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Which Kess V2 best for Trucks read/write?

December 22, 2017 by 3635OBD2  

My Kess V2 firmware 4.036 fails to read truck ECUs. Why? And how to rework?


I bought a KESS V2 CLONE, runs on cars and motorcycles, but the protocols are disabled TRUCK. LISTEN TO BE CHANGING NXP and change the firmware to operate in trucks. Could anyone help?




FW version: 4.036

Serial number: K10033818

Customer Code: C7514

Group Code: C7514


Reply: I guess you bought the wrong type. There are are many kinds of Kess 4.036.

Some cannot support trucks at all.

You should have a small part of kess supports lots of trucks and motorcycles (called truck version)


See this...

Kess 4.036: http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/search/?q=4.036&DirID=

In the item list, only SE87-K, SE87-CK can work for trucks.


Look at the chart below...details attached

Item No.



Kess v2

Kess V2 v4.036

for CAR

Kess v2 v4.036

for TRUCKs








Kess V2 v4.036

Kess V2 v4.036


Ksuite v2.22


Ksuite V2.22/V2.08

(V2.22 version can not connect internet, V2.08 can works with internet)


Unlimited tokens,

with a renew button to add tokens

With 30 tokens,


For Cars only;

No truck!

No motorcycle!

Best for Trucks !





Kess V2 4.036 Truck List:

kess-v2-truck-car-list-1 kess-v2-truck-car-list-2 kess-v2-truck-car-list-3 kess-v2-truck-car-list-4 kess-v2-truck-car-list-5 kess-v2-truck-car-list-6 kess-v2-truck-car-list-7 kess-v2-truck-car-list-8 kess-v2-truck-car-list-9 kess-v2-truck-car-list-10 kess-v2-truck-car-list-11 kess-v2-truck-car-list-12 kess-v2-truck-car-list-13 kess-v2-truck-car-list-14 kess-v2-truck-car-list-15 kess-v2-truck-car-list-16 kess-v2-truck-car-list-17 kess-v2-truck-car-list-18 kess-v2-truck-car-list-19 kess-v2-truck-car-list-20 kess-v2-truck-car-list-21 kess-v2-truck-car-list-22 kess-v2-truck-car-list-23 kess-v2-truck-car-list-24 kess-v2-truck-car-list-25 kess-v2-truck-car-list-26 kess-v2-truck-car-list-27


If you dont want to buy a new kess v2 programming tool. You can change the firmware to  v3.099 with a new nxp LPC2478, new serial and new update with trucks.

Also your china PCB must be preapred to handle the 24v

Personally, You are not advised to do so because of high risk and I hold no responsibilty.


How to Install and Activate Launch EZCheck EZDiag to IOS System

December 22, 2017 by 3635OBD2  

New Launch EZcheck OBDII Scan Tool for DIYers Based on iPhone / Android,This guide of How to install Launch EZcheck EZDiag App to your iphone,here you go:

Launch EZcheck is a new design OBDII Scanner. X431 EZcheck work with phone same as  Launch Easydiag and Launch M-diag. You directly download “EZdiag” app from Android or Iphone will be ok. EZcheck can read fault code and clear code same as X431 Easydiag and X431 M-diag.


First you can scan the QR code on user manual to download the App on iOS or Android APP Store for Free.  You can also search EZDiag app on your mobile search engine and install it.



Open EZDiag software application


Sign up EZDiag with user name and password.



Enter your email address (for login or retrieving password)


Choose your region


Set password (At least 6 digit containing numbers, letters and signs)


Activate the EZDiag



Enter serial number and verification code (you can find S/N on the package)


Activation success.

Now you can use the Launch EZ Check EZDiag OBDII scan tool.






OpenShell XDOS 2017.12 FAQs

December 22, 2017 by 3635OBD2  

Here is some FAQ( Frequently asked questions ) of the newest version OpenShell XDOS v2017.12

MBSTARTOOL hopes it'll help you

Here you go:

Q: X86 or 64-bit Windows? HHT-Win?

