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The Best Ways To Repurpose Content

March 21, 2020 by Anchor Digital  

If you’ve had the chance to review your content’s marketing performance, you might start to notice the numbers are beginning to drop. This is due to the fact that your content might be too much to digest. Keeping things short and simple has always been the best solution for digital marketing. But how do you go about repurposing content to achieve better results with your audience? Well, we’ll show you the best effective techniques for gaining brand awareness and high value.


Less Is More

According to constent-content.com, 91% per cent of b2b marketers use content marketing to draw in their audience. Using no more than 1,500 words is all you need to create the perfect content that is easy to digest. So long as there are more pictures to help illustrate your point, sometimes too many paragraphs can be too much on the eyes. Though, if you were to repurpose that specific content, you may need to review the information and possibly update it with better or newer links before sharing. If the information is repurposed, it must be constantly updated.

How Much Is Too Much?

When you use too many words and not enough illustration, sometimes it can be too much for your readers. At times it could come to a point where they will easily stop reading your content without finishing the first paragraph. When you need to update the content, perhaps maybe cutting down on a few words and adding more pictures of possible links to videos or even converting your content to an infographic. With less dialogue and more pictures, the information can be easily received.

Repurposing Brand Awareness

If you need to spread the word out there with your company, sharing or utilising your company pictures will help immensely. So long as you have your logo attached and the content is good, you should be spreading brand awareness through the current social media outlets. Using social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s a good marketing technique to get noticed. Big companies such as Nike have recreated what brand awareness is. They have even taken it to the next level by incorporating real-life athletes who have achieved world records to push the boundaries of repurposing brand awareness.

Converting Your Audience

A big question, are you converting your audience into regular readers? If not, it’s a good idea to repurpose your original content to a professional audience such as LinkedIn. According to castleford.com.au, more than 70 million visitors a month read content on LinkedIn Slideshares. Using Slideshares via LinkedIn is predominately the best way to increase readership.

The Bottom Line…

However, if you still don’t know where to start when it comes to repurposing your content, Anchor Digital can offer you creative marketing solutions for your small business. A local marketing team with a holistic approach may just be what you need to create a wider audience.

How To Create The Perfect Landing Page

March 7, 2020 by Anchor Digital  

Landing pages are generally used as a stand-alone page online which an audience is redirected to after clicking on an ad, link or email. When your audience ‘lands’ on your page, you need to ensure the messaging, layout and content grabs their attention.



Visuals and Content

The main goal of a landing page is to get your customer, visitor or audience to convert or become a lead in your marketing campaign. Because this is the priority, you need to make sure that the landing page is visually appealing. If your page looks poorly designed or had terrible content, it is unlikely your visitor will pay attention to the messaging or understand what you’re trying to convey. Here are some key elements you need to include:


  • Limited (you don’t want to overwhelm your audience)
  • Simple content (make your message clear and concise)
  • Large text (to make it easier to read)
  • Include bullet points (your audience has a short attention span)
  • Remove exit points (these include links to other pages or navigational buttons, you want them to be focused on)


Call To Action and Conversions

One element that is also important to include in the list above is have a clear Call To Action (CTA) with all your relevant details. If your landing page is perfect but you don’t have a clear CTA, your audience might bounce from the page because they aren’t able to see or find out how to contact you easily. They usually offer something to the client so they are more inclined to commit to the product or service you’re providing. Sometimes you might have to sign up and submit your email.


A/B Test

It might be worth A/B testing your landing pages so you have an idea of which ones do better. Ensure they have different messaging or images so you can see how each influence the performance or result of each landing page.


At Anchor Digital, we specialise in all things marketing. If you’re looking to create the perfect landing page to supplement your social media strategy, give us a call today on 08 3036 0994 to see what we can do for you!

How to Ensure Your Content Marketing Goals and Team are Aligned

February 21, 2020 by Anchor Digital  

First and foremost, a content marketing agency is a team of individuals.  From the owner/leader down to the most junior writer there must be common ground that all can respect, own and move forward toward the success of the agency.


One might think that creation of the team is the most important aspect facing a content marketing agency.  Talent is important.  There is no need to overlook the need to obtain the best staff possible.  However, great writers may not succeed in an agency where team efforts are not emphasised and rewarded.  A strong team will be able to celebrate the success of both the star writer and the beginning writer equally.  You must strive to instil the culture of ‘team wins’ being more valued than ‘individual wins’.




