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Free download Crack JLR SDD V158 software with patch

September 23, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Sharing JLR SDD V158 & Pathfinder with patch free download source.


Firstly free download JLR SDD V158 & Pathfinder:


Only download "SDD_158_FULL.exe"


Then download patch:


No password

From mhh forum, try at your own risky.


SDD V158 software is compatible with J2534 adapters: like JLR Mangoose (35.99euro, image 1) or JLR Mangoose SDD Pro (44.99euro, image 2).

jlr-mangoose-sdd-v158-01 jlr-mangoose-sdd-v158-02


JDD V158 Released year and data: 2019 year


Operation System: Win7 8 10 32bit


SDD V158 is multi language available: English, German, Russian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese.


SDD V158 updates: Software optimization


SDD V158 capabilities and Jaguar Land Rover coverage:

Jaguar /Land Rover - Symptom Driven diagnostic software

Software for the diagnosis and repair of cars Jaguar, Land Rover.


For Land Rover: L316, L319, L320, L322, L359, L538 etc.For Jaguar: X100, X150, X202, X250, X350, X351, X400 etc.

Jaguar and Land Rover Years Covered: 2016-2018



SDD V158 is not widely tested working fine, only a little part of users tried it and share their experience in forums. If you wanna try, this poster is not responsible for any risk after you try the first two links.



V158 JLR mangoose Pro for Jaguar and Land Rover:




3 Tips Of OBDSTAR Odomter Correction For Peugeot Citroen

September 21, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Here has some important tips of how to use OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS to change KM For Peugeot Citroen


Be sure to backup before correcting mileage.


1: The dashboard mileage should be corrected first ( Because the dashboard needs to through BSI to communication via OBD).



When the screen displays “Mileage correction Succeed”, quickly unplug the dashboard or the dashboard fuse when the ignition is ON (Note: Don’t turn off the ignition and then unplug the dashboard, otherwise it will be synchronized by BSI).


3: Adjust BSI freely without plugging to the dashboard.


  1. After both the dashboard and BSI is reset successfully, plug the dashboard or the fuse.




Good luck.


More info: OBDSTAR DP Plus done Peugeot Citroen BSI odometer correction:

JC BSI2004-H0X









JC BSI2004-H0X









KwikDecoder HU66 vs. Lishi Hu66

September 21, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

KwikDecoder HU66 and Lishi HU66 lock pick and decoder are very hot sale locksmiths’ tool, Here has some reviews of them, aiming to help you decide which one you prefer.


First is Kwik Decoder HU66 Lock Pick 2-in1 feedback


Feedback 1:

I have used a lot the turbodecoders before and for me is easy to use this Kwik Decoder HU66 tool.


Feedback 2: 

simpler to useI have received today. Have tested in a golf V and works good.


Feedback 3:

I tried in a 2015 vw Jetta didn’t work, 2012 vw passat it works and successfully read and make a key akl.


Feedback 4:

For Ford tibbe souber tibbe keys, never failed me door or ignition best investment.


Feedback 5:

Audi A4(B6) 2004- ok
Passat B7 2012 – ok



Image source: http://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/kwik-hu66-decoder.html


Second is Lishi HU66 2-in-1 Lock Pick and Decoder feedback

Feedback 1:

With regards hu66 , I have Lishi , not only does it open hu66 in under a minute but it also decodes as well in another minute and is very cheap (€27.99).


Feedback 2:

I prefer always Lishi Hu66 pick and decode. It will need more skill to do but that the way I can learn.


Feedback 3:

HU66 is quick with Lishi and decode is accurate.


Feedback 4:

Lishi is far too low priced these days , but still very fast and accurate and does require some skill and knowledge despite being easy to use





To be continued…



Benz sprinter 906 All key lost done by Autel Gbox in 10 min

September 20, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

With Autel Gbox, with Auro IM600 connecting with XP400 & J2534 ECU Programmer, Benz sprinter 906 All key lost done successfully.


