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Elegant and understanding of large wavy curly hair

February 14, 2018 by fengshan  

This curly-haired radian is a great boost to personal fashion and sexuality, highlighting women. Oblique points of the Liu Qi is a good decoration of the face, with a beautiful hair ornaments, is sweet and elegant, goddess fan full!

Natural fluffy Korean curly hair, the young girl's dynamic and vitality of the show is exhaustive. The thin Liu Qi highlights the sweet heart of a round-faced sister paper, the hair on both sides of the cheek, and a good cosmetic face. In the match with a beautiful skirt, absolute popularity hundred!

The curls to the side of the head, the side of the modelling revealed a sexy amorous feelings, showing the elegance and charm of women. Natural fall down the hair thick and with texture, fluffy curls are more people filled with fashionable temperament, very charming Oh!tyme curling irons is excellent for thick, course hair and does straighten and smooth very quickly.


Elegant and understanding of the large wavy hair hairstyle, full of thick feminine taste. Slightly oblique fringe design, cleverly decorated with small exquisite oval. Wine red hair color so that the overall shape more fashion sense, charm index straight up!tyme curling iron promotions  for you.

Nowadays DIT hairstyles have become more and more popular

February 12, 2018 by fengshan  

Nowadays, DIT hairstyles have become more and more popular. With a curly hair stick in hand, different styles are rolled out with you. Today, we have a curly hair curling tutorial for you, which will let you curl the endless curls!

1, the first will be curly hair stick preheating, the hair clip Shun.

2, and then use the hair curls at the end of the hair rolled up.

3, the first bundle of hair for the eversion curls.

4, the second bunch of hair is inside the volume of treatment, and so on. tyme iron promo code for women.

5, the following hair after all the volume can be started after the volume below.TYME Titanium Hair Straightener resembles a hair straightener but it is a bigger tool with a rounded barrel. 


6, when the hair after all the volume, the forehead hair to the top of the head have been taken care of the direction of volume, you can show a slightly fluffy effect.

Four simple steps to deal with hair

February 11, 2018 by fengshan  

Step one: first electric hair comb to curly hair finishing well again, so thick hair looks more sense of air, and then the hair is divided into Douding, left, and back of the head three parts, the head less hair bundles and left The side of the hair bundle are down to start to reverse.

Step two: the back of the head of the hair into the left and right sides of the two parts, the left part of the top left also began to twist, with the above two hair strands of braided braid compiled, the right part of the final re-integration come in, as shown Show.tyme iron creates silky smooth and longer lasting curls in minutes! 


Step three: the black hairpin will be scattered hair fixed, and then electric hair comb bangs on both sides of the hair will be hot into the volume of the arc, so that the whole person looks more sweet and sweet temperament.tyme gold plated hair straightener with our shop.

Step four: Finally, the hair on the top and the bangs also use volume comb to create fluffy, very Japanese girl's amount of taste, this plate hairstyle is not very good looking?

Straight hair does not curly graceful

February 10, 2018 by fengshan  

Most suitable for the Royal sister's hair, than in the hair type, curly hair is the domineering highlight, straight hair has a water-like softness, the following together to see Royal sister in the sub-grade, curly hair pk straight hair storm.

The points are Xiu Yan hairstyle, hair from the forehead hanging down from the end of the eye to help you cover the flesh and meat, and then from the neck, the hair into a hot roll, when combing hair curl will naturally open , Showing the degree of natural curly.

Perm hair will be made to create a messy feeling, all the hair will be pulled aside, this can visually reduce the distance of the face, the same will be made in the distribution of retro feeling, add a hair on the forehead, Hawaii vacation style can be interpreted.

Straight hair does not curly curly graceful, but it is expressed in fresh and curly hair can not control the yellow hair in the sunshine is particularly impressive, fluffy hair and huge amount of hair is this winning points Trick.many people search tyme iron for sale. buy tyme iron short hair  on our shop is a nice choice.

In the sub-straight hair Royal sister style can also be transformed into the Mori girl's style, MM's straight hair without deliberate stiff sense, although straight hair, but also because of the natural curved hair, so it is natural, forehead in front A strand of pigtail, instantly up the temperament index.

plit your hair into sections

February 9, 2018 by fengshan  

Even if you have thin hair, you'll get better results if you work with small sections of hair. That way, you can make sure you're curling everything and curl in a more uniform style. Create sections that are slightly smaller in diameter than the curling iron.

Pin or clip up the top section of your hair. Using your thumbs, grab everything that's above the top of your ears and clip it up on top of your head.tyme iron buy on official website.

Release upper sections as you work. When the bottom section of hair is finished, unclip your hair and let out a little more, clipping up the excess again. Continue working this way until all your hair is curled.

Remember that using bigger sections of hair will result in bigger, looser curls, while using smaller sections of hair will give you smaller, tighter ringlets.tyme curling iron  is the best one I have ever had


Long hair gives a sexy feminine feeling

February 6, 2018 by fengshan  

This bangs curly hairstyle gives a feeling of exquisite doll, very cute and age reduction. Fluffy volume brings out a more exquisite face, Qi Liu design is also the favorite of many girls oh.

