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What’s Involved in Google Advertising?

September 13, 2019 by Anchor Digital  

Google is by far the biggest Search Engine in the world. It is used daily by billions of people from all over the world. Thus, there is no better place to advertise your products and services than on Google. So, how should you go about doing it? Well, the obvious way is by ranking your website on the Google results pages. However, this takes a lot of dedication and time. The easiest way is by investing in Google Advertising. Basically, you pay Google to have your websites advertised on the first page for a keyword of your choice. With Google Advertising, you can get your website ranked at the top right away.

How Does It Work?

Google Ads involves bidding on keywords that are related to your products. For instance, if you are a pizzeria then ‘pizza delivery’ is a good keyword for your business. Google advertising allows you to bid on this keyword and depending on your bid, showcases your ad on its results page ahead of other websites. The bidding process is a simple one. You just have to name the price that you are willing to pay to Google for displaying your ad whenever a particular keyword is searched by a user. If your bid outranks the bids submitted by other advertisers then you will win the auction and your ad will be displayed on the top of the search page.


How are Bids Ranked?

For each keyword, Google receives thousands of bids. It ranks the bids based on two separate criteria. The first one is, off course, the amount of the bid while the second criterion is the quality score of your ad. The quality score is calculated based on the ad’s relevance and the landing page it links to. If you just try to outrank other bidders by increasing your bid’s amount without increasing your ad’s quality score then the chances of your bid being successful would be slim. Thus, you need to pay attention to both the bid amount and the quality score of your ad if you want your bid to be successful.

Cost Associated with Google Advertising

You might think that Google advertising is very costly. However, if you go about it the right way, it doesn’t cost you that much. First of all, you only have to pay if your ad gets clicked by a user. So, the payment for the ads is performance-based. Secondly, if your ad’s quality score is high and your bid was ranked higher than others advertisers then you will have to pay a lot less to Google than your rival advertisers.


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Why Has Social Media Marketing Become Influential?

August 22, 2019 by Anchor Digital  

Social media marketing is slowly and gradually overtaking all other avenues of business marketing. It is already being considered the most important form of digital marketing for any business or company. If you aren’t marketing your products on social media then you are missing out big time. Big and small companies alike are trying to get a foothold on the various social media platforms so that they can market their products to a wider audience. In only a few decades, social media marketing has changed the way people perceived marketing. So, what are the reasons for the meteoric rise in the influence of social media marketing? Let’s find out. SEO Services Melbourne



One of the biggest reasons why social media marketing has become so big is because the audience has moved there. You will find most of the people active on their social media accounts on their smartphones and laptops in their spare time. So, if you want to expose your products to a wider audience then there is nothing more suitable than social media. If you choose your social media platform correctly, you can connect with your target audience on a personal level. This will give you the opportunity to instantly convert leads into sales.




Relationship Building

Social media marketing gives businesses the chance to interact with their audience like never before. It lets them chat with their customers and hear their opinions on different aspects of their products. Thus, social media is a great way for companies to gain more knowledge about their customers. It also helps the people in seeing the company or business entity as their friend instead of being just a money maker. The relationships that social media can help build up between the companies and their customers can be beneficial for both parties. It can enhance brand loyalty and also give the people the assurance that their voices are being heard. Adwords Management Sydney   


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How to Find Out How Your Website Ranks on Google?

July 4, 2019 by Anchor Digital  

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. It’s the source of most of your website traffic. This is why the SEO that you do is primarily to get your website ranked as highly on Google as possible. However, Google’s website rankings continue to change with the passage of time. The main reason for this is the continual changes and improvements that Google makes to its ranking algorithm. So, a website ranked poorly on Google may be able to improve its ranking if it adheres to the new algorithm’s guidelines. Similarly, a higher ranked website may lose its rank if it doesn’t keep up with the algorithm changes.




Using the Help of Analytics

Analytics tools can help you in getting an idea about your website’s rank on Google. While it is difficult to ascertain an exact number, you can look at the traffic data to find out which Google Search page the user was on when they found your website. If the user was on the first page then it is safe to assume that your website ranks among the top 10 websites on Google’s SERPs for a particular keyword. However, if the user was on a latter page then it is a sign that your website isn’t ranking as highly on Google.


