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How to clone ID48 96bits with VVDI key tool?

December 15, 2018 by 3635OBD2  

How to clone ID48 96bits withVVDI key tool quickly and easily.


Car model: VW Jetta 2.5 SE – 2014



The new replacement HEAD FLIP KEY – This key doesn’t start the car.



Open the VVDI Key Tool APP on your Phone – Select ID 48 (96) Bits cloning.



Select “Data Acquisition”.



Switch ignition on -Original key.



Cycle the original key on – off several times.

The key tool antenna will need to be placed near to the ignition switch.



Put the original key into key tool.


Select “Upload Data”.


Wait for the calculation.


Put the new chip into Key tool, select “OK”.



The new clone key is ready, start the car.


Verify the 2 keys the clone and original.





Don’t you think it is very easy to clone one ID48 (96bits) via VVDI Key tool


Vxdiag Nano, VCM2, VCM IDS3, which best for Ford diagnostic and programming?

December 15, 2018 by 3635OBD2  

pro-and-con: Vxdiag Nano Ford scanner has diagnostic and programming capability or not? If not, what tools can perform both best: good quality VCM2 from China? VCM IDS3 by Fly? or Launch X431 V tablet?




Positive side: Vxdiag Nano for Ford has diagnostic and programming capability


Feedback 1:

Awesome. Now I have Ford dealer level diagnostic and programming capability for my 2010 Lincoln MKT and 1999 F150. Was able to read codes, do some diagnostic functions, and program a new smart key for my MKT.

I am running this on an ancient Dell D630 laptop running Win7 32 bit.


Here’s what I did:

Changed the time zone on my computer to Beijing time zone (not sure if this is necessary or not)
Installed a copy of VMWare Player
Copied the contents of the CD to my computer desktop
Opened VMWare and created a new virtual machine, selecting the VM file that I transferred to my desktop (largest file in the folder)
Edit virtual machine settings to increase RAM usage to 2gb (it runs very slow with any less)
Play virtual machine file (mine was FORD IDS V107 EN)
Connect the VCX Nano via USB cable
When the VM opens, click “Player” in the top left of the window and scroll down to removable devices
My adapter was called “Future Devices USB Serial Converter” in the window
Click Connect (Disconnect from Host)
Wait for the Virtual Machine to load
Plug the adapter into your car
Click IDS in the virtual machine window and connect to your vehicle
You’re in!

Make sure to watch some videos or read about IDS functions so you don’t break anything as this software has the capability to erase and reprogram modules. Now you never have to pay Ford to diagnose your car again! This is cheaper than one hour of diag time at the dealer.



Feedback 2: add a key to the vehicle PATS system succeed

1: I purchased the device because I needed to add a key to the vehicle PATS system as I only had one key when I brought the car and really wanted a spare in case of loss or damage


The device was able to delete all old keys from the system then and add 2 new keys, whilst I was there I did some software updates on the PCM.


Honestly it really is a good device and works perfectly once you get over the software issue.


A bit of advice with the software is use virtual machine (its easier to delete and start again), and follow video guides found on youtube.


Here is a quick guide for my success:

Use Virtual machine installer found on CD V100, install VM then create a VM

Then on the virtual machine

Install calibration from V81 CD

Install V91 from V100 CD and reboot without opening software

Once rebooted open software and agree to 3 day licence, enter any details

Close software and Install V96 and reboot without opening

Once rebooted you can open software

Install software on CD V100 for the VX device

At this point I just installed deep freeze found on cd V100


Feedback 3: programming modules OK

Product works as designed. Installation was a breeze and troubleshooting within 8-10 minutes of taking it out of the box. I ran through several of the programming modules and all working as expected. For some test you will need the VMM. Overall very satisfied with this product.


Feedback 4: do PCM updates for a Ford and Lincoln OK


Negative side: Key programming not OK, diagnosis OK

Vxdiag for reprogramming is slower than VCM2.For diagnostic is the same. But for new software is Vxdiag better because (black list)only if you have VCM2 with not blacklisted serial.


