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A multi brand diagnostic tool in a budget of 100/150 €

September 6, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

looking for a multi brand diagnostic tool in a budget of 100/150 € (I already have a netbook running XP) I cannot afford to take a kts. Of course the most complete tool that can fit in all calculators (engine, abs / esp, air bag ect) but also it can do the reset to revision such as fiat / alpha, vw


Option 1. Delphi DS150e/ Autocom / wow

The above three are very good interfaces for all multibrand.
delphi and autocom it's the same.
you can also use wow.
like all multibrand you will never have access to 100% on all calculators.


Option 2. Look here Multidiag Pro


obdexpress.co.uk is the site that has the least problem, buying on the internet nobody is safe from a problem.


Option 3: multidiag actia J2534

I have many recent cars that come in maintenance at home.

Here's what I want to do with:
Clear maintenance codes
Find fault codes
Clear ABS or TRACK codes
Can reset the FAP level
No repro

Multi-Diag Access J2534

Question: which software and interface to invest?


There is enough about the choice of a multi-brand, such as multidiag actia, Delphi DS150e, Autocom, wow, Multidiag Pro and more.


Topic 1: opinion on actia multidiag compare to ds150e ci actia

between the 2 tools there is a difference!
one will be performent on some vehicles and none on others
the other will do the opposite!
example multidiag is not very good in Japanese and very good in the French (but not all)
so the 2 tools are complete!

The 2 can be near the same skills the difference is played on the types of vehicle (European vehicle => actia, exter europe => delphi, although the two are doing very well). The ideal is still diag own manufacturer but hey it's still expensive to add lol.


Topic 2: Can ACTIA Multi-Diag work with a DS150e interface?

Fact: actia multidiag only works with its software and the serial numbers of its peak and with no other software so it does not work with ds150.
Ds150 works with delphi.


Topic 3: with a vci multidiag you can do vida (volvo), I mean that with our vci actia multidiag we can diag with the soft Vida if it's the case you try or you have to change the vci.

Tested it works without anything modified, the multidiag compatible with SAE J2534


That's all.








Diagnose Nissan 2007 x-trail 2.0 dci with Consult III or Multidiag Actia J2534?

September 5, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Car model and year: Nissan 2007 x-trail 2.0 dci



I especially try to diagnose effectively, clear the defects, possibly handle this damn Fap ....

I am looking for a tool do, for example, resets after "organ" change like egr valves on Nissan. Is it able to perform tests?


Tool to consider:

Multidiag Actia J2534

Consult III could see on obdexpress.co.uk €118 and €225

Advice: if you just want to make an xtrail take the consult III.


Comes one question: on this obdexpress.co.uk site, we find two interfaces consult one at €118 and the other $225 without I can distinguish the differences in features. Is there a big difference between the two?



yes it will be much more effective on Nissan than a multi-brand!

already between the one at €118 and €225 there is a difference is that the most expensive has Bluetooth and not the other. the most expensive comes with a suitcase the other is a carton, after there may be the quality of the components used which is different!

but otherwise the 2 will do the same thing except that the $118 has to be connected to the pc by a USB cord

So, you are supposed to go to one of these two interfaces Nissan consult III.




How to Read MG350 BCM 95160 Pin Code with OBDSTAR DP PLUS

September 2, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

How-to: Extract MG350 95160 pin code by OBDSTAR  X300 DP Plus key programmer.

Remove eeprom IC 95160 and solder it to P001 eeprom 3-in-1 adapter

In X300 DP Plus, select Immobilizer->PIC/Freescale-> PIC/Freescale Adapter V34.04->EEPROM->Read Pin Code->MG->MG5->BCM 95160->








Make sure OBDSTAR P001 programmer is connected with X300 DP Plus
Reading data in process
Read data success. Save data.


Read 4-digit pin code success


You can read MG350 pin code with OBDSTAR X100 Pro and EEPROM/PIC adapter as well.

Why GM MDI instead of Tech II scanner?

September 2, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Topic: For GM 2018 2019 Diagnostic Programming,VXDIAG VCX NANO GM or GM Tech2  or GM MDI?



