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How to Select the Right Sitefinity Support Partner

March 6, 2020 by IDS Logic  

If you are looking for a .NET based content management system, then Sitefinity CMS is something that is highly preferred by organizations for its immense flexibility and scalability. But to keep your site updated and running, a regular maintenance is needed and for that you need to choose the right partner, which can support your site and keep it updated as per the market trends. Reports have stated that any mistake in choosing your Sitefinity website maintenance company can create a massive impact on your business and also lead to increased costing and wastage of time.

Here in this article, let’s discuss a few important things to consider while choosing your best Sitefinity support partner:

Your partner capabilities:

The first and the foremost thing that you need to consider before finalizing your future Sitefinity help partner, is that you need to gain the clarity on what they can exactly do and how they can help. You should check their technical capabilities and experience in Sitefinity functional areas that you need to highly focus on. Together with this, you need to evaluate their proficiencies so that they are in line with your future business scope.  Do consider the various business scenarios that they need to handle.

Can they go the extra mile if needed?

Your partner should always be ready to take an extra step to meet your Sitefinity requirements and support you in your difficult times. Though this may not be an easy task to gauge, but it is highly important to consider as any other points. For this, you need to consider interviewing the resources and check their profile details and also test them by offering some work, checking the way they handle the clients before finally signing a long term contract.

Well defined criteria:

Before choosing your Sitefinity CMS maintenance partner, you should have a specified and well defined criterion, which may include the number of sites that you need to build, your current clients and the number of certified Sitefinity developers that you need. The evaluation should not only be limited to the expertise that are relevant to the technologies domains and frameworks, but you should also ensure that they have higher project management capabilities, time management and etc. to deliver good quality of work within the stipulated time period.

The flexibility to work:

Your Sitefinity partner should be able to work as a helping hand for your ongoing Sitefinity project and they should have the capability of handling latest technologies from the very beginning.  So, while looking for a partner having technical and analytical ability, they should also understand the end users and the ultimate end goals of the projects. Your partner should have high flexibility to switch the job requirements of the developers and ramp resources up or down as per your business needs.

Trust and reliability:

Technical skills are your core need, but you may need something more than your partner. It is a good practice if you can take a close look at some of their projects and case studies as this will help you to gain some idea about the real reviews and the type of work that they do. With this, you can be sure that you are dealing with some reliable people possessing professional integrity. So, sign an NDA agreement before starting with the partnership.

Security and privacy:

Data protection, security and privacy are a few things that are crucial for any business and to maintain these, many regulations and laws are introduced. GDRP is such a regulation that has been released to safeguard the information security rights of the users and it is also essential that they have expertise in helping the company to maintain the standards and compliance.


Choosing the best Sitefinity support partner for your business is highly imperative and for the best results, you should consider a few points that will help.  

Reasons to Create a Drupal 8 Website Support and Maintenance Plan

February 20, 2020 by IDS Logic  

Drupal 8 was released a few years back and since then it has been a topic of discussion because of its outstanding features. Several businesses have upgraded to the latest version while there are many who are planning for an upgrade. The new features offer a lot of benefits to all the website stakeholders and it offers a significantly better authoring environment and great improvements for the developers and site builders.

If you are still facing a doubt whether to go for a Drupal 8 upgrade and maintenance, then here are some reasons that will justify it and make it an excellent business decision.

Superior architecture:

Drupal 8 migrations have a superior architecture and it comes with better functionalities when compared to its predecessors. The CMS has a built in QYSIWYG editor that allows the users to edit and preview the content. It also comes with an in place editor that facilitates the editing of content, menus in the same page and blocks. With a Drupal maintenance plan, you can now easily upgrade to the latest version and avail the latest functionalities.

A more secure CMS: 

Drupal 8 has come up with many website security patches and the core modules have a much higher level of scrutiny than the contributed modules of the community. This means that the functionalities have a much stricter review process before they are added to the platform. Hiring a Drupal maintenance company in India will help you to update the critical security patches through their long term support program.

High performance personalization:

Personalized content has become an effective content marketing tool that helps to improve business revenues. Though the previous versions of Drupal offered various modules that support web content personalization features, the new version is better. It comes with the BigPipe module that allows the segregation of the pages into various segments that can be easily rendered as they get cached. This brings great improvement in the performance of the site.

Third party integration support:

There is always a probability that new modules or extensions might not fit in the template that you have in place. It is here that you might need a professional help to prevent any data loss or save delicate business hours. Being a newbie in the market, it is better to avail a professional agency support and look for the right maintenance model so that it is the most economical approach to website maintenance.

Prevent any out of the blue functionality failures:

Button disabilities, payment gateway crashes, content updating issues are just the tip of the iceberg and you may have much more on your site depending on the type of business you have. The service level agreement is customizable based on the needs and the emergency support can help to save from any damage. Integrating any functionalities that are not compatible with your Drupal website may cause great failures. To save from all these hassles, it is a good idea to hire a Drupal support and maintenance service provider.

Disaster recovery plan:

Disaster recovery has always been considered as an expensive policy, but this is the best form of damage control in case of natural calamities or any accidents.  The support and maintenance plan comprises of the plan that ensure minimal disruption to the operations when it is about the visitor’s base and data of the website.


There are numerous factors that needs to be considered when deciding to upgrade to Drupal 8 and avail a regular website support and maintenance plan. Drupal 8 comes with advanced features and a regular maintenance plan can help you get the best out of these features.

