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Long hair with a little lazy fluffy big volume

March 19, 2018 by fengshan  

Round face ladies are not very envious of the people born Oval, do not know what kind of hair they are suitable for the worry, the following small series to select some for the round face sister to create a small face hairstyle.

The long hair, the large wave of the radian, the natural droop, slightly fluffy with a level of sense, the cheeks on both sides of the hair outline of exquisite small face contour, sister smile exposed small tiger, playful and lively up.tyme straightening iron on our shop.

Long hair into a small volume, a roll of the very elastic loose in the shoulders, messy and full of vitality, but also a sense of hierarchy, in the Fringe modified facial shape also appears more temperament, so that the face of her sister turned oval very thin, elegant and aware.

Long hair with a little lazy fluffy large volume, 37 points of the Fringe cover part of the forehead modified into exquisite oval, a black hair, black beautiful, put on plaid skirt, wear a hat, very retro elegant temperament.tyme iron for sale  create any hairstyle in minutes,suit for anytime and anywhere.

Chestnut long hair fluffy soft, naturally hanging very good cosmetic out of the perfect side Yan, 37 points of the fringe revealing a smooth forehead to turn round face into oval, let wear braces dress sister very pure and literary fan.

The abundance of wavy curls designed to make women more beautiful

March 17, 2018 by fengshan  

The beautiful romantic big wavy curly hair hairstyle is now the most fashionable fashion hairstyle, the goddess fan's modelling characteristic is many girls ' heart is one of the reasons, the temperament graceful nobody can the enemy! Large wavy curly hair is a style full of goddess temperament, but also show the romance and taste of one of the fashion representatives, How can you miss the five big wavy curls with a big wavy curly hair style? I'm sure I won't let you down.

The abundant wavy curls design can instantly let the long hair modelling have the feminine flavor of the flirtatious, and low-key not publicity wine red hair looks more is the eye fashion, with incomplete in the split bangs more light mature female temperament, all kinds of cooperation can highlight the girl's beautiful romantic feeling.Wholesale Tyme Iron on our shop.

The large, curly, wavy curls can always catch people's hearts in an instant. Finely bang Design has played a perfect role in the modification of the face, and brown hair color with elegant curly hair, not only the temperament, but also to highlight the gentle and skilled female feeling, not only girls even boys see also will be exciting Oh!

Simple large wavy curls have always been a feeling of the atmosphere. Fluffy large wavy curls outlined a stylish domineering personality, while the side of the curly hair is able to give an incomparable woman-like noble breath, modelling and temperament of the combination of just good, is a very suitable for professional women's curly hair shape Oh!tyme iron 2 in 1 is excellent for thick, course hair and does straighten and smooth very quickly.



Hot summer To change a short hair to cool is very necessary

March 14, 2018 by fengshan  

Hot summer for a short hair to cool is very necessary, cool my desire Also, the trend also I want to also, both can have, on the down, short hair hairstyle picture Summary to you!tyme flat Iron creates silky smooth and longer lasting curls in minutes! 



Oblique bangs and temples easily decorated face, hair stuffed in the ear after both personality and can create three-dimensional sense of the mm are a good choice.tyme iron promo code on our shop.


Perm bangs with the inside buckle wave shape easy thin face, orange-brown hair suction eye at the same time and color.


After the hair of the brain using multiple gradient pruning to create a rich level of feeling, micro-oblique Liu Qiao can both thin face and improve the level of feeling.


The side of the wave head is not less than the previous hairstyle, and chocolate-colored hair can make the skin more white.


Its own hair color can instantly suction eye, hair tail more gradient trim, let short hair more fluffy.

Hairs for Girls

March 10, 2018 by fengshan  

Girls with less hair, partial bangs, maroon hair hairstyle, this hairstyle looks brim and temperament, very suitable for girls with little hair, big eyes cute girl,

Liu Qi girls have short hair shakes, these hairstyles are very short of the girls, it looks very fresh and sunny. Girls with fewer hair, side-length hair, and micro-hair, look incredibly fresh and sunny. It's sweet.tyme hair iron promo code with some cheap  product.

A chestnut fluffy style of Liu Qi pear hair type, shoulder-style hair, coupled with a small hat, the girl seems particularly sweet.tyme straightening iron create any hairstyle in minutes,suit for anytime and anywhere.


This hairstyle is to look at the volume of fluffy

March 2, 2018 by fengshan  

This hairstyle is a look at the volume of Fluffy, volume hot radian, to soft waves of the volume to create a sweet and lovely feeling of women, completely will not give an old sense, fringe treatment, and cheeks hair volume fusion, soft facial lines, make it more perfect.

Wide forehead, round face, the MM is more suitable for a brown curly hair hairstyle, bangs a little inside buckle, and eyebrow parallel, bang thickness moderate, highlighting the gentle feminine, small volume degree of loneliness, emphasizing the quiet, the temperament of the lady, the necessary to reduce the age of a hairstyle.

The big face, round face, and the girl who are all more suitable for a curly hair style, hair to make supple straight hair, in the hair at the end of a little volume, hair root of the natural fluffy air to create a generous temperament, volume in the shoulder, the volume of the buckle within the shape of the V-shaped face, so that the facial features more Oriental women's elegant, gentle. tyme iron promo code on online store.

Suitable for chewing muscles more developed, that is, the country character face or big face girls very suitable hairstyle, hair volume buckle, 37 points of hair line, bangs cheeks hair naturally fall to the face below, will hide the full outline of the face, highlighting the sharp pointed chin, make it more exquisite beautiful.tyme style reviews on here.