In Conclusion:

  1. The good quality VCMII clone from china works just like original, which are tested doing good job for both diagnosis and programming.

I bought the SP177-C1 (mhauto forum user suggested)

The inner board seems good… upload photos…



  1. VCM IDS 3 has key programming and module initialization capacity.

Tried my new VCM software and it works . Automatically logs on to the Ford IDs server. key programming and module initialization can work.


Actually, It’s a new “pass thru” device.

Available from here


IDS is out of date. Current version is V110The Vcm 3 works a treat had no problems yet. and running V110.


if you don’t have a licensed IDS or valid subscription. These VCM IDS 3’s could work well as a pass thru device.
Ford does support pass thru devices & provides software for them – Again it’s subscription based.

Only reservation I have is IDS software it’s supplied with. Obviously it’s been rewritten to provide automatic login to Ford’s Servers.
When required to gain access to vehicle security on latest vehicles.

Bearing that in mind. If try to use IDS from Ford. That automatic login would be lost.
We don’t yet know how the ids3 connects do we? It’s like anything tho, for now it works so use it, make your money back and hope it lasts, same principle as the clone vcm1 and 2.

Attach 6 images on how to do Mondeo module key programming by VCM IDS 3 V104.04:

ids3 menu-01ids3 menu-02ids3 menu-03ids3 menu-04ids3 menu-05ids3 menu-06



  1. Or Launch X431 V 8″+ tablet has module programming capacity.

Reading from the first picture X431 V 8″ tablet newest Ford V46.42 can test different Ford models up to 2017. It currently includes PCM, ABS, 4WAL, RCM,EATC, ECS, IABM, RAP, PAM, 4X4, 4WAS, CTM, OTC, ICM, PATS, ARC, LCM, DDM…”

x431 v 8inch ford-01


General Test Results:

Ford Module programming…works

OBD diagnosing …works

Special functions … works


Options display:

Automatically Search

Manually Select

Manually Reset Service

F-650 / F-750 Test Specification (VCM can’t cover)

x431 v 8inch ford-02


After choosing “Automatically Search”, get option:

System Scan

System Selection

Special function

Module Programming

Vehicle information

x431 v 8inch ford automatically search-03


Module Programming options:

ACM (Audio Control Module)

CDP (Compact Disc Player)

x431 v 8inch ford module Programming-04

That’s all

Hope this post helps.


OBDSTAR X300 DP/DP PLUS/X300 Pro3 IMMO function new update(14/12/2018)

December 14, 2018 by 3635OBD2  

OBDSTAR X300 DP/DP PLUS/X300 Pro3 IMMO function new update:


X14XE/X16XEL/Z12XE/Z14XE/Z14XEP/Z16XE engine pin code reading via OBD

Smmart No need pin code

BR453 key programming bypass via OBD


Adds Twingo 2014- (No need Pin code)

Key programming and data recovery function


Adds XRAY 2015- (No need Pin code)

Key programming and data recovery function


Adds Lodgy Type 2 (No need Pin code)

Key programming and data recovery function


500(2008-)/Grand Punto(2006-)/Punto(2006)

Pin code reading and key precoding via OBD


Use Xtool Anyscan A30 diagnose Audi A6 2011 with an iPhone

December 14, 2018 by 3635OBD2  

How to use Xtool Anyscan A30 to diagnose with Audi A6 2011 an iPhone: Open the box to see what includes – Download “xtool anyscan” from Apple store -Register an account – Load the diagnostic software -Dagnose and service reset -Update – Bluetooth settings etc.

1. Open the Box
I have Xtool Anyscan A30 adapter, specification sheet, certification and an extension cable.

2. With a iPhone, open Apple store to search “xtool anyscan“.

3. Next is to register an account and activate the Anyscan A30.
The activation page will pop up when you open the APP.
Firstly enter the activation code wrote in the certification, there are 6 digit of letters and figures letters must be capitalized.
The serial number is at the back of the machine.
Then setup your user name and email account (It must be a real email address you use it too).

4. Next is to download the car diagnostic software to the APP of iPhone not contain the software, we need to activate and finish updating all the downloaded software. The software is large, please wait to download.