One comparison table among VXDIAG VCX NANO GM, GM Tech2 & GM MDI:





GM Tech II scanner




 GM Tech II scanner


GDS2 (2014) /Tech2Win

GDS 2 (2011)Tech2 Win


Need computer

Yes, it's PC-based.

Yes, it's PC-based.

TIS2000 on WinXP



Win7 32/64bit /Win8 64bit system

Package software: Win XP only


v2016.11 software: Win 7

Win XP for TIS2000




Multi-Language(depends on vehicles)


YES, VXDIAG GM has wifi version and USB version

WIFI and USB connection



wireless basic diagnostic

wireless basic diagnostic

basic diagnosis


GM TIS2WEB online Service Programming System (SPS)

wireless online programming


offline programming ,such as European Chevrolet, Opel, but not for all cars

Online programming with TIS2000 on Saab/Opel (-2008)


Firmware updatable

Software updatable

Firmware update

Update via 32MB Card


No need to activate

Yes, MDI need activation.

No need to activate

Supported protocols

CAN, UART, KW2000, Class2, GM LAN, etc.

UART, Class 2, KWP2000 and GMLAN (CAN)

CANdi interface

Supported vehicles

Vehicles to 2015 GM,


vehicles from 1990-2014 GM,




Australia Holden (2010-2012)

vehicles from 1992-2013 GM,







-cheap but with the same function as GM MDI


– WIFI and USB connection

-good for new cars

-can support software from original factory

-support offline & online programming

-cannot plug original software card, but can support original program


-easy to carry on

As you can see, GM MDI is the best GM 2009 - 2019 diagnostic and programming tool.

It is cheap (238eur with software and free delivery).

It is programming online, support offline programming for Opel Chevrolet.

If you want to program by using GM MDI, you need to buy account at GM MDI official site:



GM MDI Compatibility:

Device is compatible with GDS2 (Opel)

Device is compatible with Tech2Win (Opel, Hammer)

Device is not compatible with SAAB via Tech2Win


GM MDI Cars test reports yes and no:

1: SAAB 9-5, 2003, 3.0 TID- Yes

mine is clone from China.

MDI Software



Simply pressed OK when Candy detected and all worked.

Tested on SAAB 9-5, 2003, 3.0 TID


2: 2014 model - Yes

SAAB NAO V9.250 is from 2014. Already tested.

2003 year too old - not interesting for me.


3: Saab 9-5, 2003, 3.0 - Yes

Tested by my own, works with Saab 9-5, 2003, 3.0

1: online - good, offline - bad

GM MDI good, interface works online.

update mdi 100%.

offline too bad for new cars.


2: wifi card compatible

So far, Chinese clone GM MDI with squ wifi card


3: wifi is not working but works fine with USB

I bought a cheap one and it only worked with usb. The wired network and wifi did not work. In fact, the card flash socket was missing from the board. Build quality was not to bad. I just use it to flash newer pcm/ecm's.


GM MDI WIFI version:


GM MDI USB version:



Part 2: Why GM MDI instead of Tech II scanner?

Flash faster: MDI & GDS2

As for why GM is going to the GM MDI and GDS2, instead of using a Tech II with TIS2000 software, because the MDI with GDS2 flashes a hell of lot faster when you have flash a new module with either it orginal firmware or upgraded firmware. Its also faster to use than having to press buttons on the Tech II for basic commands during diagnostics as well.


Older cars: Tech II & TIS2000

So in regards to the vets, Tech II clone will cover all the C6 cars and older since the last of the updated firmware on the unit covers from here back. If you do need to reflash something, it's done via Tis2000 with the Tech II as the pass through device.


New & old cars: MDI interface

Since GM did not make upgraded firmware to flash into the Tech II's to cover these cars like C7, then it's a MDI that is needed instead. As for the MDI's firmware, they will cover not only the new cars, but the cars that the old Tech II's used to cover as well.


Now the glitch on the MDI regarding cloning it, since it has to use the GDS2 software for the pass through only device, GDS2 software has not been cracked like Tis2000 software has been instead.


GM account for subscription: MDI need it

So the only way that even a clone MDI is going to work, is to have a subscription to GM (Few $K a year) to allow you to use the GDS2 software that has to log into GM each time it used instead.