The IT Outsourcing Market Now and A Look Ahead

January 29, 2020 by IDS Logic  

Outsourcing has been a hot topic since the year 1989 and it is over the past three decades that it has now become an integral part of online business on a global scale. The IT outsourcing market offers many advantages to the companies that have accelerated the adoption of outsourcing in various industrial sectors.

Global IT outsourcing now refers to those services that are related to technical expertise and helps the organization to manage, optimize, create and access the information and other business processes. It results in higher productivity and reduced operational costs of the company. It is forecasted that the market will see an annual growth rate of about 6% until 2022.

The Growing Size of the IT Outsourcing Market:

More than 93% of the business organizations are now considering the cloud technology to improve their outsourcing. The move towards this technology has helped companies to become more capable and responsive, allowing them to expand their offerings in the existing and new markets. Some stats on the outsourcing market show that a third of all organizations are willing to increase their investment if they get access to cloud service for their outsourcing needs to be more competitive and innovative.

IT Outsourcing having High Storage Capacity to Drive Market Growth:

The IT outsourcing companies in India are now introducing products having a high storage capacity for applications that are in need of storing large amounts of data like video surveillance systems, action cameras, drones. It is the trend of capturing high definition images and videos that are driving the need for this functionality.

The Talent Factor:

Another part of shifting to outsourcing market by many organizations is the tremendous lack of available talent in the emerging technologies like the artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, data analytics and machine learning. The agile IT outsourcing providers that can offer a small team of experts for various projects or even a single dedicated expert help business to keep up with the projects and advancing. Today, IT leaders and organizations are also moving outside of their organization in search of skilled resources rather than wait to hire an internal resource.

Automation and Beyond:

As automation and bots become more popular, manually intensive technical work will slowly fade away. The evolution will need changes in focus for many outsourcing companies to claim a higher position in the value chain. IT outsourcing was once highly focused on non mission critical tasks and support roles, but outsourcing today and beyond should tie directly to business innovations, strategic growth and revenue generation.

IT Outsourcing should Solve Strategic Business Problems: 

As outsourced resources work more with the research and development team on the latest and emerging technologies for the clients, they will be asked to go beyond completing the task work. In the coming years, outsourced providers are likely to become increasingly strategic technology partners whose technology insights are leveraged to help the clients improve the products and services and then gain a competitive advantage.

Analyze the Data and Guide Action:

More and more businesses are not turning to outsource providers to support their complex and growing needs. Instead of simply storing the data as in the years past, IT outsourcing providers will now analyze and visualize the data and help their clients get better business insights and better opportunities from their varied data source.


The global IT outsourcing market is changing a lot and is adopting advanced technologies to help IT companies support their varied operations while offering them business growth.

CakePHP, The Pillar of PHP Frameworks: Biggest Advantages of Using It

January 3, 2020 by IDS Logic  

Created in the year 1995, PHP is considered to be one of the most prominent server side scripting languages that help website owners create rich and functional sites. Even today, according to Google Trends, PHP still outshines most if its competitors. In order to speed up the development process, PHP development has come up with a lot of frameworks that include Laravel, Codelgniter, Symfony, CakePHP and etc. to name a few and each of them have a unique approach.

Understanding CakePHP:

CakePHP is a comprehensive, open source PHP platform that has proved to be very useful and effective in creating web applications in a fast manner. What is important to note is that it helps to make the task simpler by reducing the requirement of building an application from scratch by the developers.

Once the developer has learnt a few convention rules, then the framework’s backend creates everything by itself and makes coding easier and stronger. It is highly organized and comes with the perfect collection of elements. The framework allows the developers to pull any utility classes into their apps and reuse the codes, thus saving a lot of time while creating websites. This modern PHP development framework, offers a flexible database access layer and also a powerful scaffolding system that makes creating both small and complex system easier and simpler. Some outstanding features of CakePHP include:

·         Bake Script

·         Short RL syntax

·         Smarter router prefixes

·         Rich query API

·         Flexible caching

·         Easy database access

·         Secured authentication

·         Smarter router prefixes

·         Fast and flexible templating

CakePHP uses the model view controller:

The cake framework’s MVC implementation follows the concepts that is used by Ruby on Rails. The model layers represent that part of an application that implements the business logic and it supports data handling. Since it is structurally separated, the data can be represented in a different manner based on who requests them.

No pre-configuration needed:

CakePHP is advantageous to the business in the sense that it saves a lot of hassles and no system configuration is done before using the platform. This means that users need not invest in time while configuring Linux- Apache- MySQL-PHP setup. It does this by auto-detection the settings that are to be configured. This saves a lot of precious time by taking charge of the validation that are built-in.

CRUD Scaffolding:

This is the acronym for “create, read, update and delete”. These are the primary actions in a web application and various entities can be created, viewed, read, updated and deleted. This enables you to view your application and all the models and controllers to be modified to meet the specific needs of the application and it also allows easy management of data in the development process.

Easy Database Administration:

While using the CakePHP framework to create a website or an application, database administration becomes very easy as it uses a variety of WASTE Features to administer the database. With this, better maintenance is guaranteed by using the data source functions together with additional performance driven features.


CakePHP is a powerful and sophisticated framework that is incredible and simple to learn. It is because of its rich features that developers prefer to use it in order to develop applications.