5. Please connect the extension cable to the 16pin port and another end to Xtool Anyscan A30 adapter.

It shows connected successfully, I have 3 service functions.

Get on the car and switch ignition on.
Match the Bluetooth from the software of Phone.

7. Choose model Audi A6 2011, we can see there are 3 options: Automatic selection, manual selection, system selection.

Here we see all the systems of the car, choose one of them to coding engine control module. Read information and successfully to get it. Read fault codes.

I can not share all Xtool Anyscan A30 can do here because of the time and energy,  it’s true I begin to love it. Xtool Anyscan A30 is a small but smart diagnostic scanner. It will be a must-have tool in the daily use especially for the DIY user will enjoy to have one.


How does Vpecker diagnose Opel Astra H ?

December 13, 2018 by 3635OBD2  

Got one Vpecker diagnostic adapter, it perfectly diagnose Opel Astra H, here I’d share the procedure.

Video demo:


Click on “Diagnosis service”



Europe – Opel



You can see Vpecker covers Opel up to 2017 models……

Downloading communication program…

Launching the diagnostic program…



Europe Opel.



Vpecker covers Opel up to 2017 models from 2004 year.



Vpecker Opel coverage:









Speedster / VX220





After choosing “Astra-H”, select system from:







After choosing “Vehicle”, come to “Vehicle DTC information”.



Read all fault codes.



Get message “Turn Radio and Ignition on.”.



Connecting ECU…

Reading fault code(s)…

Connecting ECU…

Get fault codes, description, status.





Select “Engine”, then ” Z 14 XEP”.



Try other type


Back to select “Z 17 DTH”.



Read out fault codes for Z 17 DTH.



Back to select “Data Stream List”, then “Diagnose Actual Values”.



Back to “Vehicle DTC Information” option and you will find Vpecker read out the same fault codes “P0234-5A” as you enter “Engine” option.


Erase fault codes.



All fault codes are erased.



End the Opel vehicle test.

Exit Vpecker diagnostic software.



How to make X431 HD work in the Android device without X431pad?

December 12, 2018 by 3635OBD2  

The X431 original Pad use Android OS, therefore the app for X431 adapter can be use with the Android device without X431 Pad original!

LAUNCH X431 HD Heavy Duty Adapter


Just use my link and install it on any appropriate android.



It can work on both cars and trucks if you have the appropriate subscription.

Also, the good folks who manage x-diag pro can hook you up with the subscription to cover both trucks and cars, ie 12v and 24v.


That means: For 12v truck easydiag can work if you have files ect. But for 24v truck u will blown unit  Original Xpro3 or launch devices for truck 24v use adaptor to protect unit .


Using Tis:CG-PRO programs Jaguar Land rover KVM key

December 12, 2018 by 3635OBD2  

How to use CG-PRO to program Jaguar Land rover KVM key (with BCM / RFA IMMO box).

Here we go:

Part 1: Read out the data from smart computer and IMMO box.



  1. Dismantle the smart computer and the IMMO box from the car.


Image 1: BCM immo box



Image 2: Smart ECU RFA


Click on “Diagram” in the CG Pro software to follow the wiring.



Here BCM wiring diagram in the CG Pro software.



BCM physical wiring



Land Rover RFA 2m53J 9S12XET256 wiring diagram in the CG Pro software.



Land Rover RFA smart ECU physical wiring:

You need not connect the clock line first, if you get message to decrypt when reading, then connect the clock line according to the software wiring diagram.



Select BCM or RFA module, read and save the data.





Tip: after the data is read out, do not unplug the cable and adapters immediately, because you are required to write key and then rewrite data later.



Part 2: Load the data into CG Pro software to program key

Click on “Key” – ” Jaguar / Land Rover” – Model [KVM – XEP100 (BCM) for example], then click on “Key Function” to enter the key programming menu options incl. load KVM DFLASH, load KVM EEPROM, Load BCM DFLASH, Read key, Write key etc.





