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How to Choose a Funeral Plan

May 30, 2019 by Adam Alford  

The funeral of a deceased family member is a really hard time for the rest of the members of the family. While the family is already under immense tension, the funeral costs simply add to their woes. Therefore, most health insurance providers today offer a family funeral plan that covers the cost of funeral and takes care of the arrangements beforehand.

Most family funeral plans cover the cost of funerals for not only the insured but also the cost of the funeral for the death of a family member. Being insured by a funeral plan will ensure that you do not have to worry about how your family is going to arrange a funeral on your death. (Information Credit – https://getsavvi.co.za/primary-care)

Why Should You Have a Funeral Plan?

Having a funeral cover might not seem to be the best choice for many people. However, it can significantly ease the financial troubles at a difficult time in your life. Here are the benefits of having a funeral plan:

1.    When you lose a family member, you will not have to be burdened by the financial needs of a funeral while dealing with shock and grief. Again, if you are the main provider of the family, the last thing you want for your family is to be dealing with the expenses of your funeral.

2.    If you are not financially secure, you might not be able to organise a proper funeral for a deceased family member. This will leave you feeling an open-ended sense of loss. When you are covered with a funeral plan, you will be able to hold a proper funeral and say goodbye.

3.    Funerals generally need to be organised very quickly and require immediate payments for most of the arrangements. Even if the deceased has money to their name, you will require some time to access these funds after completing the various legal procedures. With a funeral cover, you will be able to get the funds for the funeral quickly and easily.

4.    Some funeral plans offer cover for expenditure beyond the funeral itself. This includes associated expenses like the cost of the headstone etc. Most funeral cover providers also offer other support like counselling, legal assistance etc.


How to Choose a Plan?

Funeral plans are available for various premium levels, offering different levels of cover. Choosing the correct plan for your needs is crucial to ensure that you receive the required support and help at the right time.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right funeral plan for you:

1.    Discuss it with your family – When taking such a step, it is always recommended that you should discuss it with your family members. They will be able to give you valuable insights into the kind of plan you should opt for. This will also help in easing their uncertainty when the time arrives, knowing that the funeral expenses will be covered by the insurance provider. Also, you must share all plan information so that they know where to find it what the terms are when needed.

2.    Research Various Plans – As you would do while buying any other insurance plan, it is important to conduct proper research. There are different plans and various types of cover. While some plans cover the cost of the insured’s funeral only, a family funeral plan covers the cost of their family member’s funeral too. Further, the amount of cover offered, and their claim procedures also differ.

3.    Check the Record of the Insurance Provider – Conduct some research on the plan provider and check their track record in terms of processing claims and treating their clients. An insurance provider who won’t pay you at the time of need is of no good use. Ask some important questions to the plan provider like – Are they registered? Do they make any other deductions or charge anything extra than mentioned in the plan details?

4.    Check What is Included in the Plan – Different plans offer varied levels and types of cover. While some plans offer a comprehensive cover, including the costs of disbursements as well, other plans do not. Also, check if there are any limitations as to where you can have the funeral or if there is a ceiling to the amount covered.

5.    The Premium Amount – Funeral plans are often included with health insurance. In such a case, the premium for the plan isn’t very high. However, if you are opting for a separate funeral cover, you must consider the amount of premium you can afford.


It is essential to have a funeral plan to ensure financial back-up and support during a difficult time. A suitable funeral plan can help you in not only covering the costs and easing the pain but also ensures that the path ahead is easy for you and your family.