Teams gain cohesion when there is a culture of believing in the establishment of achievable goals.  Goals must be more than just the objectives to be achieved.  Goals must have value to every member of an agency’s team.  For a goal to have value to a team it must be well documented and shared with all team members.  Goals that have been formed by the entire team and not just the upper level of the organization or owner or sales department will mean something more to each and every team member.  Goals must be established from the beginning of any project and remain constant throughout the process.  Shifting and changing goals in mid-process is a team buster for sure.


What ensures goals and teams are effectively aligned?  Start with a solid team totally immersed in the value of goals culture.  Build on the commitment to achieving goals by solidly defining and documenting goals to be achieved up front.  Finally, establish checklists to facilitate attainment or surpassing goals that have been set.


You cannot be from point A to Z or from one destination to another without a sold roadmap.  Roadmaps in content marketing agencies are checklists.  Checklists choked full of details for each step of the process in content creation.  Checklists keep everyone on the same road and perfectly aligned to reach successful destinations of completion.


Perfect alignment of teams and goals is many times very hard to achieve.  It is not impossible by any means to achieve these through solutions.  Align value culture, team, and checklists to ensure complete success of your content marketing agency. Anchor Digital is a marketing agency that values teamwork and work culture. If you want to learn more about what it’s like to be a part of an agency and understand the processes and expectations, then give us a call.


How to Turn Web Traffic Into Conversions

January 18, 2020 by Anchor Digital  

Web traffic is important for gauging the performance of a website. However, if you are not making conversions then this web traffic, it’s no use to you. The aim of a business website isn’t just simply to expose its products. You want to turn the people visiting the website into buying customers as this helps generate revenue. Admittedly, this process of converting web traffic into sales isn’t easy. You need to do a lot of quality assurance and continuous improvement to get the desired results. However, there are ways through which you can expedite this process. If you’re finding it hard to generate conversions for your business, we’ll walk you through the process and show you how it’s done.




Offer Discounts or Free Trials

Everyone loves free stuff. Whether it is an e-book or a free trial, people would be eager to get it. When people are visiting your website, they might be doing so for a variety of reasons. Some of them might be interested in your products while others might just be browsing for something similar to your products. If you want to convert them into a sale, you will need to make sure that they stay on the website long enough to make the purchase. The idea of a free trial or a discount is to keep the visitors on the websites longer than they would have without it. Make sure that the discounts or free trials are tailored to prompt the visitors into becoming customers.


Optimise Your Landing Pages

One of the reasons why your web traffic might not be converting into sales is the lack of optimisation of your landing pages. The landing pages are crucial for making conversions and thus, they need to be designed in such a way that appeals to your target audience. If the landing pages aren’t optimised, they can’t encourage visitors to make a purchase. When optimising a landing page, you need to keep various factors in mind. The demographic you’re trying to target is the most important of these factors. Your landing page needs to be built for that demographic and must appeal to them. Moreover, it should also be convincing enough for them to take the step from being a visitor to a customer.


Display Testimonials

Nothing convinces a potential customer more about buying a product than the positive verdict from another customer. It’s human nature that we look for recommendations and approval of others before making any new purchase. This is why people consult reviews of products before purchasing them. You can use this to your advantage and have customer testimonials displayed prominently on your website or landing pages. Once the visitors see that other people have found your products useful, they will be more inclined to purchase them. Make sure that no negative testimonial is displayed, though. Also, it is best to have the name of the customer displayed along with the testimonial. It would add a human touch to the testimonial and it won’t feel like a ‘planted’ testimonial.


Anchor Digital offers high-quality SEO services to both small and large business in Australia. If you want to turn web traffic into conversions, contact Anchor Digital for more information about the best marketing solutions for your business.

How to Measure Your Web Traffic

January 11, 2020 by Anchor Digital  

Web traffic is an important metric for measuring the performance of your website. It demonstrates the number of people that are visiting the pages of your website on a daily basis. You need your web traffic to be as high as possible as it is a sign that your advertising and marketing efforts are paying dividends. It also indicates where the traffic is coming from. If the website traffic is mostly coming from the Search Engines then it shows that your SEO efforts are bearing fruit. However, if it isn’t the case then it is a sign that you need to work on your website’s SEO. Before you make these decisions, you need to find a way to measure your web traffic. Here is how you can do it.


