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Know the importance of credit card portfolio analysis

September 5, 2019 by Vicki Brown  

When we talk about credit, it starts with understanding of how they work, and how they affect your FICO score. Establishing an educated position of various types will enable you to make intelligent financial decisions and assistance in deciding what steps you can take to improve your FICO score. Better the score, better the level of financing when buying a new home or car.
Many large and small banks are evaluating the benefits of continuing to hold their credit card portfolio. When the costs of competing in this sophisticated market combined with the cost of fraud in losses and increased insurance premiums and increasing deductibles increase, you realize that it is the time to seriously consider utilizing the unrealized premiums that have been built by your financial institution.

Credit cards are issued after the credit card portfolio analysis by the credit provider, so only the cardholder can make transactions. At the time of purchase, the credit card holder signs a receipt which includes the card details and the amount to be paid. Users are given a PIN that they must provide when making a purchase.
Every month, credit card users are sent a statement indicating the purchases made with the card, all unpaid costs, and the total amount owed. After receiving a statement, the user is in a state of confusion can ask for clarification on expenses or expenses that are otherwise incorrect. If there is no dispute, the cardholder must pay a certain proportion of the bill at the due date or he must pay the same fee but with a fine of the entire amount owed.
Certain banks make several arrangements for automatic payment options, where the amount will be deducted directly from the merchant portfolio, which avoids late payments.
You can withdraw your credit report once a year to see what types of credit you have and how they affect your credit rating. It is always a good idea to run your credit at least once a year to ensure there are no fraud charges and that you have not been a victim of identity theft. Websites provide free credit card portfolio analysis reports to consumers once a year. Certified credit counselors who work with non-profit organizations will provide free financial analysis and credit report reviews to consumers who want a professional and definitive review of their credit reports and financial portfolios.
Some banks also provide credit card portfolio sale for their users. However, banks have taken this initiative by looking at credit payments and individual total income records, which means that people who have good transaction records in the past or have a good income during a financial slowdown don't need to worry about anything. But one can certainly hope that cuts in credit lines will not be seen in the credit card services offered by public sector banks.
Currently, merchant banking services provide several other services such as loan syndication, credit acceptance, merger and acquisition counseling, portfolio management and so on. They also help companies with short-term liquidity funds. In short, these banking services are indispensable because they support individuals and companies to expand their business venture

What Do You Need To Understand About Credit Card Portfolios?

August 27, 2019 by Vicki Brown  

Today most of the world runs on debit cards or credit cards. While some of us do not own a credit card, most of us will either use it sooner or later. A credit card can be used to enjoy innumerable advantages if you create the optimal value of your credit cards in a wise manner. Thus, you need to understand how this works and the value of your investing in credit card portfolios.
There Should Be Multiple Credit Cards For Various Uses
Yes, you should have at least three credit cards created for your use. The first credit card will be yours when you turn an adult. At the age of 18, you get the ownership of this card with zero balance for the next few years of your future. After your loans are cleared off, you can still keep this card as a back-up for emergency purposes. Now if you think long term, you will have an aim to create two other credit cards for other purposes as well.
Clarus helps its customers to create the perfect credit card portfolios for sale through its efficient working procedure. Discuss and plan your other credit card limits so that you do not run into unnecessary credit card loans. A little bit of prior planning will secure your future significantly.
Consult With Experts
If you are going through this for the first time, it is high time for you to consult an expert. They will analyze your income and various other aspects and advise you on your future steps. If you are having doubts, contact Clarus as soon as possible for help regarding clarifications.
Consider The Interest its
Keep yourself always informed. Consider the interest rates of your credit cards so that you do not run into problems later on with your debts. Some professional companies provide other much-needed services such as merchant portfolios for sale and payment processing sales, so get in touch with them as soon as you can. They offer good package deals for such services so always discuss your expectations with the firm before you decide to invest in their services.

Best ways to do merchant portfolio valuation

August 21, 2019 by Vicki Brown  

Most people have a common doubt that essays how to know the value of a portfolio of merchants and consequently the value of one merchant. The answer to this question is that there are three techniques -discounted cash flow, comparable sales, and value of merchants in the public market. Let’s know about each one of them in a bit detail. 

Discounted Cashflow 

It is best way to do merchant portfolio valuation. It let us know the value of a particular revenue stream by analysing the risks associated with residual stream of future. Also, it also emphasises on acknowledging the fact that a future payment is not more worth than cash available on real time basis.

You can imagine its application in a situation where an agent is getting residual from an ISO on every month and the he determines to sell that off to a financial buyer. Under current scenario, the buyer has to pay an amount depending on buyer’s perceived value of the residual stream. Of course, it has to be determined taking into account after applying a discounted case flow analysis. It can be also used for credit card portfolio acquisition. 

Comparable Sales

If you want a better way of performing merchant portfolio valuation than mentioned above then comparable sales method would be your ideal bet. This method is used to determine the value of companies those have been sold entirely. It gives a comparable sale analysis coupled with a discounted cash flow analysis. The aim is to provide the true valuation of a merchant or a group of merchants. 

Public Valuation

Evaluating publicly held companies and public market places on the merchants could be another fascinating way to do the valuation of merchant portfolio which comes under Public Valuation technique. 

As it was shown above, the methods to do valuation can vary drastically. If you will take the average of all the different values received from three results, you will get even a more accurate picture for a portfolio of merchants. 

If you are looking for someone to do credit card portfolio valuation or selling merchant services, Clarus would be your ideal bet.