KVM Key programming tips:

Step 1: Load KVM DFLASH


Step 2: Load KVM EEPROM

This function is for emergency start (optional). If you need to operate this option, please read out the BCM immo data and meanwhile tick on this option when key is programming, then load BCM data.


Step 3: Place a blank key into the CG Pro key programmer, click on “Read key” button.

***Can read key ID and check if the key is placed correctly.


Step 4: Select key position and then click on “Write key” button.



Please save the data in the order of DFLASH,EEPROM,BCM.


Part 3: Rewrite the data generated after key matching.



  1. Back to the main menu where you read out the data just now.
  2. Open the corresponding data saved after the key is written.
  3. Write data after connecting the computer.



Now, you can remove all the cables, then reinstall the KVM module back to the car.


Big thanks to CG PRO for what it can do!


Mercedes ME9.7 Engine ECU broken, new ECU & Ktag will do the job

December 11, 2018 by 3635OBD2  

Mercedes ME9.7 ECU ECM Engine get broken or you are considering to replace a used ECM, then you need a brand new ECM to contain new data, and also a Ktag / KTM100 to read/ Write ECU data, also a Special renew cable to make the reading job easier instead of dismantling the ECU.


Here we go for what needs and how to do step by step.



  1. Brand new Mercedes ME9.7 ECU ECM Engine.

Attach images from outside and inside

mercedes-me9-7-me 9-7-ecu-ecm-engine-computer-01


mercedes-me9-7-me 9-7-ecu-ecm-engine-computer-02


mercedes-me9-7-me 9-7-ecu-ecm-engine-computer-03



1) Has a wide Mercedes coverage incl. C series, E series, CLK cars, CLS sports cars, S Series, M Series, R Series, GLK cars etc.


2) Compatible with all series of 237 engine 4.6L 4633CC V8/ 5.5L5641CC V8


3) Can unlock an used ME9.7 ECM in order to adapt it with SDS, Autologic etc.


4) can directly install into the car and use MB star C4 /C5 to perform online programming.


5) Can perform renewing ECU repeatedly with a renew cable instead of dismantling the shell.



image 2: Mercedes Benz ECU ME9.7/272-273/ Renew Cable

If the original ECU is not broken, this renew cable can be connected to the ECU to read out the data with Ktag, then write into the new Mercedes ME9.7 ECU.


  1. Ktag V7.020 / KTM100:

After the original ECU data is read out, you can use the Mercedes ECU ME9.7/272/273/ renew cable to connect KTM100 or KTAG

to write the new ECU data into the new Mercedes ME9.7 ME 9.7 ECU ECM Engine instead of dismantling the new ECU.

This Mercedes ME9.7 renew cable is tested 100% ok on the following two Ktag cables:

Ktag V7.020 with 4 led indicators (Red PCB)

Ktag V7.020 (Red PCB)

mercedes-me9-7-ecu-ecm-engine-renew-cable- ktag-v7.020-03



How to do?

Step 1:

Read out the original Mercedes ME9.7 ECU data with KTAG.

Here a procedure you can follow: https://www.obdexpress.co.uk/service/fw670-ktag-v213-technical-support-12459.html

***Now, don’t forget the above-mentioned renew cable, with it you don’t need to dismantle the ECU.


Step 2:

Install the brand new Mercedes ME9.7 ECU ECM Engine.


Step 3:

Write the original ME9.7 ECM data into the brand new ECM with the help of Ktag / KTM100.


That’s all




Can I buy Lonsdor K518ise for BMW CAS keys only?

December 7, 2018 by 3635OBD2  

Hello, mates I bought Lonsdor K518ise for CAS keys. The ford nissan and toyota can be done by even other very cheap programmers.

Lonsdor K518ise


As long as Lonsdor cannot do BMW CAS keys it is useless to me. On all other cars I have even cheaper tools that don’t even cost half the cost of Lonsdor updates that do the job. Don’t tell me about toyota, ford, nissan etc and argue that Lonsdor is still agood tool. I hate this people who distroyed this tool with passion. I wish they could be hit by lightning. They have messed up my business and my life after spending so much on this tool.