Sign Up for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google for website owners who are interested in measuring their web traffic. It allows them to find out exactly how many people visited their website within a day and from which source. Google Analytics is a free tool and can be used by anyone. All you need to do is to make your account on the platform and get a tracking code for your website. This tracking code needs to be embedded within the code of your website. Make sure that you embed the code on every page of your website to get an accurate estimate of your web traffic. This tracking code is going to provide you real-time updates of the people that have visited your website.

Get Started With Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is another service that offers you the chance to monitor and measure your web traffic. It is a more in-depth tool than Google Analytics and provides vital information to you about the people and their behaviour when they are on your website. For instance, it records the clicks that each user makes on any of your website’s pages. Moreover, it also provides you with data regarding the user’s stay on the web page and how far they scrolled down on it. This data is valuable for knowing how the users are reacting to the different web pages of your website. It can help you in identifying which of your web pages need more work and which of them should be left as it is.

Start Using Search Console

Another Google tool for measuring web traffic is Search Console. Like Google Analytics, this tool is free to use too. However, it is a little different from Google Analytics. Instead of showing you the number of users that have visited your website in a day, it informs you which of your web pages are receiving the lowest traffic. Also, it identifies the reasons why the web page isn’t getting any web traffic. It will report if the web page has broken links and is not being indexed by Google. This information can help you in optimizing your web pages and ensuring that they are indexed and show up on Google SERPs.

Anchor Digital is a well-reputable marketing company that specialises in producing high-quality SEO services to businesses Australia-wide. Give us a call today if you want to measure your web traffic.  If you’d like more information about how your business can benefit from the many clever marketing services on offer, contact Anchor Digital for a consultation.

What Turns Potential Customers Away from a Website?

December 10, 2019 by Anchor Digital  

Websites need to be designed to attract potential customers - not to turn them away. However, there are some factors that can cause customers to drop off from a website soon after visiting it. You need to make sure that any potential customer coming to your website gets what they want and you can easily provide your services. If the process for making a purchase is convenient, there is a high chance that potential customers will turn into paying customers. Ensuring this requires you to eliminate all the hurdles in the way of the potential customer and their purchase. Let’s find out what these hurdles might be that can turn potential customers from a website.




Complex Text

The textual part of your website’s content is very crucial for engaging any potential customer and giving them the reason to explore the website further. If this text is hard-to-read and makes use of complex terms that are specific to your industry then the visitor would get discouraged and promptly leave. Your goal with your website’s text should be to captivate the attention of potential customers. Thus, it is paramount that this text is written in a simple language that everyone can understand. It is also important that you don’t have long paragraphs of text on the landing page. No one has the time to read it all. The text should be concise and crisp that can be easily understood even at a glance.


Longer Loading Times

Having to wait for a website to load is one of the biggest turn-offs for an internet user. People don’t like waiting in general and if you make them wait to view your website for even a few seconds, they won’t hesitate in leaving. If you want potential customers to stay back and explore the website further, you need to reduce its loading time. There are many ways to do this. For instance, you can minimize the size and the number of images on your website. If there is any unnecessary flash content or video on the website then removing it would work too.


Too Many Ads

Ads are a good source of income for a website but they can be one of the reasons why potential customers won’t stay on your website long enough to make a purchase. Having a few ads on the website doesn’t hurt and the visitors won’t mind seeing them. However, if there are too many of them then they can be irritating for the visitor. Moreover, you also don’t want the ads to lead the potential customers away from your website. So, it is best that you keep the ads tally to a minimum and only feature those ads that are relevant to your business.


Avoid Playing Videos on Auto

Videos can help capture the attention of potential customers. However, having the video play automatically when the website loads can irritate the visitors and cause them to turn away immediately. So, make sure that give the visitors the chance to decide whether they want to play them or not.


Anchor Digital is a market leader in the SEO industry in Australia. Feel free to give us a call if you want to stop potential customers from bouncing away from your website.


How Keywords Can Boost Your Web Traffic

December 7, 2019 by Anchor Digital  

The purpose of having a website is to make your business visible and exposing your product to a wider audience. After the website goes live, your primary objective is to advertise it as much as possible. The aim of this advertising is to boost your web traffic. The more web traffic your website receives, the more exposure your product will get. There are various methods used for boosting your web traffic but the most important one among them is search engines. Since people use them for finding things or products nowadays, you want the search engine to send people towards your website. This is where keywords can be of use to you. They can get the search engines to direct people to your website, boosting its web traffic.  




