNA is similar.

As master of detailing, tell us about motifs and embroidery

These clothes are for special occasions. Therefore, it is a beautiful hybrid between couture and pret and that is also the need of the hour. Our embroidery and prints would be the focus area. Our India story will be about purity yet contemporary.

What is your take on fusion wear?

I don’t believe in something which is neither here nor there. I think it confuses the wearer.

What is your take on the increasing interest among upcoming designers in handwoven fabrics?

There is a return to our love for India whether it is khadi or handloom or any kind of traditional craft which is suddenly becoming more and more relevant in Indian fashion. I am glad that celebration of Indian fashion has already begun. It should have happened a long time back. It is very encouraging as innovation of fashion will automatically happen. Upcoming designers would use khadi with other yarns to develop more fabrics and this is something I am looking forward to. I have used lot of handwoven fabrics but no khadi this time .

What has been the role of royals, who have always inspired you, in strengthening Indian fashion?

You have got to understand that royalty is a part of people who are true connoisseurs of India. Hypothetically speaking, if there was no royalty, then there would not have been myriad forms of indigenous crafts. They encouraged craft, craftsmen, art and music. So they were true connoisseurs of their times and helped India to evolve. But the country changed; everything was taken away from them but the spirit from that era still remains. And that is what we are continuing to celebrate. I call myself a royal nomad.Read more at:sydney formal dress shops | formal wear brisbane

The Designer Experience Fashion Show

September 14, 2017 by lankingful  

You may have been to fashion shows before but you’ve never been to one like this. Barry Wooley Designs and Louisville Bespoke will be turning style upside down, inside out and over the top.

The Designer Experience Fashion Show will feature Louisville’s trend-setting fashion designers and their latest creations. Fashions will be curated by Louisville Bespoke, a community atelier for emerging and established Louisville fashion designers.

“At the show, we will bring together designers to highlight the incredible talent we have in this city,” says Yamilka Rodriguez, founder of Louisville Bespoke. “Several local designers have garnered national attention while others are beginning to have a presence in the world of fashion. Louisville Bespoke is an incubator for them to share ideas, resources and a support system. The Designer Experience Fashion Show will be a one of a kind night at which guests can see their work and meet the designers.”

An experiential fashion environment will also showcase interior design that’s making headline news. Wooley’s homescape of interior design will spark guests’ imagination for turning a home into a haven of personality and pizazz. “Fashion and interior design go hand in hand. Very often interior design reflects what’s happening on the runways of New York, Paris and Milan. The show will marry fashion and interior design at one of fall’s most exciting events,” Wooley says.

Throughout the store you’ll see what’s trending for the home in color, furniture, area rugs, lighting and accessories. You might even be able to pick up some design tips from Wooley, an interior designer who’s a frequent guest on television talk shows and who’s extensively covered in print media.

The event will benefit The Anchal Project, a Louisville organization that supports women artisans in the developing world.

Fashion designers to be featured are Ian Schuler of SLW Atelier; Lisa Kahl-Hillerich of RoxyNell; Christine Robey of Barenaked Leather; Sarah Havens of Sarah Havens Millinery; Steve and Melissa Steurer of Steurer & Co.; Victoria Lea of Victoria Kazue; Matt Multerer of Finespun Clothing; Elizabeth Peake of Handmade by Peake; Annie St. Clair of A. St. Clair and Colleen and Maggie Clines of Anchal Project.

In addition to the bling and bedazzle of fashion and home décor, four star chefs will offer tastings. This will be your chance to get to know them and taste for yourself why their restaurants have helped make Louisville one of the hottest culinary scenes in the country. Joining in the fun will be Chef Bobby Benjamin of Butchertown Grocery, Chef Colter Hubsch of Buck’s, Chef Patrick Roney of Harvest and Chef Roland Wong of Tea Station Chinese Bistro.Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses/a> | black bridesmaid dresses

Wear your Expression

September 11, 2017 by lankingful  

There is no holding back this season. Say it like you mean it as slogan T-shirts have been all the rage this season!A bold movement on behalf of several international designers, these wordy T-shirts are making the rounds in the fashion circles since New York Fashion Week in spring this year, making this a political movement as well.

The trend has been adopted just as well by celebrities including international stars, Emily Rajatkowski, Kendall Jenner and ever our very fashionistas Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and the lot, who have made a choice to put what we're all thinking out there. Designer Deepta Raghunath says, “This trend stormed in the US markets and has now made its way it to the Indian market after its booming in the runways. It’s cool trendy and peppy, it gives out fun and political messages. This is absolutely perfect for youth as there is a tinge of satirical humour in the slogans as well.

The visual T-shirt has given a lot of important movements especially feminism, the rightful branding it needed. We do live in an ultra-expressive age. Everyone wants to be seen or heard. Tongue-in-cheek statements make this such a fun trend and it makes perfect sense as well to be tactful and sharp. Aswathi Balakrishnan, a fashion blogger says, “This I really amazing because T-shirts are so comfortable to wear. These slogan T-shirts gives a wholesome definition to the entire outfit. It’s basic but also quite stylish, keeping things to the point. What you choose to portray is very subjective and really depends on how you feel or think.”

This is indeed quite a massive reflection of our contentious tweet-all culture, because there really are no limits to how we can express ourselves. The blatant nature of this trend is somehow not tacky as the words have been chosen carefully.

Nilu Thapa, a fashion blogger says, “They are a nice way to make a statement and I believe that one should carry off outfits with slogans that they personally believe in and not because a particular slogan is trending. For example, there is a top that says ‘We Should All Be Feminists’, but not everyone believes in it and I believe the ones who wear something like this should actually be a feminist to defend any discussion that arises from this topic.”Read more at:short formal dresses | long formal dresses

Lindy Klim is juggling roles of mum-to-be and fashion icon

September 8, 2017 by lankingful  

“I feel huge and it’s a total different ball game dressing when you’re pregnant,’’ said Klim, who is due with her fourth child in December.

“It’s important for me to look stylish and not come across too mumsy or pregnant.

“Fashion has always been my thing, I’ve been in the industry for a very long time and I’ve got some exciting things coming up next year.”

Klim has been announced as Westfield Doncaster’s fashion authority for Spring Summer 17, along with stylist Lana Wilkinson.

On Saturday they will launch a lifestyle lounge which will be set-up as part of Westfield’s national Fashion Weekend activation.

“Hopefully Lana will find some nice big clothes for me,’’ Klim said.

“I love shopping and it’s spring now so summer is coming up and it’s a perfect time of year to revamp your wardrobe. Westfield Doncaster do a lot of things to get people excited about shopping again and with colours for the season.”

Klim, who is engaged to Adam Ellis, is still working out her plan for the baby’s arrival.

“I still haven’t thought that far ahead as I’ve had quite a bit of work on,’’ she said.

“I’m still workin out plans for what I’m doing so at this stage I’m still not 100 percent sure, things keep moving around for me. But it’s exciting.”Read more at:plus size formal dresses | short formal dresses