Hence the Clone Tech II unit you get will already be loaded with the most current firmware, and for most of the stuff you going to use the Tech II clone, will just be using the unit by itself without being connected to a laptop.


Also the cracked copy of Tis2000 that you get with the clone model, does not have to be connected/logged into GM to use it for 99% of the stuff (do not need an account with GM).

Note, if push comes to shove and you can not find a copy of the needed firmware to flash into a unit to upgrade a module, then you can get a one day subscription to GM to pull down the needed file from them.


Part 3: GM MDI alternative: VXDIAG VCX NANO GM device

Confirmed: VXDIAG VCX NANO GM device works as a clone to the GM MDI.

since it also comes with GDS2 as well to work on newer cars.


I ordered and received a VXDiag VCX Nano on Saturday. I currently have a Tech 2 clone unit.

I primarily bought it for the later cars which use GDS2/MDI, specifically a Chevy Cruze and a '15 C7. I also bought a refurbished HP Elitebook running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on a dual core I5 processor.


The software CD that comes with the VCX Nano I received has two install routines with installation instructions that were brief and somewhat minimal. One install routine for Tech2Win and one for GDS2. The Tech2Win software installs and runs under native Win 7, and with not too much trouble that was up and running, and I could use it on an '01 Vette.


Install the VM player as admin (right click on it and select run as admin).

Once have vm player installed on your machine, forget all about the VM player app start icon, since you not going to use it, since the xp version it has set up under it, will not work with nothing else but GDS2.

Now copy the GDS2 folder from the disc, to somewhere on your drive (folder and the files in it).

Now in that GDS2 folder you just copied to your hard drive, your going to right click on the VM.vmx file inside that folder and select to open it with Vm player app (selected from programs from the list).

If you want a icon to click on to open the GDS2 program via VM player without having to go into the folder each time, do a copy on the VM.vmx file via the right click method, go over to your desk top, do a right click paste of it there to make a short cut, do another click on the shortcut icon you just pasted into desk top, go down to rename, and just change the shortcut name to GSD2. Now when you click on the new icon named GSD2 you just made, it will open up GDS2 in the vm player.

If you want the icon in the start drop down menu, then right click on it again, and select pin to start menu (classic in my case, since I run classic shell since windows 8).

Hence you don't start the GDS2 program by clicking on VM player, but by clicking on the vm.vmx file in the program, with it desinated to be opened up via VM player instead. Note if you do the GDS2 shortcut icon, make sure that is selected to open up with VM player as well.



Someone think it sounds like the Nano is not an option for us novice users, Seems like a very difficult process.


Sum:GM MDI and VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM is the top choice for GM Opel Saab up to 2018 2019 diagnostic and programming. GM Tech2 clone for GM up to 2009 year.




How to change mileage for Audi RB4 with OBDSTAR X-100 RPO

August 30, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Q:Can I use OBDstar X100 PRO  for Audi RB4 mileage correction?

A: Yes! It can!

Here is the tutorial of how to change mileage for Audi RB4 with OBDPROG MT601 (OBDSTAR X100PRO) via OBD

Kindly note: OBDSTAR X100PRO=OBDPROG MT601, they share the same function and Carlist, only the name and look different

Here you are:

Connect MT601/ X100 PRO with the vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket
Check the current mileage:250382





OBDPROG-MT601-Do-AUDI-RB4-Cluster-Calibrat-3 OBDPROG-MT601-Do-AUDI-RB4-Cluster-Calibrat-4



->RB4 200-2005->Mileage Adjustment

OBDPROG-MT601-Do-AUDI-RB4-Cluster-Calibrat-6 OBDPROG-MT601-Do-AUDI-RB4-Cluster-Calibrat-7



Please enter a filename to save ,then select[ENT].


If your the filename you enter already exisyts,you  can coverd it



Pls make sure:the current mileage of 258382(error does not exceed 10KM)?

Then press[ENT] to continue,press [ESC] to exit


Please input the mileage of the adjustment


In this cause , we input:11000


Adjuting mileage....

It need 2-5 minutes, pls wait.


Adjustment complete!