This Korean long curly hair is very nice, wave-shaped arc, revealing a thick femininity, mid-bang bang design more sweet and pleasant, showing exquisite slap in the face feeling, how to see are a goddess temperament Oh.tyme hair iron promo code on our shop.

This Korean micro-long curly hair with a very sense of the match, the main trend of this year has been this year, the hair hanging on both sides can be well modified facial wide-faced, partial red wine can make you look more stylish fashion van.tyme gold plated hair straightener resembles a hair straightener but it is a bigger tool with a rounded barrel. 


Long curly hair gives sexy feminine feeling, like to tinker hairstyles, ladies can try this curly hair hairstyle Zhafa, Jiao Qiao sweet, feminine Oh!


The law of the wave is messy loose in the body

February 5, 2018 by fengshan  

Fewer girls can try to curl the hair curly, visually increase the amount of hair effect. When hot, hair roots should be as fluffy as possible, hair tail should be as large curvature as possible, so as to be natural and not contrived.

Beauty to the depths of the long wave curly hairstyle, showing a woman's romantic feelings. Big wave curly hair best reflects the woman's sexy and charming, but also the most feminine hair style, many actresses have a long curly hair and glamorous, you want them the same?

Points of long curly hair can be modified cheek apart, but also to create a Queen Fan, the voluminous hair scattered randomly scattered on the body, wearing a summer dress, super romance, wearing a pink rose in the ear, Summer beach to do so is so beautiful.tyme iron short hair is a revolutionary product

In the sub-curly hair, hair to both sides of the bold spread, the wave of law is messy loose in the body, mature romantic beauty. Just a little hot on the forehead, so hair is too close to the forehead, resulting in hairstyle become ugly.tyme iron price is not expensive.

Egg Rolls Hot Hair type is one of the girls ' favorite hairstyles in recent years.

February 3, 2018 by fengshan  

Have a proud body of the Liu Yan has been the figure of the sexy goddess, exquisite curve, a change of hairstyle, small fresh or amorous feelings Chinese are perfect interpretation. Easy to play around the thousands of styles. Today, I counted the sexy goddess Liu Yan long curly hair rubbings, see how she perfect interpretation of small fresh temperament?Wholesale Tyme Iron before find some discount.

Brownish-yellow hair color with messy curls, air feeling full. The natural curly lines are fluffy, with the lazy little sexy, and the hairstyle to brighten the skin and add an exotic flavor to the styling.

From the top of the head to create a fluffy full hairstyle, the inner layer of hair at random curl, sexy temperament with smart sweet, so that Liu Yan incarnation for the charm of small fresh, oxygen full Oh!

This type of hair, hair naturally curly radian, fresh and beautiful. The clear texture and the middle form add feminine charm and highlight the delicate face. With the hair of the sex more with a faint little sexy.tyme gold plated titanium hair  is the best one I have ever had


The hair rolls Perm is one of the girls ' favorite hairstyles in recent years, and the fluffy curly hair looks full of romance and highlights the mature feminine. The overall shape foil each other, lovely and full.

Very natural is very elegant a big wave hairstyle

February 2, 2018 by fengshan  

No matter what kind of girl you are, you can become temperament with a long curly hair. Small seven today, we recommend several temperament was thin face long hair hairstyle, creating a new height of autumn popularity, so you become more beautiful, take a look at it!

What curly hair are all popular in 2014? Egg rolls? No, as long as good looks are popular, this long curly hair design, the hair is divided into multiple parts perm, then the hair curls loosely scattered on the shoulders, it is very vanity.

Very natural is very elegant a large wave hairstyle, people have a beautiful love-like mood, curls on both sides of the hair curls, so simple princess head more charming. Thick thirty-seven bangs, both romantic and elegant, slightly fluffy feeling, to maintain the fresh side of the girl.tyme iron 2 in 1 is so great product for hairstyles.

Korean beauty Cui Zhiyou is the dream of countless men in mind, this long curly hair is more natural and no need to heat, only with a ball of balls every night, and then spread the next day, spray hair styling, natural and very feminine, Leak through the delicate taste.tyme curling iron promotions on our online shop.

Large wavy curls can be said to be the most romantic hairstyle

February 1, 2018 by fengshan  

Large wavy curly hair can be said to be the most romantic hairstyle, rather than the barber shop hot curls than at home diy, their hot hair out of the curls not only natural good care can also be in accordance with their own wishes to create a variety of hairstyles, the steps are very simple, the following to learn!

STEP1: Before ironing the hair, first put the right amount of conditioner on the head, so that not only can protect the hair quality is not damaged, but also can make curly hair more about ze.

STEP2: Then flip the curling hair out of the heated curling iron.

STEP3: Then in the same way, hair tail hot roll.tyme iron 2 in 1 is two-in-one styling iron is making waves in women's high-end beauty products.


STEP4: Finally hair on the spray of stereotypes gel water, such a large wave of curly hair is completed!tyme gold plated hair straightener create any hairstyle in minutes,suit for anytime and anywhere