Simple middle-form styling is good for decorating the face

February 28, 2018 by fengshan  

This one has a curly hair, simple in the form of a good decoration of the face, and then paired with brown hair, the whole shape will become very fluffy, and very natural refreshing feeling, hair at random natural large volume at first glance looks very Japanese wind effect.

This one has a curly hair, the first eye gives the feeling of a very layered, plus the thick of the fringe style decorated with a round face, not only on the overall shape of a lot of color, in the hair tail part with a sense of the wave volume, highlighting a young and very temperament style.

The same use of the feeling of the two sides of the fringe to shape a fluffy effect, showing the charm of temperament, dark hair color so that the overall skin also become more white translucent, hair tail fluffy will be a good round face decoration. tyme straightening iron is good than same product.

This Liu Qi long hair, first very elegant bangs to attract a lot of eyes, coupled with the fluffy feeling of broken, so that the entire hairstyle has become a trend and fan, hair tail large volume of fluffy feeling, in the autumn and winter not only cold but also a good match costumes.tyme iron reviews has good on our shop.

Scroll to send people feel very sweet temperament

February 27, 2018 by fengshan  

This curly hair, at first glance although go to ordinary curly hair no difference, but actually added some level sense, let the whole hairstyle also become a lot of fresh, and dark hair color, let the whole modelling also become more vitality many, this hairstyle is also the Japanese system very popular one.tyme gold plated hair straightener was made to help women create many styles of beautiful curls in less tyme, and it also straightens as well!


This scroll hair, the first eye to the feeling of a very sweet temperament, plus the entire volume of the feeling, so that the curvature of the hair has become a lot of natural, oblique fringe design so that round face also instantly become a lot of beauty, brown hair has become more trend.tyme hair curler is a professional styleing tool for women.


This one has a curly hair, first light brown dye to give people a very bright feeling, plus a good part of the fringe of the modified round face meat parts did not add irregular volume hot shape, so that the whole shape became very light sense, a Japanese lady's fashion sense arises spontaneously.

This side of the big bangs of the curly hair, with the previous hairstyle has the same style, first hair left side long bangs, as well as with irregular curls, so that the entire shape of the temperament sense of the perfect show out, slightly with a bit of gradual color dye hair, so that the whole has a Japanese-style sen wind.


The feeling of Chinese is always a kind of Queen fan

February 26, 2018 by fengshan  

The broken bangs long curly hair, with a little similar to the following paragraph, but the focus is the feeling of multi-layer tailoring is very good to highlight the perfect features, as well as broken bangs full of chic and exquisite feeling, hair tail of the large volume also promoted the whole style of the fashion sense.

This part of the long curly hair, first of all the feeling let people always have a kind of Chinese Queen fan, but in fact not exactly, the whole shape is very close to the face, so that the imperfect round face also instantly become and repair, with the change of hairstyle also naturally lengthen the face lines.

This oblique fringe has long curly hair, a little bit flush with the feeling, but in the whole shape with elegance as the focus, plus the feeling of crushing is very close to the face, the moment to shape a oval feeling, coupled with the hair tail of the natural large volume feel very graceful, more kind of natural feel. tyme iron short hair is a professional styleing tool for women.

This Liu Qi long hair, throughout the modelling first Liu Qi shape to attract the eye, Liu Qi often give people a very sweet style, and then with the style of longer curly hair, people immediately feel that the Japanese sweet sen female wind, plus charming golden brown beautiful and elegant.tyme hair  is excellent for thick, course hair and does straighten and smooth very quickly.

The volume of the middle-divided curls is larger

February 25, 2018 by fengshan  

The volume of curls in this section is larger, also belong to a kind of messy with sex, give people feel very informal, suitable to take the Queen girl, in the design of beauty fashion, with large volume design can highlight your small face, but also bring the feeling of Japanese wind.

This round face hairstyle is suitable for most girls, very natural not delicate affectation, but give a need to protect the feeling, slightly with some of the design of the buckle is the bright spot, with the hair on the tail, sweet and charming, the design of the shoulders to the eyes of a bright, decorated effect is very good.

The gentle hairstyle is the most can poke the boy's heart hairstyle, this kind of gentle lady temperament hairstyle more lets the person like not to be able, the inner buckle natural design repairs Yeng face and gives the human goddess the feeling, the middle cent style design Xiu Yan fashion, the overall collocation perfect and is sweet.tyme curling ironcreate any hairstyle in minutes,suit for anytime and anywhere.


Round-faced girls must be particularly fastidious about their hairstyles, not only to fashion temperament, more importantly, you can modify your face, so that your face more compact and exquisite, and let you more temperament, the United States recommended round-face girls suitable hairstyle, in the long curly hair thin face repair yan.buy tyme iron online  resembles a hair straightener but it is a bigger tool with a rounded barrel. 


Very temperament Hair perm hair

February 23, 2018 by fengshan  

The very temperament of the long hair perm hairstyle, the dividing line can be a good highlight oval, long curly hair stretched your cheek line. Both sides of the bangs cut Yan at the same time do not forget to show your face, appear particularly temperament.

The fringe of the division is very good, just close to the sides of the chin, with natural fluffy curly radian, foil a lovely temperament. Cheeks curly curls tail without rules scattered on the shoulder, super elegant, very show temperament Oh! The face effect is excellent. tyme hair curler  is so good than other product.

Maroon staining will not appear excessive exaggeration, but very fashionable, curved full soft curly hair warm and obvious temperament. The thick, oblique bangs create an elegant style that outlines your unique beauty.Wholesale Tyme Iron  on our store.

Super Goddess style of a hairstyle, belonging to the Korean style of curly hair, volume rich, foil a charming temperament, cosmetic round face, revealing the forehead is not afraid of the cold, in this winter season the most popular.