New mileage is 110014


Work done!!!!

Related: OBDSTAR X-100PRO mileage mileage correction testing result 


Download Free 2019.09 Mercedes-Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS torrent

August 29, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Offer the free source of XENTRY Diagnostics OpenShell ( 09-10-11/2019 ).

XDOS (09.2019) MEGA


XENTRY Diagnostics OpenShell 2019.09-Torrent


Torrent Link : No Pass


- System need Special Secure Solution for SCN Account not to Blocked !!!

( Daimler Server checking your HWID + Key + System Info if it is not original than SCN account will be Banned on Server )


Test reports of Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS 2019.09 downloaded from the free source:

  1. Question:

When i run XS i can open 1 time
Right now not open
‘’ no access authorization code. You must contact the user help desk’’



You will need to install key again.
Once you have done that. go to "programdata" folder then to "LIc" folder. Copy Lic_.key file and paste it in

"C:Program Files (x86)Mercedes-BenzXentrybin"

if your system is 32bit then location is

"C:Program FilesMercedes-BenzXentrybin"

Then you should be able to run the xentry without any problem . I have tried and tested it. I have been using it for months now. No issue.


  1. This release is much slower than the 07.2019, even using the same computer and SSD HD.
    I tried it in Simulation and on cars, it's very slow.

No Update, Fresh win 7 Ultimate 64bit and Only Fresh Xentry installation no other programs, it works fine but very slow.


SSD version of Mercedes-Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS 2019.09:


Security: 100% safe

No need time to download

No need to install

Need only active by following the quick guide on the desktop.


Software includes:

Xentry 09.2019
DAS 05.2019
EPC 11.2018
WIS 11.2018
Vediamo Database
Star Finder 2008$2016

mercedes-benz-xentry-openshell-xdos-2019-09-02 mercedes-benz-xentry-openshell-xdos-2019-09-03


Several images of Monaco:

mercedes-benz-xentry-openshell-xdos-2019-09-04 mercedes-benz-xentry-openshell-xdos-2019-09-05 mercedes-benz-xentry-openshell-xdos-2019-09-06


Several images of Vediamo:










How does TIS2000 & TDS SPS view the files on Corvette C6?

August 28, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

This article starts with a question “I have a Corvette C6 Grand sport from 2011 with AT6. I read an article that new software has been programmed into the automatic gearbox in the 2012 Corvette C6, making the switching times (with the flippers) much faster. I also heard that there are updates for the LS3 engine”.


Method one: use TIS2000

You don’t need a subscription to view the files on your own car .

You run the TIS2000 in the virtual PC and connect to your car and can read the files in your car.

It’s only when your need to update your car you need the subscription .

If you enter your VIN here you can view the latest files available for your car and compare it with what TIS2000 shows and see if your files are updated or not



Method 2: Use TDS SPS instead of TIS2000

GM TIS2000 can be set up to pull the latest firmware files, but is not for the novice to set it up this way since it meant more for abroad dealers that don’t have the best of internet services to use TDS instead.

So your best bet is to just use TDS to update the firmware instead. Its only $40 for TDS for 2 years per vin.



As for using TDS SPS with the Vxdiag nano GM, once you load the TDS software with Java , your going to get this pop up, and you don’t want to load these drivers, but use the Nano driver that will already be loaded on your machine.

So when you get this window pop up in SPS each time you load the program, just skip loading these drivers each time.






And on the next screen, it will be this driver that you use for the Nano (will be pre loaded on the machine from when you installed VX Driver MDI beforehand).







Free Download Benz C6 VCI DoIP Firmware Update Tool 1.5.3

August 28, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

WiFi Benz C6 VCI diagnostic tool DoIP firmware is possible to be updated by link.


DoIP firmware version: 1.5.3

Compatible device: Benz C6 VCI with DoIP function


Free download Xentry VCI DoIP Update Tool 2.2



How to update Benz C6 DoIP firmware?

1.) Download DoIP update tool 2.2 above

2.) Connect DoIP VCI with laptop (It will give Connect refused error if not connect VCI with laptop)

3) Run update tool and press update.

4) Wait until upgrade success.