Image one shows: Succeed in computing password, key password is xxxxxx.

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-01


Image two shows the complete connection among Autel G-box, Auro IM600, XP400 & J2534 ECU Programmer:

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-02


It's nice to read the Autel G-box reference guide:

Zoom to see it clearly.

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-03


The colorful Autel G-box is more enjoyable:

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-04 benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-05


Bought it from







Which Tool Can Do BMW GT F07. 2009 Odometer Correction?

September 19, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Have BMW GT F07. 2009, CAS 4 to change mileage, use obdstar 300m? VVDI Pro + Special programmer? BMW explorer? and how to do? read this article.


Car model: BMW GT F07. 2009, CAS 4


Purpose: change mileage in this car


BMW CAS4 key programmer options:

  1. obdstar 300m: NO BMW on list


  1. VVDI Pro + Special programmer:


If to do all correct, with vvdi Pro this job 100% safe for you!

For cas4, the mileage value is in the chip, you can use VVDI Pro to read out the chip data. Then you can modify the data or use a special programmer.



cas4: program with special tool (use search on google or forum) or put canfilter if you want to go the easy/safe way.

dash eeprom: need special programmer, or replace eeprom.

then remove dtc, and keep in mind mileage is also in other modules (use bmwcleaner for this job, but is not cheap)


  1. BMW explorer

About safe job!

Other modules with explorer 50/50 and 0,01% after try same ecu is crap or death.

So......it's not safe tool for this job!




(Solved) Ktag V7.020 Car Protocols Gray Buttons

September 18, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Offer working solution to Ktag 7.020 error " any car protocols its gray buttons", can't select or choose any cars . ktag v7.020 does communicate between laptop and ktag device and can select cars/trucks/....etc


It does have power.



Possible reason and solution:

  1. connect 12v adapter.


  1. The problem is in the SD CARD that is in the interface. I had the same problem and solved it. Programming the sd card for KTAG and KESS is a very difficult process that cannot be done by everyone. There are two options 1. that somebody who knows, do - can program a new sd card or other option to buy SD CARD.



  1. or the problem is with nxp.

Here is NXP chip sold in China.



Last but not least, ensure you have one good quality of Ktag clone. i.e SE135-B1 (73.39euro, red pcb), SE135-E (63.22euro, red pcb).



IPROG+ For Isuzu Dmax 2010 all key lost

September 18, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Confirmed: Isuzu Dmax 2010 all key lost done by Iprog+ clone.


Images mean a lot:

isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-01 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-02 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-03


Iprog+ clone V77 software free download


No password


Iprog+ clone V76 software free download


No password


Iprog+ clone hardware source:



Iprog+ clone V77 installation and test reports:



Iprog+ clone V76 installation and test reports:


Toyota Avensis 93C46 KM reset done using Iprog+ clone V76

IMMO feedback Toyota copy ID 67 68 70 94 D4, smart key, transponder etc

Read write chips of Atmel, Fujitsu & microchips, Motorola, Motorola 912EN etc

Toyota RAV4 odometer correction.



Which Tool Or Software Can Remove PDF, EGR, Adblue,NOX?

September 17, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

If you are looking for a recommendation for an OBD tool and software for removing or modifying files on most makes and models. Please read this article.


As I know you need more than one tool:

About 90% of people are using clone or reworked tools like kess or mpps.

You need more than one tool:

Hardware: Kess + Ktag for reading/writing

Software: Winols /ECM TITANIUM for modifying files (if you know the maps of it).


If will be for yourself use kess ktag clone is the best option.


the mpps is good but not in all cases . Mpps i think is more fastes . But kess have more ecu`s . For dpf egr etc. you can use ADS DPF, EGR remover but not all solution are good . You need to learn Winols.


For kess, KESS V5.017 No Token RED PCB. it is a clone but is very good.


Read this article: Best ECU programmer China Clone buying guide.

This article is trying to talk about the best ECU programmers China Clone incl. Ktag running ksuite, Kess V2 master running ksuite, FGtech Gallote V54, MPPS V18, renolink Renault ECU programmer etc.


