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Exciting Design Trends in The World of Fashion

November 7, 2019 by Recursive Fashion  

Either you follow a trend or set a trend! That is the rule of fashion world. Graphic designs have become the current trend in the world of shirts and t-shirts. As it is always said history repeats itself, graphic designs are a digitally reinterpreted form of pre-existing styles and arts. So let us check out some of the exciting design trends below –





  • Isometric Designs

The isometric designs are well-known concepts existing for ages and in this digital world it has found a base to grow again. The simpler and clean drawings in the isometric design offer a 3D look adding a modernish touch to the shirts. Although the designs are simple but have depth effect that amalgamates art with digital creating a trendy outfit to flaunt.


  • Gradient and Duotone Colors

Gradients and duotone colors are one of the most impressive trends when it comes to shirts and t-shirts. Gradients are a trend that will never fade away especially after their impactful rebirth in last few years. Gradients have become an inevitable part of the modern graphic design trends specifically the digital ones. Duotones on the other hand craft colorful shirts and t-shirts using only two colors. The technique is being exploited today to employ bright and expressive colors while simplifying the color palette.


  • Overlapping Patterns

Overlapping patterns are yet another trending fashion in the world of shirts and t-shirts. The technique has been known for its ever evolving design patterns. Numerous brands and designers are experimenting with shapes for creating impactful and impressive shirts and other outfits that the today’s generation will adore completely. You will find a lot of overlapping geometrical shapes, color combinations and other interesting patterns that will fascinate you visually.


  • Bold Colors

The trend of bold colors is getting stronger day after day. Colorful shirts with bold colors are being loved by people of all generations. Bold colors here do not mean supersaturated ones rather it is all about the combination of bold colors and their usages. Simply mixing up these bold colors won’t be that impressive. Today designers are graphically mixing and matching bold colors to craft designs that make the colorful shirts and t-shirts look classy and stylish. One of the most recent fashions is recursive fashion that utilizes numerous bold colors and patterns together to craft unique and exciting prints.


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Colorful Clothing – Adding Liveliness to the Fashion World!

November 2, 2019 by Recursive Fashion  

Our clothing style says a lot about our personality. But do you know the color of our clothing can determine our emotions and mood? Yes that’s true! Colors play a vital role in today’s fashion world. Colorful clothing offers a sense of liveliness and creativity. Color of our clothing carries a lot of emotions and it can change our moods when paired up with other colors. Therefore, color of our clothing is essential when it comes to choosing our clothes.


Unisex Jacket


Let us find out which clothing color depicts what about our personality!

  • Red – Red color is always known to represent passion, energy, extroversion and liveliness. So if you are drawn towards red color clothing then it indicates that you have an aggressive and energetic nature, also you release your emotions quickly!
  • Orange – Orange color depicts friendliness, so if you have affinity towards this color when it comes to clothing then, you are considered as a sociable person who loves to make friends.
  • Yellow – Yellow is a color that is associated with good concentration and healthy mind. So people who like yellow clothing are described as logical and consistent.
  • Green – Green clothing lovers are often considered as extremely social with lots of friends. Also, such people have a balanced personality. They love partying, eating well and living life to the fullest. Another aspect of such personality is their mindfulness regarding social standing, reputation and financial position.
  • Blue – Blue is a color that indicates freshness, loyalty and peace. People who love wearing blue tend to have intense appeal and a good sense of fashion. Also blue clothing represents calmness, truthfulness, confidence and security.
  • Purple – People with great affinity towards art, creativity and imagination usually go for purple color clothing. Such personalities have deeper insight and are quite charming!
  • Black – Black indicates authority. However, today the fashion world says the people who love dressing them in black tend to be more creative and innovative. So if you love black clothing then you have quite a creative personality!
  • White – White is all about simplicity, goodness and precision! If you love white clothing then you are considered as a peace lover, simple and organized personality.

This is what the colors depict! But do you love following trends? Then you must look for colorful clothing where a lot of colors are mixed and matched to create unique and unusual look. Today graphic tees with several patterns and colorful touch are in trend!