What do Keywords do?

Keywords are targeted words that are specific to your industry or niche. For instance, if you are a furniture maker, then ‘furniture’ is a keyword for your business. You need to incorporate this keyword within the text of your website as intelligently as you can. The search engines index websites and associate them with these keywords. When people search for keywords like furniture, the search engine combs through all the indexed websites for that particular keyword and lists them on the result page based on their rank. This rank depends on various factors and keyword usage is one of those factors. So, keywords can help in getting your website indexed on search engines and also to get it ranked higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).


How Should Your Select Keywords

Since keywords are so important to your topic or business, it is necessary that you pick the keywords for your website carefully. Make sure that the keywords you are choosing are appropriate for your business. Also, it is a good idea to go for keywords that aren’t that competitive. For instance, if you are going for ‘furniture’ as your target keyword, chances are that many of your competitors are going for it too. Ranking your website for those keywords can be a little difficult. However, if you pick long-tail keywords like ‘custom made furniture’ or ‘best furniture in Brisbane’ as your target keyword, you might find less competition. Ranking your website for these keywords will be much easier. There are various tools available on the internet that can help you in choosing the right keywords for your website.


How to Incorporate Keywords within Website Text

Overstuffing the text of your website with the keyword can have a negative impact on your web traffic. The reason for that is that search engines, particularly Google, don’t like this practice. If it suspects that you are using too many keywords just to increase your website rank then it will demote your website. A website that isn’t displayed on the first page of the Google result pages never receives much web traffic. So, your goal should be to remain in Google’s good books and only use the keywords in important places throughout the website. This includes the text, headings, subheading, page title, URLs, and the Meta description.


Anchor Digital is a trusted name in the SEO industry based in Brisbane. If you want to learn more about keywords and how their services can improve your website, contact Anchor Digital for a consultation.

Design Tools Essential for Any Graphic Designer

November 23, 2019 by Anchor Digital  

Graphic designers are needed to make the websites beautiful. The web designer’s job is to simply ensure that the website is functional and is easy to navigate. The graphic designer has to make it look attractive. However, this isn’t the only job that they perform. They are also tasked with the duty of coming up with designs for the company’s logo and to decide which colour themes would suit the company’s website. Graphic designers rely a lot on their creativity. However, this alone can’t make them successful. For graphic designers to be good at their job, they have to have the essential tools for doing their job. Here is a list of design tools that every graphic designer must have in his possession.




Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite is a graphic designer’s best friend. It contains a whole host of programs within itself that are needed for performing a myriad of graphic designing tasks. The programs that you will find in Adobe Creative Suite include Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects, and even Encore. All of these programs play an important role in graphic design. For instance, Photoshop is required for editing images and making them more appropriate for a client’s website. After Effects is the go-to software for animation while Encore is needed for video creation. Thus, it is evident that if you want to make it in the graphic design industry, you need to invest in the Adobe Creative Suite as soon as possible.



Pixlr is an alternative for Adobe Photoshop that is widely used by graphic designers. This software is much easier to use than Photoshop but offers all the necessary image-editing tools that you need. Moreover, it does not require you to have a license to use the software. Thus, if your graphic designing projects are simple and don’t need much in-depth editing then Pixlr is an ideal choice for you. It will do most of what Photoshop does without costing you anything. Yeah, it’s free to use for everyone. Amazing, right?



DeviantART can be viewed as a marketplace for photos and drawings. This place has a huge collection of user-made sketches and designs that can be bought off at the right price. Most of the photos you see here are drawn or created by local artists. Graphic designers can pick and choose the design or images that they are interested in from here. The cost of the drawings and skins isn’t that high considering the artists are not very well-known. You can find some great artwork for your graphic designing projects from here without having to spend much.



Plagiarism is a common issue in the field of graphic design. Any of the designs that you upload on the web can be copied by others and sold as their own. To avoid all this, graphic designers need to have a water-marking tool at their disposal. If you want one too then PicMarkr fits the bill. It allows you to insert watermarks on your images in the simplest possible way. What’s more, this tool is free to use as well.


Anchor Digital has made a name for itself in the SEO industry in Australia. Get in touch with us today if you are interested in graphic design.


How Does SEO Work?

