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Why is My Netgear Router Not working ?

September 7, 2018 by Lucia Smith  


Netgear was first to launch the World’s fastest Wireless router. That’s the latest evolution of a legacy of innovative wireless routers & modem routers. Now a day’s everywhere in home as well as offices now have multiple devices requiring strong, steady Wi-Fi signals. Netgear provides top range of choice to fulfill every type of home requiring necessities. In few cases sometimes you come across any issue like not working of Netgear router. Here in this blog I would assist you to find the reason of not working of Netgear router.

Check if there is no Light even after plugged in, thus it could be a hardware issue but you can follow these steps to diagnose the problem:

• Detach all the cables from your Netgear router. Now plug in the power again.

• Tap the reset button for 30 seconds and wait 1–2 minutes to boot.

• Plug the Ethernet cable again into Netgear router WAN /internet port .Plug another cable from Netgear LAN port to your computer.

• Verify the default gateway in command prompt using IP CONFIG.

• Now login into your router using that IP.

• With the help of router Dashboard you can setup it.

• You should use Wall socket that also resolves mainly all router problems.

• Powers cycle your modem also.

Hope your Router start running in well condition & you may not face any issue further.

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If your Issue is not rectify:

We wish your router start running in normal situation. But if you come across any issue regarding the working of your Netgear router. You can simply dial our Netgear Router  Customer Care Phone Number 1-888-678-5401 to avail world class assistance. All the technicians in our team are trained & certified having years of experience to resolve all your issues. Instead of wasting time, simply dial our toll-free number to avail World-class assistance.

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Resolving Issues Encountered while Accessing the Belkin Router’s Web-Based Setup Page

September 3, 2018 by Lucia Smith  

Belkin routers have built-in web-based setup utilities that will allow you customize settings and set up higher properties. This aspect may be used to simply check, configure, and modify settings on the router.

When do I access the web-based setup page?

While you have the choice to utilize the software that came with your router, accessing the web-based setup page is essential if you come across the following issues while installing or configuring the device:

  • Setup software is not operating.
  • Advance configuration is necessary for certain applications.
  • Local and wireless settings verification.

Road Blocks and Solutions

Accessing the router’s web-based setup page may be obstruct by various factors. When this occurs, verify and correct the following to resolve the problems and successfully login to your routers web-based setup page.

  • Inappropriate cable connection.
  • Not getting of valid IP Address by the router.
  • Wrong router IP address entered in address bar.
  • IP Address issue.
  • Wrong password used to login.
  • Browser issue.

Inappropriate cable connection.

Be confirm that the Ethernet cable (RJ45) linking your Belkin router and computer is not broken. If you are still not able to access the router’s web-based setup page, try using another Ethernet cable.

NOTE: If you are trying to access the router setup wirelessly, be confirm that you are connected to the network of the router.

Not getting of valid IP Address by the router.

Your computer should have a legitimate IP Address from the router for it to be able to correspond and access the web-based setup page. The IP Address of the computer should be in series with the router’s IP segment.

NOTE: It is excellent to set your computer to acquire an IP Address from the router automatically. However, if your computer has a static IP Address, marks down the settings first before you switch the configuration to find an IP Address automatically.

Wrong router IP address entered in address bar

Examining the IP Address of your router before trying to log in to the router’s setup page is significant to guarantee that you are entering the right IP Address in the Address bar. Default settings may not function particularly if you have personalized the settings of your router.

IP Address issue

An IP Address conflict arises when two or more devices use the similar IP Address in the network. In many cases, this occurs when the modem provided by your ISP has the same IP Address as your Belkin router. If your modem and router use similar IP Address, you will have trouble in accessing either of their web-based setup pages. To solve this problem, you may power OFF the modem or unplug the Ethernet cable of the modem from the router, leaving only the connection between your computer and the router.

NOTE: When you’re done creating changes on the web-based setup page of the router, connect the cable coming from the modem to wherever you unplugged it from the router earlier.

Wrong password used to login

Belkin routers don’t have default passwords. If you want to log in to the router’s web-based setup page, enter the IP Address of the router in the Address bar of your browser. Click Login and then Submit.

Browser issue

If you are not able to access the router’s web-based setup page using your favorite web browser, you may also attempt other browsers to detach the problem. Cache and browsing history clearance is also suggested. For browsers that obstruct pop-ups, try allowing pop-ups for the mean time.

Contact us

Hope that you may have resolved the issues. But if your issue is not resolved. Don’t bother just dial at our Belkin Router Customer Service Number “1–888–678–5401”. We have a team of highly certified Experts to deal all your issues. Our first priority is customer satisfaction, thus we always give best from our side.