Colorful Fashion – Adding Power and Elegance to Attitudes

October 25, 2019 by Recursive Fashion  

Color can wield tremendous power over our persona and attitudes. When we see a color, our eyes begin communicating with the hypothalamus of our brain, which then sends a series of signals to other glands and systems of our body. One of those glands is the thyroid glands, which release hormones that regulate our mood fluctuations, behavior, and emotions. Hence proved that colors affect us tremendously!




Algorithmic Art




Today, colorful fashion is getting more and more popular among people. Hence the fashion world is all set to infuse its creativity into colorful fashion to allure more people. You can find numerous styles, patterns, and designs in the market today that make the color a fashion statement. Let us discover some stylish colorful fashion that will add elegance to your persona and brighten up your daily look –


  • Color Family Infusion


Monochromatic looks are classy! If you are someone who adores the monochromatic look, infusing color families can be your best bet. Using different shades of the same color offers a cohesive look. For instance, go for a combination of darker shades of blue with a lighter shade of blue. 


And to add more elegance, you can pair it up with neutral accessories like silver or gold jewelry, a neutral colored bag or clutch, and likewise. Mixing and matching up color family creates fun and flirty outfits to die for!


  • Diverse Patterns

Playing with colors becomes easier and fun-filled with patterns. So if you are looking for adding lively and colorful clothing to your wardrobe, then go for patterned fashion. A new pattern that is trending the most today is the recursive fashion, which infuses various graphical patterns and designs, creating funky and chic colorful fashion statements. 


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Recursive Fashion – Infusing Life and Color to Our Lives!

October 3, 2019 by Recursive Fashion  

Do you love bright colors? Do you have affinity towards abstract patterns and prints? Would you like to infuse all these into your clothing or fashion accessories? Then recursive fashion is for you! Recursive fashion is all about colors, patterns and prints generated using computer graphics that not only add style but uniqueness to your fashion sense.


phone case


These AI- driven designs enhance the level of fashion a notch higher. Whether you want to buy fashion laden stuff for your own or wish to gift one of your loved ones, you can always opt for recursive fashion clothing or other accessories like phone case, fine cotton scarf, durable pencil case and much more.


Let us check out some of the best recursive fashion stuff that you can get add to your life or gift someone special to make them feel even more special.


  • Unisex Tee


Whether you want a graphically designed tee for your own or want to gift it to someone special in your life, a unisex tee is the perfect option. Even you can two same print tees to revive your love for each other every time you wear it! Pair up the premium cotton T-shirt with beautiful recursive design with cool bottoms on a hot day or layer it with a cardigan or jacket and add a bit of flair to your outfit! You will surely get a lot of compliments from everyone! The unisex tee is printed on both sides!


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Algorithmic Art – A Fun Way to Introduce Algorithms to the World!

September 30, 2019 by Recursive Fashion  

Clothing with algorithmic art has become a trend of today! Not just dress but also people are in love with accessories that have algorithmic print on it! From geometry, abstraction to trending patterns, the algorithmic art has influenced everyone, especially the younger generation.



Algorithmic Art



But what is an algorithmic art all about? What makes it a trend today? Let us find out below –


Algorithmic art is the combination of mathematical reasoning and aesthetic sensibility that are two completely different parts of a brain and have no standard connection. Isn’t that fascinating? Pure algorithmic art is solely dependent upon algorithms without any input or random numbers.


What is an Algorithm?

An algorithm is a mathematical function that has the power to convert a pair of random numbers x and y coordinates which identify a location on the screen of a computer or a piece of paper into a single number which specifies a color.


To make the algorithms even more exciting, one can combine trigonometric functions such as sine and cosine, polynomials, and different other standard functions. Also, one may use more number of specialized functions as building blocks which can be further combined using addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, and compositions.


The resultant algorithm is always produced as real numbers which are then converted into colors using basic methods. Usually, there are two basic methods known. Those are as follows –


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