C6 VCI comes without software.  Xentry software with keygen is available to purchase here:


How-to's of VXDIAG VCX NANO GM + TIS2000 works?

August 27, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Topic: How to use VXDIAG VCX NANO GM work with TIS2000

ok for anyone trying to use the VXDIAG GM nano with SPS this is what you need to do (order is important):

*** please note you cannot use the VM that the VXDIAG package comes with (GDS2 VM). It’s configured in such a way it won’t work with the dongle crack and caused me a lot of head scratching to find this out.

1. Create a windows XP 32bit VM using VMWare Player

2. Make sure you add an LPT port (set to auto, not connected on startup). It doesn’t matter if your actual PC has an LPT port or not this is needed for the dongle crack later.

3. Install VMWare tools for your VM

  1. After you have the windows VM up and running install the BOSH MDI drivers here:


(the MDI drivers on the driver disk and vxmanager installer wouldn’t install on my xp 32bit VM but the one from bosh does)


5.From the driver disk or from allscanner.com install the VXDIAG MDI package with pass thru driver (VXDIAG MDI manager or VXDIAG Manager)


Download tis_data_1.iso, tis_data_2.iso, GM-NAO-TIS200-3_2008.iso, TIS2000DongleCrack.rar from this: http://auto-professionals.co/?dl=5847273d53a0b0635724a7b3e1626ef7  (password: mhhauto) or you can purchase one TIS2000 crack



  1. (files / instructions in the updated.txt you may need to click the link more than once if you get an error when downloading)
    7. Mount the tis_data_1.iso in your VM (use the virtual cdrom in vmware player and attach to iso file) this will start the auto install of the TIS2000 2007.3 software)
    8. All options can be installed using the default selections however make sure you check the install checkbox above the parallel security device on the one screen.
    9. After installation is complete you can extract the TIS2000DongleCrack.rar and copy the folder to the desktop of your VM
    10. Go into the TIS2000DongleCrack folder locate the drivers folder and open it, run the DDINST32.EXE (if you get a registry error you didn’t install an LPT port in your VM), select Express and it should install the files then click ok / Exit to close.
    11. Go back to the main TIS2000DongleCrack folder and copy SCAControlUI.exe and Id.dll to c:Program Filescosidsbin (it will prompt to replace id.dll select yes).
    12. Go back to the main TIS2000DongleCrack folder into the Dongle folder and copy the 2 files in there to c:windowssystem32 (the dongle crack is now installed)
    13. Now mount the tis_data_2.iso in your VM (use the virtual cdrom in vmware player and attach to iso file) and open TIS2000 (double click the icon on your desktop) when TIS opens it will ask you if you want to upgrade click yes.
    14. After the upgrade completes mount the GM-NAO-TIS200-3_2008.iso in your VM (use the virtual cdrom in vmware player and attach to iso file) and open TIS2000 (double click the icon on your desktop) when TIS opens it will ask you if you want to upgrade click yes.
    15. After the upgrade completes you have successfully installed TIS2000 2008.3 and the Dongle crack, now we need to configure TIS to use the VXDIAG GM nano
    16. Open TIS2000 from the icon on your desktop, select Configuration menu from the top and select IO Management.
    17. Click the Driver button, click the Browse button, locate the j2534.dll file in the window and click open (installs the J2534 Pass Thru Driver)
    18. Now click the Add button (in IO management) enter exacly “Generic Pass Thru” in Logical Name and select “J2534 Pass Thru Driver” in the Driver drop down, click OK.
    19. Select Generic Pass Thru in the list and click Properties, in the Device Name drop down select VXDIAG, (ALLScanner) and click ok then click close to close IO Management.Now TIS2000 software is installed and configured all you have to do is connect your VXDIAG device to the PC / VM. To do this first use a usb and connect it to the PC then in the VMWare player menu go in removable devices and connect the Future Devices USB to serial converter. At this step my windows install didn’t have the basic usb to serial drivers so I connected the VM to the network (if not connected use the VMWare player menu to connect the network) and windows downloaded them from the net and installed the device as com3. you are now good to go.At this point you can now click on SPS in TIS2000 select Generic Pass Thru as your device and your good to program!!Satisfied, VXDIAG VCX NANO GM device works as a clone to the GM MDI.