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August 25, 2018 by Lucia Smith  

It is one of the top-rated, world fastest wireless routers. It is trusted by n numbers of peoples worldwide. It offers best & different range for everyone like as it is used in organization, office & home. It is developed with integrated advanced method, premium wireless technology & provides VPN firewalls. It catches Wi-Fi signals very quickly & strongly within in a range. Sometimes, there is a problem in using Netgear router & the problem which persists due to this error is device driver unable to connect. The cause of this error is IRQ conflict, Adapter not fixed properly & driver inserted wrongly. Here we provide you some steps to fix this problem.

Guides to solve Netgear router error 10:

· Open start menu.

· On my computer do right click & go to properties.

· Then, in system properties, click hardware & then device manager.

· In the device manager, click the Netgear adapter which is yellow exclamation mark in the category.

· Then check the device status, by double clicking on the Netgear adapter in general tab.

Uninstalling & installing the adapter drivers

· Right click on the adapter & click on uninstall.

· Shut down the computer & remove the adapter from computer.

· Then, start the computer & install the drivers.


NOTE: Be sure to use the latest & correct version of your adapter. If you will not install latest version it will create a big problem.


We hope the above steps are helpful to you & with the help of above guidelines you can remove this error. If the error 10 still persists then you can call our Netgear Router Tech Support Number at 1-888-678-5401 .We gives 24/7 support so you can call us as per your time requirement. We provide 100% customer satisfaction. 


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How to Change Tenda Router Password Error

August 17, 2018 by Lucia Smith  

Tenda is very famous brands which deal with electronic gadgets. In the digital world Tenda router is one of the advance, most important & necessary device which people use in their daily life. It is a hardware device by which customers can connect their devices without any wire. It will give a wireless signals platform to connect your devices easily. Though it has lots of advantages but sometimes there is issue while changing password. The problems which occur while changing password are admin panel can’t be accessed; the router may change its address. Here are some steps to fix this error.
Steps to fix the error:
Open web browser
Open web browser & type on URL & then press enter.
Enter password & username
On dashboard enter password & username for the router & then click OK, the default password & username is admin.
Click on advanced router settings.
On the left side of WLAN settings select advance settings.
Click on Tools
On tools click change password, enter the current password in the old password box, and then create the new password & confirm password then click on OK.
Password changed successfully
You will get a pop-up message your password has been changed successfully.
If you didn’t understand above steps then you can call our customer support. We are third party customer care provider by Tenda Router Tech Support & we offer you an excellent arrangement. We give you best experienced people to troubleshoot your problem & give you quick & genuine answer without any future problem. Our first & foremost duty is to provide best customer support. We are also on live chats if you immediately required help & our chat expert’s replies you instantly. We take pleasure in serving our customers no matter what time it is. We give 100% customer satisfaction.
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NETGEAR Router Unknown Errors now Fixed Through Online Support Service

August 10, 2018 by Lucia Smith  

At NETGEAR, we transform thoughts into creative systems administration items that associate individuals, control organizations, and propel the manner in which we live. Simple to utilize, Ground-breaking, Shrewd, Furthermore, composed only for netgear router users.

NETGEAR makes it simple for you to have the most intelligent home in the area, with the most recent, speediest systems administration innovation.

Our scope of simple to-utilize items can enable you to stream film night all the more regularly,

  • Observe nearly anything on your tablet without buffering

  • Monitor your home from your cell phone and store and ensure the greater part of your family's recollections

  • From the most developed remote web availability

  • To prevalent spilling

  • Remote home video observing

  • And capacity arrangements

  • Your home systems administration framework will have the speed

  • Range and execution you require, each time you require it

 At NETGEAR, we center on everything associated, with the objective of making your online experience consistent so you can sit back, unwind and accomplish more.

                                                                    NETGEAR CUSTOMER CARE PROVIDERS

Keeping your clients glad and faithful is everything. At NETGEAR we are committed to your prosperity. That is the reason we convey the apparatuses and arrangements you have to keep your private and business clients associated, profitable and fulfilled. We focus on the points of interest that issue to you to convey custom, practical and adaptable arrangements that add to your main concern.

For More Info:- Netgear Router Customer Care Number

Call at:- 1-888-211-0387


Flexible Customer Support Number for the Router Technical Issues

August 1, 2018 by Lucia Smith  

We are Provide the Best and flexible Customer support for Router Tech issues. In this digital world every people used the different wireless connectivity in daily working areas. Because our mostly work process only depend on internet service that’s why we used Router connection in our office, Home, Collage lab and School Lab, Personal work etc. In the market have different brand Router. Some Users wants faster online customer service for Router because they already one time try to solve Router issue with own experience but in this condition they create another issues with Router call at 1-888-211-0387.

Mostly users have some common issues with Router like switch can be Runner issues, change password issues, Render capacity issues, Many systems connect with one Router server issues, sending issues with Xbox, switch connection issues, Execution of Router switch issues, automatic off issues and many issues faced Router Users. We troubleshoot the most common issue according the customer need without our expert shortage and Phone Number Network Issue. We assist the customer Router issue in proper way. Our Online Router Customer Support Phone Number Provide 24/7 online Router Technical issues support with 100% customer solution satisfaction.

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