November 8, 2019 by Anchor Digital  

In the past, people have looked at newspaper advertisements to search for products. However, this has all changed. Nowadays, search engines are used by people for searching anything and everything under the sun. So, if you plan on making your website visible to your target audience then you need to have it show up on a search engine, specifically, Google. Getting your website displayed on Google isn’t difficult. Google indexes every website on the internet through its web crawlers. However, getting your website to rank highly on Google, that takes some effort. Thankfully, SEO can help you do this. So, what is SEO and how does it work? Read on to find out.




Makes Indexing Easier

For a website to be shown on Google, it has to be indexed first. If your website is poorly designed then it won’t get indexed easily. This is often the case with websites that don’t have text or properly formatted URLs. The crawlers can’t index such text-less websites. SEO can help you in optimising your website’s design, making the indexing process easier. Moreover, SEO calls for the addition of quality text to each landing page of the website. This ensures that the crawlers don’t encounter any issue in indexing your website’s pages. Websites that are indexed multiple times have a higher chance of ranking highly on Google.


Gets Your Website Ranked Highly on Google

SEO can help raise your website’s rank on Google. It does this by suggesting various improvements to the website’s content. For instance, SEO dictates that you should incorporate relevant keywords and phrases in the text of your website. These keywords don’t have to be stuffed unnecessarily into the text, though. You should try to use them naturally. The reason why keywords are important is that people search for websites on Google using keywords. When a keyword is searched on Google, it creates a list of websites that it considers the best for meeting the searcher’s need. If your website doesn’t have this keyword in the text, your website won’t be included in this list.


Enhances Your Website’s Web Traffic

SEO is a long-term process. It takes time to optimise a  website to Google’s liking. However, once you have done it consistently for a few months, you will start seeing results. The web traffic coming to your website via search engines will improve dramatically. These new users that are visiting your website will be interested in your products and are more likely to make a purchase. SEO can help you monitor the web traffic coming to your website using different tools. It can help you in making further adjustments to the website and working on areas that still need improvement.


Anchor Digital is well-known all over Australia for providing the best SEO services to both small businesses and large enterprises. If you want to know more about SEO and how it works, give us a call today.

What Are the Best SEO Tools Available Online?

October 14, 2019 by Anchor Digital  

SEO is extremely important for businesses. It helps them in boosting their website traffic, generating new leads and making sales. In the past, SEO was considered a very difficult task that only experts were able to perform. While it is the same today, there are SEO tools available online that can be used by just about anyone to optimise their website’s viewership. So, whether you have a business website or a blog that you want to optimise, then the cost-effective method of doing it would be to use these SEO tools. The only difficulty is that there are so many SEO tools available so you may have a hard time picking the right one. Let’s make this choice easier for you. Here are some of the best SEO tools you can find online.





SEO is mostly based on keywords. You need to incorporate these keywords into your website’s text. This will allow the Search Engine crawlers to index your website and when that particular keyword is searched, display it in the results page. However, finding the right keywords can be difficult. Most of the common ones related to your niche have fierce competition over them. So, you need to look for long-tail keywords or think outside the square. KWFinder does exactly that. It suggests excellent long-tail keywords to you that have a lower competition. Moreover, it also lets you track the improvement you make based on this metric. If you’d like to join KWFinder, pricing starts from $29.90 per month.  



If you are looking for a way to improve your website’s rank on Search Engines and need some suggestions in that regard then SEMRush is an ideal choice. It has an On-Page SEO Checker tool which lets you monitor the performance of your website and also offers recommendations on how this ranking or viewership can be improved. SEMRush offers insights regarding the organic click traffic you are receiving. It is an ideal SEO tool for blog owners as it lets them know which of their posts are getting the most views and shares. Though, there is also a domain vs domain analysis feature available in this tool too. It allows you to see how your blog compares to that of your competitors. To create an account, plans start from $99.95 per month.



Moz is considered by many SEO experts, to be the complete SEO software package. It can help small business owners who don’t know much about website optimisation to become SEO experts without having to do much. The advice it gives regarding SEO is very detailed and simple to follow. You are provided step-by-step instructions on what you must be doing on every page of your website to optimise it. Moz also makes doing SEO a lot easier for you as they have free tools for optimising your website. Though, if you need to be on a more professional level in marketing, Moz’s quality SEO services, pricing starts from $99 per month.   


Here at Anchor Digital, we’re an agency renowned for our holistic approach to marketing and offer high-quality SEO services to businesses across Australia. If you want to find out about the best online SEO tools to optimise the viewership of your business, contact us for a consultation. We’d love to hear from you.