    Credits to wizzardsl writing for the how-to’s for us.


2010 Benz S550 error "Air Suspension malfunction" solution

August 26, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Topic: How-To solve the error that 2010 Benz S550 got " Air Suspension malfunction". MB diagnostics like MB sd connect C5 /C4 will play its role.


What to do:

need to have someone check for fault codes using MB diagnostics like MB sd connect C5 /C4 while doing so also re-calibrate suspension. DIY – check all sensors/connections, revisit struts and control valve for connection problems/leaks, check compressor harness/connection. Worst case scenario possible strut internal leakage in which case it would need to be replaced.



Suspension strut component description

Check AIRmatic for leaks


Here comes one question:

One question I have is around Y36/6, I don't see that in my vehicle or at least not in that layout. If I look at the closeup of the Y36/6 in the attached document, it does not match what I see in the picture below, in the attachment/closeup I see 6 white rubber/plastic tubes coming out and the location is color coded but if you look at the picture y36/6 has 4 metal tubes coming out on the side, is it because the closeup is shown after a cover has been removed?

Also, on mine, on top of the compressor there is a silver metallic block that has 4 metal tubes coming out from the top and not from the sides, is the difference due to mine not being 4Matic?

Last but not the least, all the diag and re-calibration you talk about, can those be done through MB STAR Tool?


Here is the answer:

4matic does not matter, Y36/6 is the valve block @ compressor only thing that might appear different is labeling could be missing. STAR should accommodate re-calibration & diagnostics.



install air suspension valve unit

install compressor

install bottom engine compartment paneling


Finally, I purchased STAR C5 with SD disk, here is the link.



Compressor and valve unit are behind the bumper just in front of the right wheel. If you remove the right front wheel and the wheel well liner you will see the valve block.

Here's the pic for quick reference



What's the deal with jacking the car?

I typically follow the WIS procedures. For the suspension work you would normally want to release pressure from the struts in order to avoid damage to them or you. I've always done this via Xentry.


What type of lug?

After finally understanding how to locate and test the air leak at the valve, it turns out my wheels have special lugs all of them as opposed to one being the lock nut. It looks like flower, what gives??? I only have the usual MM impact wrench socket. What is it called and where to get it?


Reply: So, 17mm has been stock on many Mercedes for some time. The Convex (flower head) bolts appeared with the Maybach and then the W221 and are also on several other models. It is entirely possible that someone put 17mm hex head bolts on your car or even another size, do you have aftermarket wheels? You might just take a 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, etc. out to the car with you to see which one fits best. At the very least the lug wrench in the tool kit in the trunk should fit.


I fixed my Airmatic issues Friday, so relieved.

I replaced the valve block (which I suspect was actually fine) and as I was putting the lines back in, I noticed a very small crack on one of the strut air lines where it must have been bent around the brass fitting. I cut off the bad inch and reconnected the line to the fitting, and now the suspension works just fine. I drove it for 7 hours yesterday (road trip) and not a single problem manifested itself! I did a soapy water leak test but this must have been too small to see.

Regarding that additional pump/component in the fender: I was able to take off the torx bolts holding it to the bracket there and slide the part over to the right. It actually fit pretty nicely just resting on the bottom of the FR fender/bumper. Anyways, just sliding it out of the way gave me enough room to work on the valve block.

Basic steps:

Removed wheel and wheel fender liner

Removed 2 torx bolts holding that mystery part on then carefully slid it off the bracket and braced it against the bumper/fender. Be very careful not to mess with the pressure lines too much, I'm not sure how much flexing they're rated for but it certainly isn't much.

Use a 10 mm wrench to crack open all the fittings at the valve block and drain the air system (compressor fitting uses a 12 mm)

Unscrew the single screw holding the valve body on and then slide the whole thing out, vehicle right. A rubber fitting holds it on the other end, it just slides off


I am posting a youtube video on the process:



If you have the same problem, you might as well get the valve body JIC... and follow the video instructions.


Credits to @bshad74 and @cstevenson (mbworld.org/forums/)


Thanks to Laurance www.obdexpress.co.uk