A: NO HHT win. Win x32


Q: what hard disk capacity to be used?
A: 250 TO 350 GB HDD will be ideal.
Q: which acronis boot disk to be used to install the image ?
A: Restore the Image using Acronis Premium 2014 use Acronis Universal restore
Q: which laptops do you recommend ?
A: I recommend any good specs laptop
Q: does it support mb star c3 for older cars?
A: it dose not support C3
Q: i have Chinese Xentry Connect C5 can i use it with that?

A: I have not tried on C5 but SDconnect C4 definitely yes


Q: I can't install on Lenovo T500, have a blue screen of death

A: You need to prepare all your computer's necessary drivers on a USB stick so Acronis can install them in the compatibility mode at the time of unpacking to hard drive.


Q: Should i have a XDOS HDD version or SSD?

A: SDD better, runs faster and more stable.


Q: I can not install OpenShell XDOS 2017.12 on 32 bit operating system, it comes to 439 and is automatically uninstalled. Does anyone have such a problem?

A: for windows 32bit, you have to edit xentry diagnostics openshell.msi with orca. look at updated first page again.
or you can pm someone which has the file already patch.



OpenShell XDOS 2017.12 images:




SDconnect C4 DAS Fault (1.2)-2.503.9901: Solved & Worked again

December 21, 2017 by 3635OBD2  

Phingoc in trouble:

The laptop is a Dell D630 with a china SDconnect C4.

Xentry 03/2012

DAS 03/2012

It was all working fine last i used the machine.

So.. I connect the MUX to the car (smart 451), and then the lanwire to the mux and computer. Then i turn on the ignition.

In xentry i choose Smart -> 451 -> Diagnostic -> Das opens

in das: Identify car by control unit. After a few seconds some update thing appears and disappears followed by an error.(see att.) Fault (1.2)-2.503.9901. Cannot connect to car.


Doesnt work with wire or wireless.

Please help me.


Rocinante Wrote: 

Delete the 3 “update” folders in C:program filesSDconnect toolkit (or rename them).. then perform a repair of your SDNetControl by pressing StartProgramsServiceSetup SDNetControl .. it will start up and ask what you want to do, select repair.. let it do its thing and then go back and delete/rename the update folders in C:program filesSDconnect toolkit then REBOOT when its done… that should get you up and running.. it is VERY important to REBOOT after deleting the update folders!!!


Phingoc feedback:

Thank you verry much! Big Grin that fixed the whole problem.


  1. start laptop
  2. Rename update folders
  3. Run setup SdNetControl
  4. The “repair” option wasnt displayed, but it went straight into instalation. No options, but it went automaticaly to instalation :S
  5. Reboot after instalation

Re-delete or Rename update folders after running SDNC setup

  1. Delete setings from the MUX
  2. Reconfigure SDconnect
  3. Start Xentry/das and it worked straight away. Big Grin


MPPS V18 components to change, any idea?

December 21, 2017 by 3635OBD2  


Here is the info i have found on the Internet from MPPS V18 china device.


MPPS V18 PCB Schematics


MPPS V18 Tricore Cable Pinout




Some problems on China mpps v18 maybe on new ones it is solved:


ON the tricore cable the +12v switch is only on t he pin 16 of the obd female, so it cuts +12v only on the tool the ecu is always poweered for solve it you can put a switch for cutting all positives and other for minor positives.


Boot wire have no resistor to ground.


And http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/mpps-v18-breakout-tricore-cable.html this is a Tricore cable of high quality and tested good

mpps-v18-tricore-boot-1 mpps-v18-tricore-boot-2





2017.12 ISTA-D 4.08 ISTA-P 3.63 Download: Tested 100%

December 21, 2017 by 3635OBD2  

2017.12 BMW ICOM software … here you go.


Download ISTA-D 4.08.12 ISTA-P


Free version:





Tested version:

Version: 2017.12 BMW ICOM Software

ISTA-D 4.08.12 ISTA-P withBMW ETK, BMW KSD and BMW Engineer Software (INPA, NCS, WinKFP, E-Sys 4.08.12, E-sys plus 4.08.12, tool32 61.5, BMW FSC code generator, Dr.gini B020, BMW AiCoder