Doing Manual Search Yourself

This is a tedious method and can be very time-consuming. However, if you manually search your website on Google, you are sure to get the most accurate information regarding your website’s rank. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged if you see your website ranking drop on Google at certain times of the day. There are various factors involved which might cause this to happen. In order to get the bigger picture, you will have to calculate the average rank of your website on Google’s SERPs. This will give you a much better indication of how your website’s SEO is working.


How to Improve Your Website’s Rank on Google

There are various ways of improving your website’s rank on Google. For instance, if you haven’t hired an SEO company yet then you should do that as soon as possible. They have the knowledge of all the algorithm changes and can make the necessary improvements your website needs to regain its rank on Google.


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What are Your Top Social Media Marketing Tools?

June 19, 2019 by Anchor Digital  

Social media marketing is an important pillar of business marketing these days. If your brand isn’t active on social media then you could lose a lot of business. This is the reason why all major brands have some kind of social media presence, and why they are very active on different social media platforms. However, having various social media profiles can sometimes be too overwhelming. You aren’t quite able to manage all of them at once. To solve this problem, various social media marketing tools have been generated. These tools help marketers to keep track of their different social media profiles. Here are some of the top social media marketing tools available at the moment.





Hootsuite is a tool created to provide you the ability to manage all of your social media accounts under one roof. It offers you a dashboard from where you can monitor all of your social media feeds. Moreover, Hootsuite also allows you to schedule new posts for each of your social media accounts. It automatically posts new content at the scheduled time so you do not have to worry about posting content at different times of the day. Hootsuite also provides a cloud storage facility for your content which is to be posted online at a later time.


Sprout Social

Having conversations with the people that are following you on social media is a great way of building trust in your brand’s audience. However, it can become very difficult to do so if you have multiple accounts on a single social media platform. This is where Sprout Social can come to your aid. This smart little tool allows you to keep track of all the social conversations taking place across all your social media accounts. With the help of Sprout Social, you can easily find and join a conversation, and continue to build your brand community.  



Agorapulse is another excellent social media marketing tool that has quickly captured the imagination of marketers thanks to its excellent analytical reporting features. You can easily get an overview of metrics like brand awareness, engagement and your target audience from the reports generated by this amazing tool. 


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Why Your Brand Needs to Have A Solid Social Media Presence

June 5, 2019 by Anchor Digital  

Ever since the launch of Facebook way back in 2004, social media has continued to grow and has now become a force to be reckoned with. It now has the power to shape the market and decide which brands become popular among the public and which of them get forgotten. The reason why social media has such a strong influence is because of the sheer amount of people that are currently using social network platforms. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are used in almost all of the countries around the world. Thus, if you want your brand to be visible to people, it is important to consider your social media marketing strategies. Here are some more reasons why brands need to have a good social media presence if they want to compete in the market.




Brand Awareness

Social media is where the world comes to party. So, if your brand is not present on social platforms then it will be difficult for you to raise awareness of your business. It’s really not rocket science. If people are not able to see your brand, how can they go to your store to buy your products? Since most  people are on social media these days, your presence there is a no-brainer. Social media is going to give you the platform to showcase your product to a wider audience. This will increase your brand awareness and drive traffic towards your website.


Social Engagement

The most obvious advantage that social media offers to businesses, apart from exposing their products and services to a wider audience, is social engagement. Social media offers the chance to engage with your customers and learn about their feelings towards your products. The more frequently you engage with your customers, the more ideas you will have about their desires and needs. Moreover, customers nowadays love brands that engage with them on social media on a regular basis. It can really help in building customer loyalty. Also, it gives customers the satisfaction of knowing that you care about their opinions.


Offering Customer Support

Social media platforms are excellent venues for offering customer support too. You can solve a lot of misconceptions that customers might have regarding your products via social media. Customers can leave their questions and complaints as messages and comments, and you can respond to them with publicly or privately answer to resolve the issue. This is a much better way of offering customer support than the old method of calling a customer service line.


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