In my country CAS3 is the most common bmw. Cas 3+ is starting to come in. If lonsdor could work as I had planned, by the time FEM and cas 3++ become common I would have bought another tool that can do them.


Lonsdor was doing everything for me on BMW here in my earth until your friends messed it up.


It was good for a starter if u get my point. I know its not the best but at least I was doing well on CAS2 and 3 until they messed it up. So instate of paying $600 for this unreliable tool I will rather add more slowly until I afford vvdi2.


Since removing the car logos, my lonsdor cant do anything successfully on bmw. And on my tool BMW is red. Meaning soon I will have to pay for updates in order for it to work properly like before


I had successfully done CAS 2 and 3 easily and also several times synchronised DME on cars that that were failing to start. Now my tool cant do any of those successfully


Here are references i used:

Lonsdor K518ISE BMW CAS2/CAS3 Manual: Functions, How to, Car List


Lonsdor K518ISE works with BMW FEM/BDC CAS2/3/4/4+, How to?


Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer FAQ(Attachment Tested Video)

Lonsdor K518ise Reviews: Europe, USA, Japan Vehicles Done!


How to update cloned GM MDI serial number

December 6, 2018 by 3635OBD2  

Here are some great tips and guides of GM MDI clone serial number update if you need to.


The GM MDI serial number is in the 16mb on board flash memory – the intel chip on the computer sub-board.

You can get u-boot access by making up a serial cable. Signals are available on the 8 pin mini din on the outside of the MDI case. pin 1 goes to PC TX (MDI
RX), pin 2 goes to PC RX (MDI TX). Pin 3 goes to ground. Then when you boot:

Quote:U-Boot 1.1.4 (Dec 21 2007 – 12:11:55) ETAS VCI

U-Boot code: A3F00000 -> A3F218F0 BSS: -> A3F27524
RAM Configuration: TRITON 270 II
Bank #0: a0000000 64 MB
Bank #1: a4000000 64 MB
HW Configuration: (0x207) MDI VCI with SMSC9116
Found P30 Flash, unlocking all blocks: 130
Flash: 16 MB
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
$ help
? – alias for ‘help’
askenv – get environment variables from stdin
autoscr – run script from memory
base – print or set address offset
bdinfo – print Board Info structure
boot – boot default, i.e., run ‘bootcmd’
bootd – boot default, i.e., run ‘bootcmd’
bootm – boot application image from memory
bootp – boot image via network using BootP/TFTP protocol
cmp – memory compare
coninfo – print console devices and information
cp – memory copy
crc32 – checksum calculation
dhcp – invoke DHCP client to obtain IP/boot params
echo – echo args to console
erase – erase FLASH memory
exit – exit script
flinfo – print FLASH memory information
flock – physical lock of Strataflash
funlock – physical unlock of Strataflash
go – start application at address ‘addr’
help – print online help
iminfo – print header information for application image
imls – list all images found in flash
increnv – increment environment variables
itest – return true/false on integer compare
loadb – load binary file over serial line (kermit mode)
loads – load S-Record file over serial line
loop – infinite loop on address range
macaddr – display or store MAC address in Strataflash
mapadd – add a memory map item
mapdel – delete a memory map item
mapinfo – display the memory map information
md – memory display
mm – memory modify (auto-incrementing)
mmcinfo – get info on mmc(sd) card
mtest – simple RAM test
mw – memory write (fill)
nfs – boot image via network using NFS protocol
nm – memory modify (constant address)
ping – send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network host
pinit – PCMCIA sub-system
printenv- print environment variables
protect – enable or disable FLASH write protection
rarpboot- boot image via network using RARP/TFTP protocol
reset – Perform RESET of the CPU
run – run commands in an environment variable
saveenv – save environment variables to persistent storage
serialnum – display or store serial number in Strataflash
setenv – set environment variables
sleep – delay execution for some time
test – minimal test like /bin/sh
tftpboot- boot image via network using TFTP protocol
version – print monitor version

The problem is the serial number and MAC flash partitions are misaligned from
the flash erase block boundaries, which forces them to mount read only. Because
of this the update commands don’t work 
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