2017-12-bmw-icom-HDD-1 2017-12-bmw-icom-HDD-2 2017-12-bmw-icom-HDD-3 2017-12-bmw-icom-HDD-4 2017-12-bmw-icom-HDD-5 2017-12-bmw-icom-HDD-6 2017-12-bmw-icom-HDD-7 2017-12-bmw-icom-HDD-8 2017-12-bmw-icom-HDD-9


Tested with BMW ICOMICOM A2ICOM A3, ICOM A3 PRO+: Worked


Multi-language available in diagnosing, programming and TIS diagram circuit:English, German, Spanish,  Russian, Simplified Chinese


Laptop Requirements:


Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory


Laptop Recommendation:


You are adivised to use Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.


Package includes:


1pc x 2017.12 BMW ICOM HDD 500G



Digiprog 3 Odometer Correction Tool Best Buying Guide

December 20, 2017 by 3635OBD2  

Here goes a long post of digiprog 3 odometer mileage programmer buying guide, incl Digiprog 3 for sale(best price), update, manual, review, FAQ, car list...


Part 1: Digiprog 3 for sale




(BEST) Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer 

Price: €144.00


(CHEAP) Digiprog3 Entire Kit 

Price: €135.00

Digiprog 3 Main Unit with OBD2 ST01 ST04 cables

Price: €129(2017 Xmas Sale:€99)



Full Set Cables for Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer

Price: €79

(Get a free Digiprog 3)Buy 300 tokens for Digimaster 3/CKM100/CKM200


ST59 Plug for Digiprog 3 on NEC Cluster Vehicles


ST59 Plug works together with DIGIPROG3 odometer correction tool, used on vehicles with NEC chips, like Ford, Renault and so on.

Installation example: Ford NEC

  1. Remove the dashboard and open it . Search on dash the Soldering Points.
  2. solder on same points as in picture the cables from ST59 on it. All Pins must be Lift up From Board
  3. Connect the Cables to ST59 you can nothing make Wrong
  4. Now connect the ST 59 with the Digiprog.
  5. Select the program: cars / trucks - FORD - KA NEC.
  6. The DIGIPROG denotes old / wrong Mileage.
  7. Program and completed the new / correct Mileage.


digiprog 3 software free download

digiprog 3 software download

digiprog 3 update download

digiprog update

digiprog 3 password

digiprog 3 manual



Part 2: digiprog 3 user manual english

digiprog 3 download:

Digiprog 3 v4.94 car list.pdf

Digiprog iii v4.94 test ok or fail

How to use Digiprog3 ST59 Plug?

More info:http://www.mileageprogrammer.com/category/digiprog-3/


Tips on using Digiprog 3 odometer programmer:

  1. Power-On digimaster 3 password:1
  2. Digiprog series not support AUDI A1 A3 Golf 6, if you want to do such model,you can choose Digimaster 3.
  3. Always connect the Eeprom to the ST01 or ST04 before you connect to the DigiProg this will avoid Electro static feedback (ESD).
  4. Never solder the connections whilst the lead is connected to the programmer, this will damage the DigiProg.
  5. Always keep your DigiProg in its case when not in Use & keep it in a dry environment at night (don’t leave it in the trunk of your car) If you are using solvents to remove lacquers’ from Eeprom’s ensure that they are cleaned 4. completely as the solvent can damage the clips.
  6. Do not connect the device to your laptop, otherwise you will get blue screen problem
  7. As most of Cars Need to Open Dashboard and Do the Soldering, you’d better have basic knowledge about mileage correction before order


Part 3: digiprog 3 update

DIGIPROG3V4.94 Update Software

Price: $49.99

DIGIPROG3V4.88 Update Software

Price: $49.99


Digiprog 3 V4.94 Update Notice:

  1. If Your Serial Number of Digiprog 3 is 590C8F0E000024CC65070000AFD68C070000, Can not buy this update file. Please kindly note.
  2. It takes 24 hours to send the update file
  3. Please provide correct serial number and close or uninstall anti-virus software on your laptop, otherwise will cause blue screen
  4. Make sure your computer will not become standby status when updating. Computer power must connect ok. Update will takes 15-20 mins
  5. Please confirm the update file is complete as display below, or will cause blue screen too


Digiprog update tips:

Attention please when you update Digiprog3
Video: Digiprog 3 V4.94 software update
igiprog 3 CDM 2.08.30 Driver free download


How to update Digiprog 3 software:

1.Connect the USB to the computer, start your Digiprog 3, run Digiloader1.exe.


2.Choose the right port, select Digi1.bin, and Click the button. If your dp3 doesn’t enter blue screen, check your setting and restart from step 1.


3.In upgrading, it should be like this until over.
Attention, it will be damaged if you remove it now.


  1. Upgrade Over. Your Digiprog 3 should restart automatically.


Part 4: digiprog 3 not working

Digiprog 3 not working: Mosaic screen


digiprog 3 v4.94 odometer correction masterdisplay with Mosaic as soon as open it up (shown picture below), and it was not working.


Solution: ask the vendor for these two chips of digiprog iii (marked red picture below) for free and replace the two chips. It will work.

Digiprog 3 not working: white/bluescreen


You may encounter with the Blue/White screen problem of china digiprog 3; usually  the possible reasons incl:

  1. a) The first and most common cause of blue screen is the inappropriate update Digiprog 3.

We must remember that updates are created for the serial number. The serial number of the update files must = Digiprog 3 serial number. Otherwise, upload the files to another serial number gives us the effect shown in the picture above.

  1. b) Another cause of the blue screen may be interrupted during the upgrade of communication between your computer and your device digiprog3.
  2. c) Other causes unrelated to update the device


And there are two optional solutions here:


Solution1: Digiprog3–101W(X1) Solder Operation Way

Cut off the connect cable on the 5pin pad (note: cut via reverse) Then use multimeter to test 5pin and R10 which is far away from the point of X1 end–If open circuit is not ok, then means cut off the connector successfully.

Solder X1 to the pad (note: reverse welding)

Connect the point which is the end of R10 which is far away from 101W(X1) and the cable and X1-2 pin.


Take off the fly cable between C30 and X1

Take off the IC on the X1 Replace the IC

Connect the new IC Connect the fly cable as the original situation

Note: the original point of the IC is on the upper left corner, against C30. (Red circled place is chip pic of STC15F: 10W H85330 8AB)


Solution 2: Repair Digiprog3 update failure – a blue / White screen.

To repair the unit we will need:

  • a)Update files with the corresponding serial number = serial number of the device.
  • b)Programmer serial memory for example, willem.

Ok, so we begin. We will have 3 digiprog undress and get into the PCB, exactly 2 serial memory.

You will see a such a view:

Us interested, memory, marked in the picture above. Are respectively a memory U1A and U2A. These are the memories that are 22, feet on one side, which is 44, feet the entire memory. We remove the memory U1A from the plate and put in the programmer.

Load a file content digi1.bin, to memory U1A.


Then again put memory on the board.

Do the same with memory U2A. Only here to load file Digi2.bin


Then again put memory U2A on the board.

Preferably before each update, do yourself a copy memory dumps U1A and U2A. Then we can go back in case of problems with the update to the old version.


U1A = Digi1.bin

U2A = Digi2.bin

Twirl, back digiprog. After this step, run digiprog. If everything went well that you will be greeted this image.

DigiProg 3 Ram


EEprom Digiprog 3   24C1024


The serial number is stored in the file digi1.bin exactly at this point:


For example, the serial numbers:

C0BE9E0B0000 = D2 CC D0 16 0F 1A 6F F1

61C828170000 = CE 5B 56 C6 3F 16 8D 14

F6C428170000 = 87 98 FA 4E 3F E0 59 56

668206110000 = 44 5B B6 EB 2A A3 D6 1C

3AC928170000 = CF D5 60 29 93 B3 DA D2

Any change in the file, making it not useful after update, blue screen on digiprog 3.

The problem is probably in the checksums of the files after editing change. Maybe someday will a program that will allow changing the serial number in the file update. Then buy only 1 time updates and will be able to change the serial number in the file. Those who sell the updates are, surely such a program.

Platine Digiprog 3


Digiprog 3 cable pinouts



Part 5: digiprog 3 questions and answers

have somebody problem with no conection on every car?... i need to buy another obd cable?

Easy to change plug but if there is still an issue then it could be inside main unit


What is ST01, ST04 cable used for in the package of Digiprog 3?

It needs to remove chip when you program mileage for some car models. One end of the ST01 cable and ST04 cable clip the chip, and the other end connect to digiprog3.


Audi A5 2011 year 2.0tdi can digi done this dash via obd. other places ecu,dsg?

Yeah, ecu, dsg and smart key...

But you will need some special tools for that


Can digiwigy do Mercedes clk 270 cdi 2003?

can do just dash


I not understand, why guys you need that dongle. All NEC dashboards (except old Peugeot) can makes by 4 wires only. No need solder 14 wires. 

Cool need some advice what adapter to use then on a 2009 ford bantam cluster with NEC micro maybe an pdf diagram to assist do you use ST51 perhaps


what you have to do is do the cluster first then cas by OBD, when it asks to connect speedo meter connect it the the cas takes the mileage from the cluster

I used my digiprog v4.94 on a 2008 mini cooper s tacho was quite easy replaced the chip and then tackled the cas 3 unit via obd - it was just searching and searching eventually stopped with unknown version message I ended up doing the cas with rosfar - problem sorted takes a lot of stripping when using rosfar as unit needs to be removed Any suggestions on using digiprog cas 3 obd I used BMW E90 st16 in the menu



More digiprog clone questions and answers at digiprog 3 forum:



Part 6:digiprog 3 review

(BIG THANKS to the digi user @Adrian Makaruk)

I bought Digiprog 3 odometer programmer from china, and I'm happy for it now. Very pleased to work with almost models (incl. European, American and Asian cars).


Digiprog is the best handfs down low cost tool on the market I do everything from foreigns to domestics with it. Version 4.94 is good at its stability even with clone the software put into and the way the 4.94 update was prepared and by who .


Here i put the digiprog 3 car list in the alphabetical order, better for you to check your model.


Digiprog 3 obd ok:

Audi a1 works (depending on software number)

Audi a2-obd -ok

Audi a3-repair 999999 in dash with digiprog

Audi A3 2010 by OBD OK

Audi A3 2002 obd2 is ok

Audi a3-2001-vdo-obd ok

Audi a4 2001-2005-obd ok

Audi a4 8e b6 2004 obd ok, use 2 minutes

Audi a4 2007 obd dash read ok write ok/ecu make-it via touran edc16 write 2 times to change.

Audi a4 2009 3.0quattro obd ok

Audi a4 2005-2009-obd ok

Audi A4 2010 Work

Audi a4 2012 obd ok and fast
Audi a5 2013 obd ok
Audi a5-2010-obd ok 15 min

Audi a6 c5 obd

Audi A6 2002 ok after some effort.
Audi a5 2009 3.2L obd ok 30min

Audi A6, 2009 work OBD, 4-5 minute.

Audi A6 2010 dash via obd (takes a while to find code but ok)

Audi A8 4.2 tdi 2008 Dash OBD OK 2min

Audi S3 2002 obd2 is ok
Audi TT 2002 obd2 n8 is ok

Audi q3-2010-obd ok 15 min

Audi Q5 2.0tdi 2010 by obd ...20-30min
Audi Q7 2012 20 sec by obd work ok

Audi Q7 2007 --->OBD work

Audi q7-2008-obd ok

Audi tt hc 12 plug ok



BMW I82017 work..unit from ebay

BMW E46 2004 ---> 35080 Clip Work
2001 bmw x5(e53) sure ok and also range rover with same dash. no problem.

have to take dash out and solder on back of board.
can use BMW 35080 option.


Corolla verso 2007 ok with luck


Chevrolet Montana obd ok

Chevrolet Cruze 2011 obd ok

Chevrolet Aveo 2012 obd ok

Chevrolet Corsa obd ok (after unplugging battery for a few secs)

Chevy suburban 2007 ok if you disassemble dash and read 95080 using eeprom menu then calculate manually. Will not do it by OBD. Be sure to include Km or Mi, original mileage, desired mileage and hours.


Ford transit 93c76 eeprom ok

Ford fusion hc 12 plug ok

Ford mondeo 2008-ond ok

Ford focus hc11-ok with plug

Ford focus 2006 obd ok
Ford focus 2004-2010 obd ok

Ford s-max 2009 obd ok
Ford Fiesta 2012OBD OK (fiesta 2005 obd not ok)

Ford fiesta 2008-2010 red screen obd ok

Ford Fiesta HCS12 ---> ST48 Work

Ford Mondeo 2008 Full Colour Fis 24C16 - - - OBD diag Read - 0km ,Write - OK!

Ford mondeo 2010 visteon dash with 9s12 read ok write ok via 4 wires on pcb

ford mondeo 2004 st51 read ok/write ok

Ford Bantam 2006 need nec programmer

Ford connect 2008 obd not! fvdi obd, read km but not change! dp3 ,conector 48, 9S12read and write km!


Fiat ducato 2014 obd dash ok (ecu 95640) but nyo 2015 suport


Galaxy 2008 new model by the OBD ok


Honda crv 2002 dash (68hc912)

Honda civic ep3 type r 2002 eeprom OK


Hyundai I10 (No connection i10 mcs12hy64 to digiprog ....if its 24c08 use plug 1)

Hyundai Terracan w nec, adapter st59, 100% ok, working


insignia 2011 obd ok 1min
Land Rover Discovery 4 24c16 tacho - ok
Range Rover sport 2010 24c16 tacho - ok

Range Rover evoque 2013 via obd ok


Mazda b2500 - b2900 ok


Mercedes w204 c250 2011 obd ok (Just put through as ezs, it will block sync and do dash)

Mercedes w211 2005 dash via st60 read ok/write ok/ezs sync blocked ok
Mercedes w210 obd

Mercedes w211 and do obd

Mercedes w219 works as w211 just flashes dash obd

Mercedes W251 R350 2010 ok OBD (no sync problems no can filter needed)

Mercedes class B W246 use direct in OBD

Mercedes vito 638 2003 OBD ok

Mercedes W211. Cluster is no problem via OBD. For EZS, need a cable called HC12.
Mitsubishi galant 2006 93C46 ok


Nissan navara , pathfinder motorola ST48 by points OK

2011 Nissan micra 1.5 tekna 93c66 eeprom use honda accord c66 option on digiprog same algo by desoldering and using clip st01 to read and write no need to remove needles chip on back of board


Opel Vivaro 2013 ---> EEPROM Clip work 93c76

Opel Astra H ---> 35080 Clip Work

Opel astra h 2006 - m35080 - work

Opel Astra 2000 obd ok

Opel insignia 2013 obd --OK

Opel Insignia 2014 ---> OBD Work perfect

Opel Corsa, the digiprog working.

Opel Corsa c and astra g. Read and out new mileage in. When press tick, hold trip button and ofometer will flash. When digi says check value, release button and disconnect battery for 10sec--> Job done


Peugeot 307 2002 ---> Work, Dash ---> NEC (New ST59), BSI ---> HC12

Porsche panamera 2014 by eeprom 95640 work ok


Saab 9-3 2009 HCS12 ok
Seat MII 2013 ---> OBD Work


Skoda Superb (3t) II 2009y only by obd less then 5min

Skoda octavia 2009 1.9tdi instrument ok, ecu ok, dsg reset ok

Skoda Octavia 2010Y 1.6TDI cluster via obd
Skoda Octavia 1z 2011 OBD ok

Skoda Fabia MK2 2009 diag no problem

SKODA Fabia 2009 obd ok.

Skoda Roomster 2009 ---> Diag work Perfect


Toyota yaris(2011), remove and clean chip to read/write, need luck

have to look first which eeprom on circuit my experience with some toyota that they use a small 93C46 wich is not in the menu


Volvo xc90 2007 dash ok by soldering

Volvo xc60 2009 obd ok
Vauxhalls Vivaro2011... 93c76.... All good... read and write..

93c76 option not available under Renault Traffic so use Vivaro or maybe try Renault Master as has 93c76 option that seems as though it would work, have not tried, read ok but didn't i write chip...

Volkswagen Eos obd2 ------ok

vw eos 2007 ---> Diag obd2 work
vw polo, seat ibiza 2007 magenti marelli motorola ST48 by points OK
vw polo 2001-2005 vdo obd ok

vw polo trw plug ok

Vw fox 2007 hc912 by solder point and ST48 work

Vw touareg 2004 obd ok

Vw Tourag 2013... read ok but write failed

VW Tiguan 2007 ---> OBD OK

vw tiguan 2010-2011 OBD ok

Vw AMAROK 2012 obd ok 1 min

vw bora all obd ok

vw jetta all obd ok

vw jetta 2012 work obd

vw t5 obd ok

vw t5 ecu edc 16 ok 50%50

vw touram dash obd ok

Vw Golf 4 BOO via OBD ok and Audi a4 boo crypto too
all Golf 4 without problem!!!

Vw Golf 5plus by obd -visteon dash read ok write ok

Vw Golf 6 plus 2010 work ok
vw Golf MK6 2012 works OK

all golf 6 work good till 2013 year

Vw Passat 2013 obd..ok

Vw passat 2007 obd ok
Vw passat 2008 via obd-dash read ok write ok/ecu read ok write ok 5 min.

Vw Passat CC 2.0tdi 2010y done by obd

Vw passat 2006 tdi dash & ecu obd OK

Vw passat 2001-2011 obd ok

Vw passat 2011 work obd 5 min
Vw passat 2012 work obd
Vw passat cc 2012 work obd
Vw Passat b5 2003 tdi all ok


reads 9s12 mcu with cables 48 and 51


Complicated with the EPROM of Peugeot 508 2012...

Need open dashboard, and Bsi.
Peugeot 508 have eproms. 95080 and 95256.
Read them, then put them here




Cars that Digiprog 3 FAILED to do:

Audi A3 2014 dash 8V , obd not connect


BMW X1 2013 failed... no bmw after 2002 can go by obd... have to program the 35160 chip in cluster and the cas4 (or fem?) module.

or cluster + can filter cable behind cluster to block cas. but digiprog can't program 35160


BMW 325 e90 or x5 e53 no luck with digiprog via obd2. Cas3 just says no connection or just give me a 1349652 miles which is wrong.


GMC yukon 2001 cannot do via obd


Hyundai I10 9S12HY64 cannot work... Digipro can’t read D flash memory , so it cannot read and write this kind of mcu like Hyundai eon,Hyundai i 10 so use UPA USB can do it.


Chevrolet Cruze 2012 obd didn't work. remove BCM next to left foot passenger seat you'll find 24c16 ok


Mercedes W245 digiprog can’t doby obd.
use cluster plug or program chip.
first set to 999999km. then install cluster and put the car on contact for 1minute. then program cluster to any value.
It’s the same for w169


Mercedes Sprinter 906 need to program ezs (cannot with digi , but Xprog, R270 programmer working no issues)
or use can filter. (yes they exist)

How to use MB Star C5 hard disk and how to update Star C5?

December 19, 2017 by 3635OBD2  

MB Star C5 moveable hard disk is used for containing Xentry DAS, please do not use it as a computer system hard disk.

Here two tips to follow.

Option 1. you use C5 disk on your own computer. Tip: advice you not rework it or dismantle it and plug it to the computer to modify the data.


Option 2. you buy the extra computer together with MB Star C5, then you are advised to prepare one blank hard disk for system installation because the computer you bought doesn't come with hard disk.


mb star c5 hard disk-02

How to update DoIP Xentry Connect C5?

Usually you are required to send back the MB Star C5 hard disk for update unless the engineers can make out the updating software for download.


Attach one picture which shows the hard disk location in the C5 mux.

star c5


€105 to get Kess V2 fw 5.017

December 16, 2017 by 3635OBD2  

Kess V2 firmware 5.017 drops price on Christmas Sales: 105 euro. (the original price: 149 euro)

Better price but same HQ quality.

PCB is improved a lot:

1.the left upper corner and the lower right corner notch size is not the same

2.More than buzzer

3.WFs = Infineon, BCR112 NPN Digital Transistor

4.27E = ON Semiconductor NUP2105LT1G

5.6DW = NXP BC817,215 NPN Bipolar Transistor

6.A6c =MMUN2113LT1G / MMUN2113LT3G

7.K5B = BC807-25-7-F PNP Bipolar Transistor

8.Using imported Japanese Murata filter NFE61PT472C1H9L

Look here:


se137-c1-kess-v2-5.017-NEW-pcb-(1) se137-c1-kess-v2-5.017-NEW-pcb-(2) se137-c1-kess-v2-5.017-NEW-pcb-(3) se137-c1-kess-v2-5.017-NEW-pcb-(4) se137-c1-kess-v2-5.017-NEW-pcb-(5) se137-c1-kess-v2-5.017-NEW-pcb-(6)

Why should you have a new Kess 5.017 master?


Compared to KESS V4.036, the KESS 5.017 has been improved a lot:

  1. 100% working
    2. No tokens limited
  2. No network connection limitation
  3. with original database
    5. supports Windows 7 & Windows 8, not only Windows XP
    6. supports more cars & bikes & trucks fully activated


Kess v2 master or slave? original or clone?


It all depends. Kess v2 good clone used be ok for older ecus only, but now also work great with newer ones. and with a slave you will have to rely on the master for your maps whaere as if you have a master you can write your own or choose where you get them from.


Kess V2 or Ktag?

KESS V2 is a ECU programming tool that is perfect for OBD use, while KTag is perfect for Jtag, BDM and all the Boot application (tricore and ST10).


With KESS V2 you programming directly through the OBD port of the vehicle, while with Ktag you need to take apart the ECU and open it, after you can make the read/write operation.


Many ECU has the advantage that can be read and write from OBD port (so KESS V2 is perfect), but there are lot ECU that need to disassemble from the car and open and this is the case for all the ECU that need to be programmed with Jtag, BDM and Boot protocols, so KTAG is needed.




VAUX-COM 2016 download free for Opcom fw 1.45

December 14, 2017 by 3635OBD2  

Free download VAUX-COM 2016 Op com software:

Password: CarTechnoloGY


Extract the files in C: and make a shortcut of VAUXCOM: exe for desktop

Inside. There is a folder with all FIRMWARE. and with OCFLASH

I’ve tried it with my OP-COM clone and it works … I have not done it in any car, but I believe it works

VAUX-COM 2016 interface


Astra K is the only one in 2016 in this version

But as previos version vauxcom 120309a +131223d the only things that is working is the one that vauxcom120309a cover


In 2015 version it was fix a bug in Astra H A17DTR and A17DTJ ( check logs file from op-com.hu )

In this version all the mesuring blocks / live data are showed correct

In vauxcom 120309 all the live data/parametres are showed “—”

In real vauxcom 131223d the live data parameters are partial fixed. This mean that the DPF parameters are still “—”

In the opcom 150406 and vauxcom 160115a all this parameters are corect

Check and see.

And this version its working with any firmware version starting with opcom fw1.45. No need newer one because its not usefull at all

The vaucom.exe file don’t know and don’t need newer version of firmware thenopcom fw1.45

But as previos one this mix can be used too if you like just to see newer car in the list

Good luck!