Read this article: Clone Kess 5.017 Ksuite 2.47 review


One more helpful article: all ECU programmer China Clone software download


Hope it helps.


How to update Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus

September 16, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

This article is available with cutter/clamp installation and online update instructions on Xhorse Condor XC- Mini Plus key cutting machine.


Installation instruction 

-How to install cutter on Condor XC-Mini ii

-How to uninstall cutter on Condor XC-Mini ii

-How to install clamp on Condor XC-Mini ii


Online update 


-How to update on Xhorse APP


In detail…


Installation instruction

How to install cutter on Condor XC-Mini ii?




Step 1: Put the cutter into the mounting hole and make sure the cutter goes to the limit of top

Step 2: Use the cutter tightening wrench to clockwise fix the cutter.


How to uninstall cutter on Condor XC-Mini II?



Step 1: Counter-clockwise unscrew the cutter manually

Step 2: Take the cutter off when it is loose


How to install clamp on Condor Mini Plus?



Step 1: Loosening the clamp tightening wrench by turning it counter-clockwise to the left

Step 2: Select the correct clamp and slide in the clamp to the clamp holder and push it to the limit of left

Step 3: After the clamp is put in the clamp platform, turn the clamp tightening wrench clockwise for fix it


XC-Mini Plus clamps display


Clamp M1 (Standard fixture)




Clamp M2 (Standard fixture)




Clamp M3 (Optional Clamp)




Clamp M4 (Optional Clamp)




Clamp M2 sides selection




Clamp M4 instruction



Clamp M4 for household keys, mainly support standard single and double sided keys, also for crucifix keys, example as follows:


Sided keys




Crucifix keys




Online update

There are 3 ways to get “'Upgrade kit” file for firmware update

Method 1: Contact your distributor ask for the software

Method 2: Contact Xhorse technical support skype: Live: condor_keymachine@hotmail.com

Method 3: Scan the QR code to download and install Xhorse APP



Step 1: Unzip the “Upgrade kit” file after the file has been downloaded




Step 2: Run “Upgrade Kit.exe” and connect the machine with the pc

Do not turn off the machine during update process and also the upgrade kit software will update automatically




Step 4: After the machine is successfully communicated with the computer

Read the serial number, then select the XCMINIPLUS and click to update


Note: Please keep the machine connected to the computer by USB during the update.



Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus automatic key cutting machine:



That’s all. Hope it helps!



Laptop Advice For Xentry XDOS on SD connect C4

September 16, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Here are laptops can work for Mercedes software incl. (the latest: 2019.9 SSD software)

1. D-A-S / Xentry 2019.9: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System

Concise interface and straightforward operation with IB M high-quality computer can realize the quick and accurate code reading and the whole car system testing

2. W-I-S net 2018.11: Workshop Information System

Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car, component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail.

3. EPC.net 2018.11: Electronic Parts Catalog

4. ST Finder: Part Location Finder options: 2008 and 2016

5. STARUTILITIES : the movement management system and self-test

6. SDMEDIA 2014

7. PL73: 2016 Mercedes software with PL70

8. DTS Monaco
9. Vediamo


Laptops confirmed to work good: (Windows 7 or Windows 10)

DELL D630, D6440, E5430, E5440, E6520, E6410, evg7 tablet, lenovo, panasonic laptop


Here are some plug-play kit ready for use when you receive the parcel.but other is only laptop device, you can contact us to buy to make a kit

Dell d630 laptop:

Lenovo X220 Laptop:

Lenovo T410 Laptop:

Panasonic CF19 Laptop:

Panasonic CF52 Laptop:


EVG7 4GB Tablet:


The software can be installed before delivery.

Then you can use it for diagnosis and programming:



1.1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart ;

2.All electric system Diagnostic;(Do not include flash code)

3.reading trouble code

4.erasing trouble code



7.component testing


9.information consultation

10.component location diagram

11.wiring diagram

Testable system: